Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana 

Vol. 74 n. 3, 2003 

Vulcano, 30 September - 4 October, 2002
Editors: F. Zuccarello, D. Spadaro and R. Ventura

  Foreword p. 545
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List of participants
p. 546
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Opening ceremony
G. Poletto (invited talk)
Giancarlo Noci: his science and personality. A tribute for his 70th birthday
p. 550
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A. Righini (invited talk)
One century of Solar Physics in Italy 1850-1950
p. 556
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Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Interior
M.P. Di Mauro and L. Paternò (invited talk)
Oscillations of the Sun: insights and challenges for the future
p. 564
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A. Bonanno, D. Elstner, G. Rüdiger and G. Belvedere
Parity properties of an advection dominated solar $\alpha^{2} ~\Omega$ - dynamo
p. 572
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Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Interior
F. Berrilli (invited talk)
Spatio-temporal patterns in solar surface convection
p. 576
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D. Del Moro, F. Berrilli, J.A. Bonet, G. Consolini, A. Kosovichev and E. Pietropaolo
Granule and Supergranule properties derived from solar timeseries
p. 584
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T. Straus (invited talk)
The Dynamics of the Quiet Solar Photosphere : Simple Hydrodynamics ? - History of a Fundamental Misunderstanding
p. 588
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G. Severino, M. Oliviero, T. Straus and R.K. Ulrich
Atmospheric gravity waves
p. 595
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L. Maltagliati and A. Righini
Line bisectors in granular and intergranular matter
p. 599
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Magnetic Activity
I. Ermolli, B. Caccin, M. Centrone and V. Penza
Modeling solar irradiance variations through full-disk images and semi-empirical atmospheric models
p. 603
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S. Criscuoli and I. Ermolli
Restoring full-disk images for atmospheric and instrumental degradation effects
p. 607
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R. Aznar Cuadrado, V. Andretta, L. Teriaca and T.A. Kucera
Behaviour of Hydrogen Lyman lines in a prominence region from SUMER and CDS
p. 611
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M. Ternullo, L. Contarino, P. Romano and F. Zuccarello
The impact of the spotgroup age and lifetime on their capability of hosting M and X flares
p. 615
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F. Zuccarello and R.A. Zappalá
Angular velocity of sunspot-groups during the activity cycle deduced using the age selection methodology
p. 619
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F. Reale (invited talk)
Flares and coronal activity
p. 623
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L. Sorriso-Valvo, V. Abramenko, V. Carbone, A. Noullez, H. Politano, A. Pouquet, P. Veltri and V. Yurchyshyn
Cancellations analysis of photospheric magnetic structures and flares
p. 631
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L. Teriaca, A. Falchi, G. Cauzzi, R. Falciani, L.A. Smaldone and V. Andretta
Spatially resolved signatures of chromospheric evaporation during a small two-ribbon flare
p. 635
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A. Falchi, P.J.D. Mauas, V. Andretta, L. Teriaca, G. Cauzzi, R. Falciani and L.A. Smaldone
Chromospheric and Transition Region He lines during a flare
p. 639
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S. Orlando, G. Peres, F. Reale, R. Rosner and A. Siegel
Non-Equilibrium ionization effects induced during coronal flares
p. 643
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L. Contarino, P. Romano, F. Zuccarello and V.B. Yurchyshyn
A process of low-lying magnetic reconnection observed by THEMIS, BBSO and TRACE
p. 647
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P. Romano, L. Contarino and F. Zuccarello
Instability analysis of an active prominence
p. 651
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F. Lepreti, V. Carbone, P. Giuliani and P. Veltri
Statistical properties of solar X-ray flares
p. 655
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G. Cauzzi, A. Falchi, R. Falciani and L.A. Smaldone
Mass motions in a young active region
p. 659
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B. Caccin and V. Penza
Search for $T_{eff}$ variations along the Solar Cycle
p. 663
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C. Fazzari, I. Ermolli, M. Centrone, S. Criscuoli and F. Giorgi
From the minimum to the maximum: the quality of Rome-PSPT images
p. 667
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M. Centrone and I. Ermolli
The center to limb variation of photospheric facular contrast
p. 671
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Mechanisms of Chromospheric and Coronal Heating
L. Del Zanna (invited talk)
Models for magnetic heating of the solar atmosphere
p. 675
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F. Malara, M.F. De Franceschis and P. Veltri
Wave dissipation in Coronal Force - Free Structure
p. 683
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D. Spadaro and A.F. Lanza
Simulations of transiently heated solar coronal loops
p. 687
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F. Chiuderi Drago and E. Landi
The Solar Transition Region from UV and microwave observations
p. 691
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C. Chiuderi and F. Chiuderi Drago
Effect of superthermal particles in the quiet Sun radio emission
p. 695
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A. Greco and P. Veltri
