Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 79 n. 4, 2008

- The central kiloparsec: Active Galactic Nuclei and their hosts
Ierapetra, Crete, Greece, June 4-6, 2008
Editor: Andrei Lobanov, Emmanouil Angelakis, Manel Perucho Pla

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List of participants 
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Session 1: A synthetic picture of Active Galactic Nnuclei
J. Krolik
AGN: The central kiloparsec 
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T. Courvoisier
A synthetic picture of AGN 
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S. Buttiglione
Optical spectroscopy of 3CR sample of radio sources at z<0.3 
p. 1018
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T.G. Arshakian, J. León-Tavares, A.P. Lobanov, V.H. Chavushyan, L. Popovic, A.I. Shapovalova, A. Burenkov, and J.A. Zensus
Jet-BLR connection in 3C390.3 
p. 1022
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M. Filho
Phase closure image reconstruction for infrared interferometry 
p. 1030
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C. Ramos Almeida, J.M. Rodríguez Espinosa, G. Barro, J. Gallego, and P.G. Pérez-González
Spectral energy distributions of a hard X-ray selected AGN Sample in the EGS 
p. 1034
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E. Angelakis, M. Kadler, K. Lewis, R.M. Sambruna, M. Eracleous, and J.A. Zensus
Radio spectra of intermediate-luminosity broad-line radio galaxies 
p. 1038
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E. Angelakis, L. Fuhrmann, N. Marchili, T.P. Krichbaum and J.A. Zensus
Monitoring the radio spectra of selected blazars in the Fermi-GST era 
p. 1042
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Session 2: Vicinity of supermassive black holes
M. Camenzind
Vicinity of supermassive black holes 
p. 1046
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M. Zamaninasab, A. Eckart, D. Kunneriath, G. Witzel, R. Schödel, L. Meyer, M. Dovciak, V. Karas, S. König, T. Krichbaum, R.S. Lu, C. Straubmeier, and J.A. Zensus
Flares of Sgr A*: from X-ray to mm 
p. 1054
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M. Georganopoulos, Demosthenes Kazanas, Eric S. Perlman
A simple diagnostic for the location of the blazar emission site 
p. 1058
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A.P. Lobanov
Vicinity of SMBH probed by high-resolution radio observations 
p. 1062
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Session 3: Accretion: disks and inflows
A. King
Accretion in AGN: evolution of black hole mass and spin 
p. 1066
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L. Subr
SMBH feeding and star formation in massive accretion discs 
p. 1071
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I. Gavignaud, L. Wisotzki, A. Bongiorno, S. Paltani, G. Zamorani, P. Møller, and VVDS Team
Eddington ratios of faint AGN at intermediate redshifts 
p. 1075
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S. Silich, F. Hueyotl-Zahuantitla, and G. Tenorio-Tagle
SMBH spherically symmetric accretion regulated by violent star formation feedback 
p. 1079
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Session 4: Stars and gas in the nuclear region
H. Netzer
Gas, dust and starburst in the central kpc of Active Galactic Nuclei 
p. 1083
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C.M. Gaskell, R.W. Goosmann, and E.S. Klimek
Structure and kinematics of the broad-line region and torus of Active Galactic Nuclei 
p. 1090
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C. Struve, R. Morganti, and T.A. Oosterloo
Circumnuclear HI disks in radio galaxies 
p. 1096
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H. Perets, A. Gualandris, D. Merritt, and T. Alexander
Dynamical evolution of the young stars in the Galactic center 
p. 1100
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D. Ilić, L.Ć. Popović, J. León-Tavares, A.P. Lobanov, A.I. Shapovalova, and V.H. Chavushyan
The broad line region in Mrk 668 and NGC 4151: an outflow model 
p. 1105
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S. Harfst, A. Gualandris, D. Merritt, and S. Mikkola
Orbits of stars in the central parsec 
p. 1109
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S.J. Curran, M.T. Whiting, and J.K. Webb
Where is cold neutral gas in the hosts of high redshift AGN? 
