Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 78 n. 1, 2007

- Solar magnetism and dynamics & THEMIS user meeting
Meudon, November 15-17, 2006
Editors: V. Bommier and S. Sahal-Bréchot

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List of Participants 
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Session 1: THEMIS
B.F. Gelly
THEMIS: the 2006-2012 perspective 
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V. Bommier
Some THEMIS tip-tilt images 
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A. López Ariste
THEMIS observational hits in 2006 
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Session 2: The quiet sun
G. Tsiropoula and K. Tziotziou
The fine-scale structure of the quiet solar chromosphere 
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M. Bianda, R. Ramelli, and J.O. Stenflo
Variation of the second solar spectrum with the solar cycle 
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A. Asensio Ramos and J. Trujillo Bueno
THEMIS observations of the Hanle effect in C2 lines 
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C. Grec, C. Aime, M. Faurobert, G. Ricort, and F. Paletou
Contrast inversion in the 557.6 nm line detected with differential speckle interferometry 
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J.C. Ramírez Vélez and A.López Ariste
Magnetic strength analysis in the quiet Sun regions using the MnI line at 553 nm 
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M. J. Martínez González
Internetwork magnetic fields observed in the visible 
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V. Bommier, G. Molodij, and N. Meunier
The granular magnetic field as observed with THEMIS 
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R. Muller, A. Hanslmeier, and M. Saldaña-Muñoz
Space and time variation of the solar granulation 
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Session 3: The active sun and the network
Z. Xu and J.C. Hénoux
Multi-wavelength analysis of the impact polarization of 2001 June 15th solar flare 
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J. Stepán
Polarization diagnostics of proton beams in solar flares 
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J. Arnaud, S.V. Berdyugina, D.M. Fluri, and N. Afram
Spectro-polarimetry of a sunspot simultaneously in atomic and molecular lines 
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P. Mein, N. Mein, M. Faurobert, G. Aulanier, and J.-M. Malherbe
Magnetic flux tubes observed with THEMIS/MSDP 
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K. Tziotziou, G. Tsiropoula, N. Mein, and P. Mein
Dual-line analysis of sunspot oscillations 
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Session 4: Filaments, prominences and corona
J. Arnaud, M. Faurobert, and E. Fossat
Dome C: An exceptional site for solar observations 
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G. Stellmacher, E. Wiehr, and J. Hirzberger
Two-dimensional imaging of the He D3/Hß emission ratio in quiescent solar prominences 
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S. Rondi, Th. Roudier, G. Molodij, V. Bommier, J.M. Malherbe, B. Schmieder, N. Meunier, M. Rieutord, and F. Beigbeder
Photospheric flows around a quiescent filament and CALAS first results 
p. 114
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M. Kramar and B. Inhester
Inversion of coronal Zeeman and Hanle observations to reconstruct the coronal magnetic field 
p. 120
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Session 5: Theory, extrapolation and simulation
S. Régnier
Nonlinear force-free field extrapolation: numerical methods and applications 
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P. Démoulin and E. Pariat
Computing magnetic energy and helicity fluxes from series of magnetograms 
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H. Frisch, M. Sampoorna, and K. N. Nagendra
Turbulent magnetic field averages for the Zeeman effect 
p. 142
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Session 6: polarimetric analysis & inversion methods: available tools
B. Lites, R. Casini, J. Garcia, H. Socas-Navarro
A suite of community tools for spectro-polarimetric analysis 
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A. Sainz Dalda and A. López Ariste
Using reduction and inversion tools for THEMIS-MTR data: chromospheric reversals of a moving magnetic feature and an ephemeral region 
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P. Mein, N. Mein, and V. Bommier
Fast vector magnetic maps with imaging spectroscopy 
p. 160
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E. Khomenko and M. Collados
Magnetic field inversions from Stokes profiles generated by MHD simulations 
p. 166
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Session 7: Openings on the future
N. Meunier, M. Lafon, P. Maeght, F. Grimaud, and Th. Roudier
BASS2000-Tarbes : current status and THEMIS data processing 
p. 172
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J.O. Stenflo
Solar polarimetry with ZIMPOL 
p. 181
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B. Schmieder
New results and future perspectives of THEMIS 
p. 191
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S. Sahal-Bréchot, M. Derouich, V. Bommier, and P. S. Barklem
Multipole rates for atomic polarization studies: the case of complex atoms in non-spherically symmetric states colliding with atomic hydrogen 
p. 197
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J.-M. Malherbe, Th. Roudier, J. Moity, P. Mein, J. Arnaud, and R. Muller
Spectro polarimetry with liquid crystals 
p. 203
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