Collisional filtration model for electrons in the Solar Transition Region
p. 699
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Solar Wind and Interplanetary Space
G. Noci (invited talk)
The Temperature of the Solar Corona
p. 704
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L. Teriaca, G. Poletto, M. Romoli and D.A. Biesecker
Interplume as source of the fast solar wind
p. 713
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S. Parenti, E. Landi and B.J.I. Bromage
Properties of the base of streamers from UV and EUV observations
p. 717
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A. Bemporad, G. Poletto and M. Romoli
Physical parameters of coronal streamers near the maximum phase of solar cycle
p. 721
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R. Bruno, V. Carbone, B. Bavassano, L. Sorriso-Valvo and E. Pietropaolo
Anomalous scaling in solar wind fluctuations
p. 725
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P. Di Giuseppe and U. Villante
The day the solar wind almost disappeared: a preliminary analysis of the geomagnetic response in the recovery phase
p. 729
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L. Abbo, E. Antonucci, Z. Mikic, P. Riley, M.A. Dodero and S. Giordano
Acceleration region of the slow solar wind in corona
p. 733
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L. Del Zanna
Parametric nonlinear evolution of Alfvén waves in the fast solar wind
p. 737
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G. Del Zanna
SOHO CDS observations of coronal hole plumes
p. 741
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M.F. Marcucci (invited talk)
Reconnection at the Earth's magnetopause: observational evidence and outstanding questions
p. 745
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U. Villante, P. Di Giuseppe and P. Francia
On the correspondence between interplanetary, magnetospheric and geomagnetic fluctuations at selected frequencies
p. 753
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Space Weather and Climatology
P. Francia, M. Candidi, U. Villante and E. Amata (invited talk)
Space Weather or the solar variability effects on the terrestrial environment: the Italian activities
p. 757
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S. Lepidi and P. Francia
Low - frequency (1-4 mHz) geomagnetic field fluctuation power at different latitudes for a diagnosis of the auroral oval position
p. 762
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L. Santarelli, S. Lepidi, P. Palangio and L. Cafarella
Pc3-Pc4 pulsations at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica): seasonal dependence of the power and its relationship with solar wind parameters
p. 766
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M. Messerotti, P. Zlobec, I. Coretti, M. Jurcev and S. Padovan
Solar radio astronomy in Space Weather applications
p. 770
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M. Storini and M. Laurenza
Solar activity effects on muon data
p. 774
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M. Brunetti (invited talk)
Solar signals in instrumental historical series of meteorological parameters
p. 778
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G. Consolini and P. De Michelis
Geomagnetic polarity reversals and stochastic resonance
p. 786
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New Instruments
G. Ceppatelli and C. Briand
THEMIS : status and perspectives
p. 790
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F. Cavallini, C. Baffa, K. Reardon, F. Berrilli, S. Cantarano and A. Egidi
Recent results from IBIS
p. 796
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G. Bonanno, M. Belluso, R. Cosentino and S. Scuderi
CMOS-APS Detectors for Astrophysical Applications
p. 800
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F. Berrilli, S. Cantarano, A. Egidi and S. Giordano
CMOS detectors at Rome "Tor Vergata" University
p. 804
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L. Zangrilli, D. Loreggia, D. Gardiol and S. Fineschi
Solar and Stellar Polarimetry with Liquid Crystal Retarders
p. 807
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D. Del Moro, S. Criscuoli, J.A. Bonet, I. Márquez, C. Lemen and C. Briand
Phase diversity at THEMIS: first implementation
p. 811
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K. Reardon and F. Cavallini
Characterization of the IBIS transmission profile
p. 815
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Virtual Observatories
A. Cora, E. Antonucci, G. Dimitoglou, C.A. Volpicelli and S. Giordano
SOHO Long-term ARchive: Information Retrieval Approach
p. 819
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K. Reardon, E. Antonucci, S. Giordano, G. Severino, M. Messerotti and the EGSO team
EGSO - The European Grid of Solar Observations
p. 823
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Future Space Missions
R. D'Amicis, R. Bruno, M.B. Cattaneo, B. Bavassano, G. Pallocchia and J.A. Sauvaud
A study on the phase-space resolution for the Solar Wind Plasma Experiment on-board Solar Orbiter
p. 827
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G. Peres, M. Barbera, S. Orlando, A. Ciaravella, F. Reale and S. Serio
Experimental activity in Palermo related to Solar-B and CALOS satellites
p. 831
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M. Romoli, S. Fineschi, M. Uslenghi, G. Corti, E. Pace, A. Ciaravella, G. Tondello, G. Noci, L.D. Gardner and J.L. Kohl
The ASCE EUV Polarimeter
p. 835
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D. Gardiol, M. Romoli, F. Landini, G. Naletto, V. Da Deppo, M. Malvezzi, P. Apollonio, G. Duchini, E. Rusconi, A. Santori, E. Antonucci, S. Fineschi, D. Loreggia, L. Zangrilli, L. Gori, P. Nicolosi and M.G. Pelizzo
UVCI for HERSCHEL: instrument description and activity status report
p. 839
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