p. 1113
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N. Maddox and P.C. Hewett
Investigating broad absorption line quasars with SDSS and UKIDSS 
p. 1117
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C. Rodríguez, W.M. Goss, J.L. Turner, and Y. Gómez
VLA observations of the H53α recombination line toward the super star clusters galaxy NGC 5253 
p. 1121
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Session 5: Disk-outflow connection and molecular dusty torus
M. Elitzur
Disk-outflow connection and the molecular dusty torus 
p. 1124
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M. Schartmann, K. Meisenheimer, H. Klahr, M. Camenzind, S.Wolf, Th.Henning
Turbulent AGN tori 
p. 1132
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F.P. Israel
Physical conditions of molecular gas in spiral galaxy centers 
p. 1136
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C.L. Buchanan, J.F. Gallimore, C.P. O'Dea, S.A. Baum, D.J. Axon, A. Robinson, J. Noel-Storr, A.Yzaguirre, and M. Elitzur
Unveiling the nature of Seyfert galaxies with 1-100 micron spectral energy distributions 
p. 1140
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K.R.W. Tristram, D. Raban, L. Burtscher, K. Meisenheimer, and W.J. Jaffe
Resolving the dusty cores of nearby AGN with mid infrared interferometry 
p. 1144
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Session 6: Relativistic jets and the nuclear region
N. Vlahakis
Relativistic jets and the nuclear region in AGN 
p. 1148
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Y.Y. Kovalev, A.P. Lobanov, and A.B. Pushkarev
Physics of central several parsecs in the quasar 0850+581 
p. 1153
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J.L. Gómez, I. Agudo, A.P. Marscher, and S. Jorstad
Stratification in polarization and Faraday rotation in the jet of 3C 120 
p. 1157
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M.G.H. Krause
Jets and multi-phase turbulence 
p. 1162
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M. Perucho, I. Agudo, J.L. Gómez, M. Kadler, E. Ros, and Y.Y. Kovalev
Hydrodynamics of a perturbation in the jet of 3C 111 
p. 1166
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A.B. Pushkarev, Y.Y. Kovalev, and A.P. Lobanov
Testing adiabatic expansion of shocks in parsec-scale jets by dual-frequency VLBI experiments 
p. 1170
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M. Roca-Sogorb, M. Perucho, J.L. G mez, J.M. Martí, L. Ant n, M.A. Aloy, and I. Agudo
Helical magnetic field effects in relativistic jets 
p. 1174
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Session 7: AGN feedback
F. Nicastro, Y. Krongold, and M. Elvis
The X-ray view of AGN ionized outflows 
p. 1178
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E. Koulouridis, V.H. Chavushyan, M. Plionis, D. Dultzin, Y. Krongold, C. Goudis, and E. Chatzichristou
The environment of Sy1, Sy2 & bright IRAS galaxies: the AGN/starburst connection 
p. 1185
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P. Barai, J. Germain, and H. Martel
Anisotropic AGN outflows filling the cosmological volume 
p. 1189
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M. Imanishi
Luminous buried AGNs in luminous IR galaxies and the origin of galaxy downsizing 
p. 1193
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J.M. Ramírez
X-ray physical properties of the quasar APM 08279+5255 
p. 1197
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C.A. Caretta, J.M. Islas-Islas, J.P. Torres-Papaqui, R. Coziol, H. Bravo-Alfaro, and H. Andernach
Galaxy activity influenced by the environment in the cluster of galaxies Abell 85 
p. 1201
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Session 8: Sub-relativistic outflows and extended regions
C. Tadhunter
The importance of sub-relativistic outflows in AGN host galaxies 
p. 1205
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D. Axon, A. Robinson, S. Young, J.E. Smith, and J.H. Hough
AGN disks and winds: a new understanding from spectropolarimetry 
p. 1213
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D.J. Rosario, W. Whittle, C.H. Nelson, and A.S. Wilson
Radio-jet driven outflows in Seyfert galaxies 
p. 1217
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F.M. Montenegro-Montes, K.-H. Mack, M. Vigotti, C.R. Benn, R. Carballo, J.I. González-Serrano, J. Holt, and F. Jiménez-Luján
