Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 77 n. 3, 2006

- VIII Torino workshop on nucleosynthesis in AGB stars
Granada, Februrary 6-10 , 2006
Editors: Carlos Abia and Imma Domínguez


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List of Participants 
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Model Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
S. Cristallo, R. Gallino, O. Straniero, L. Piersanti, I. Domínguez
Short-lived isotopes and ²³Na production in low mass AGB stars  
p. 774
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P. Ventura, F. D'Antona
AGB stellar models: current uncertainties on the theoretical ejecta  
p. 780
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R. Gallino, S. Bisterzo, O. Straniero, I.I. Ivans, F. Kaeppeler
Metal dependence of light and heavy s-process isotopes in AGB stars  
p. 786
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R.J. Stancliffe
Numerical issues on the thermally pulsing AGB stars 
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M. Busso, A. Calandra, M.C. Nucci
Buoyant magnetic flux tubes as a site for 26 Al production in AGB stars 
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C. A. Tout
The effects of binary stars on AGB nucleosynthesis 
p. 804
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J.C. Lattanzio, D.S. Dearbon, P.P. Eggleton
Calculating stellar models in 3D: Djehuty and the core He flash 
p. 810
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M. El Eid, K. Mehio
Comments on the evolution of AGB stars 
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Super AGB Stars
L. Siess, M.L. Pumo
Evolutionary properties of massive AGB star 
p. 822
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C.L. Doherty, J.C. Lattanzio
Evolution and nucleosynthesis in super-AGB stars 
p. 828
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E. García-Berro, P. Gil-Pons, J. Gutiérrez
The evolution of primordial super-AGB stars 
p. 834
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R. Izzard, A.J.T. Poelarends
Synthetic super-AGB stars 
p. 840
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A.-J.T. Poelarends, R.G. Izzard, F. Herwig, N. Langer, A. Heger
Supernova from massive AGB stars 
p. 846
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AGB Stars in Globular Clusters
F. D'Antona, P. Ventura, V. Caloi
AGB evolution in the early globular clusters: hints from the observations on the model parameters 
p. 852
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A. Karakas, Y. Fenner, A. Sills, S.W. Campell, J.C. Lattanzio
He-enhancements in globular cluster stars from AGB star pollution  
p. 858
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S. Campbell, J.C. Lattanzio, L.M. Elliot
Are there radical cyanogen abundance differences between galactic globular cluster RGB and AGB stars 
p. 864
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P. Cottrell, E.C. Wylie, C. Sneden, J.C. Lattanzio
Heavy element abundances in giant branch stars in 47 Tuc 
p. 869
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Population Synthesis and Chemical Evolution
L. Piovan, R. Tantalo, C. Chiosi
Spectral energy distribution in presence of shells of dust around AGB stars 
p. 873
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A. Bonacic, R.G. Izzard, M. Lugaro, O.R. Pols
Population synthesis of s-process element enhanced stars: constraining the ¹³C efficiency 
p. 879
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Stellar Grains
A. Davis, R. Gallino
Short-lived radionuclides in presolar SiC grains: constraints on timescales in AGB stars
p. 885
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U. Ott, Q.Z. Yin, C.T. Lee
s-process signature in bulk presolar silicon carbide: a multi-element study 
p. 891
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M. Pignatari, R. Gallino, S. Amari, A. Davis
Krypton in presolar mainstream grains from AGB stars 
p. 897
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P.R. Heck, K.K. Marhas, R. Gallino, P. Hoppe, H. Baur, R. Wieler
Helium and neon in single presolar grains from the meteorites Murchinson and Murray 
p. 903
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Nuclear Astrophysics
C. Rolfs
Electron screening in metallic environments: a plasma of the poor man  
p. 907
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M. Wiescher, R. E. Azuma, L. Gasques, J. Görres, M. Pignatari, E. Simpson
Charge particle reaction rates from stellar H to C burning 
p. 910
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F. Käppeler, N. Winckler, S. Dababneh, M. Heil, S. Bisterzo, R. Gallino
A new approach to the 176 Lu puzzle 
p. 916
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M. Heil, F. Käppeler, E. Ubserseder
Neutron capture cross sections on light nuclei 
p. 922
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C. Baldovin, M. Pignatari, R. Gallino
Nuclear uncertainties on pre-explosive 26 Al nucleosynthesis 
p. 927
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AGB and Post-AGB Observations
L. Sabin, A.A. Zijlstra
Instabilities in long period variables 
p. 933
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R. Guandalini, M. Busso, M. Cardinali
On the luminosity of AGB stars as observed in the infrared from space and from the ground 
p. 937
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H. Van Winckel, T. Lloyd Evans, M. Reyniers, P. Deroo, C. Gielen
Binarity post-AGB stars and their Keplerian disks 
p. 943
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M. Reyniers, C. Abia, H. Van Winckel, T. Lloyd, L. Decin, K. Eriksson
A strongly s-process enriched RV Tauri star in the LMC 
p. 949
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R. Wahlin, K. Eriksson, B. Gustafsson, K.H. Hinkle, D.L. Lambert, N. Ryde, B. Westerlund
Carbon stars in local group dwarf galaxies: C and O abundances 
p. 955
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S. Uttenthaler, J. Hron, Th. Lebzelter, M. Schultheis, M. Busso, H.-U. Käufl
Technetium and the third dredge-up in bulge AGB stars 
p. 961
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D.A. García-Hernández, P. García-Lario, B. Plez, A. Manchado, F. D'Antona, J. Lub, H. Habing
Observational constraints on s-process nucleosynthesis in massive galactic O-rich AGB stars 
p. 967
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O. Zamora, C. Abia, B. Plez, I. Domínguez
The chemical composition of R stars 
p. 973
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I. Ivans, Bisterzo S., Gallino R.
Chemical compositions of neutro-process elements in low-metallicity stars - tracers of r and r+s
nucleosynthesis processes  
p. 979
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S. Bisterzo, R. Gallino, O. Straniero, I. Ivans, F. Käppeler, W. Aoki
s-process in low metallicity Pb stars 
p. 985
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D. Yong, W. Aoki, B.W. Carney, F. Grundahl, D.L. Lambert, P.E. Nissen, D.B. Paulson
Rubidium and lead abundances in globular clusters 
p. 991
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K. Werner, D. Jahn, T. Rauch, E. Reiff, F. Herwig, J.W. Kruk
AGB star intershell abundances inferred from analysis of extremely hot H-deficient post-AGB stars 
p. 996
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Model Atmospheres
Y. Pavlenko,
The modelling of the spectra and atmospheres of evolved stars 
p. 1002
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M. Lederer, T. Lebzelter, B. Aringer, W. Nowotny, J. Hron, S. Uttenthaler, S. H\"ofner
Toward abundance determination from dynamic atmospheres 
p. 1008
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Universe Awareness
C.J. Odman, C. Scorza, G.K. Miley, C. Madsen
An inspirational programme for economically disadvantaged young children  
p. 1014
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