Compact radio-loud Broad Absorption Line Quasars 
p. 1221
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A. Ruff
A quasar wind model 
p. 1225
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B. Husemann, L. Wisotzki, S.F. Sánchez, K. Jahnke
Integral field spectroscopy of low-z QSOs and Seyfert galaxies 
p. 1227
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Session 9: SMBH and their galactic hosts
M. Volonteri, S. Callegari, M. Colpi, M. Dotti, and L. Mayer
Massive black holes and their hosts 
p. 1231
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D. Batcheldor
The M.-σ* project 
p. 1239
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A. Marconi, D. Axon, R. Miolino, T. Nagao, P. Pietrini, A. Robinson, G. Torricelli
Weighing black holes from zero to high redshift 
p. 1243
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N. Bennert
Fueling QSOs: the relevance of mergers 
p. 1247
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Y. Letawe, P. Magain, G. Letawe, F. Courbin, and D. Hutsemékers
Study of the QSO HE0354-5500 with combined HST imaging and VLT spectroscopy 
p. 1251
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N. Nowak, R.P. Saglia, J. Thomas, P. Erwin, and R. Bender
Black holes in low-mass bulges and pseudobulges 
p. 1255
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S. Chi, M.A. Garrett, and P.D. Barthel
AGN and starbursts in the HDF-N and HFF: Deep, global VLBI observations 
p. 1259
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F. Panessa and M. Giroletti
The X-ray and radio connection in nearby Seyfert galaxies 
p. 1263
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A. Bongiorno, M. Mignoli, G. Zamorani, F. Lamareille, and T. Contini
Optically selected type-2 AGN: preliminary results from the COSMOS survey 
p. 1267
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D.J.E Floyd, N.F. Bate, and R.L. Webster
Probing the emitting region using anomalous lensed QSOs 
p. 1271
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S. Tommasin, L. Spinoglio, K. Hainline, M.A. Malkan, and H. Smoth
Seyfert galaxies in the local Universe: analysis of Spitzer spectra of a complete sample 
p. 1275
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F. Marulli, S. Bonoli, E. Branchini, L. Moscardini, and V. Springel
The cosmological co-evolution of supermassive black holes, AGN and galaxies 
p. 1279
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Session 10: Binary supermassive black holes in AGN
L. Mayer, S. Kazantzidis, and A. Escala
Formation of nuclear disks and supermassive black hole binaries in multi-scale hydrodynamical galaxy mergers 
p. 1284
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M. Dotti, M. Colpi, F. Haardt, and L. Mayer
Massive black hole binaries in gaseous nuclear discs 
p. 1294
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D.V. Lal, M.J. Hardcastle, R.P. Kraft, C.C. Cheung, A.P. Lobanov, J.A. Zensus, S. Bhatnagar, and A.P. Rao
Nature of X-shaped sources 
p. 1298
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S. Callegari, L. Mayer and S. Kazantzidis
Pairing of supermassive black holes in unequal-mass mergers 
p. 1302
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A.P. Lobanov
Binary supermassive black holes driving the nuclear activity in galaxies 
p. 1306
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Session 11: Co-evolution of SMBH and AGN
A. Merloni
Cosmological evolution of supermassive black holes and AGN: a synthesis model for accretion and feedback 
p. 1310
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A. Schulze and L. Wisotzki
The mass function of local active black holes 
p. 1318
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G. Lodato
Formation and evolution of massive black hole seeds at high redshift 
p. 1322
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D. Dultzin, J.J. Gonzales, Y. Krongold, H. Hernández-Toledo, E.M. Huerta, I. Cruz-González, L. Olguín, P. Marziani, and F. Hernández-Ibarra
Activity induced by gravitational interaction in galaxy pairs 
p. 1326
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T. Courvoisier
Conference summary 
p. 1330
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