Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana 

Supplementi - Vol. 6 

- 5th Serbian Conference on spectral lines shapes in astrophysics
Vrsac, June 6-10, 2005
Editors: L.C.Popović and M.S. Dimitrijević


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List of Participants 
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Spectral line phenomena in extragalactic objects
A.P. Lobanov
Radio Spectroscopy of Active Galactic Nuclei 
p. 12
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S. Ciroi, V. Botte, P. Rafanelli, F., Di Mille, A. Romano
The Hidden Nature of Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 
p. 20
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E.T. Chatzichristou
Multi-Wavelength Surveys of Obscured AGN 
p. 26
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D. Ilic, E. Bon, L. C. Popovic
Kinematics of the BLR and NLR in AGN Mrk 817 
p. 30
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E. Bon
The Disk Contribution To The Shape of The Balmer Broad Emission Lines in AGNs 
p. 34
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F. Di Mille, P. Rafanelli, S. Ciroi, V. L. Afanasiev, S. N. Dodonov, A. V. Moiseev
Spectrophotometric study of nearby Seyfert nuclei 
p. 38
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A. A. Smirnova, A. V. Moiseev, V. L. Afanasiev
Studying of some Seyfert galaxies by means of panoramic spectroscopy  
p. 40
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Ph. Prugniel,I. Chilingarian L. C. Popovic
The history and dynamics of the stellar population in the central kpc of active galaxies 
p. 42
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A.V. Moiseev, V.L Afanasiev
Scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer in the extragalactic researches  
p. 44
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C. Abajas, E. Mediavilla, J.A. Munoz, L. C. Popovic
Gravitational Microlensing Effects on the Broad Emission Lines of Quasars  
p. 48
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P. Jovanovic
Microlensing effect on Fe K line and X-ray continuum in the case of three gravitationally lensed quasars: MG J0414+0534,  QSO 2237+0305 and H1413+117 
p. 56
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A.F. Zakharov, S.V. Repin
Black Holes: Theory versus observations - Analysis of the Fe   and Precise Astrometrical Observations 
p. 60
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Detection of Dark Matter in Early-type Galaxies with X-ray Haloes using Absorption Spectral Lines 
p. 68
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S. Ninkovic
On the globular clusters of the Milky Way and the data obtainable from their spectra 
p. 72
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M. Krco, P.F. Goldsmith
HINSA as a Tool for Studying Dark Clouds and Star Formation 
p. 78
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Stellar and interstellar spectral lines
I.J. Danziger
Line Profiles as Diagnostics in Supernova Envelopes 
p. 82
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E. Baron, P.H. Hauschildt
Overview of Supernova Modeling with PHOENIX 
p. 86
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M. Sachkov, T. Ryabchikova
Pulsations in the Atmospheres of Ap stars 
p. 93
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D. Shulyak, G. Valyavin, O. Kochukhov, S. Khan, V. Tsymbal
Atmospheres of CP stars: magnetic field effects 
p. 99
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E. Danezis, D. Nikolaidis, E. Lyratzi, L. C. Popovic, M. S. Dimitrievic, E.Theodossiou, A. Antoniou
A new modeling approach for DACs and SACs regions in the atmospheres of hot emission stars 
p. 107
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E. Lyratzi, E. Danezis, D. Nikolaidis, L. C. Popovic, M. S. Dimitrijevic, E. Theodossiou
A new approach for the structure of H regions in 120 Be-type stars 
p. 114
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Z. Simic
Influence of impacts with charged particles on Cd I and F III spectral lines in stellar plasma 
p. 122
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M. S. Dimitrijevic, T. Ryabchikova, L. C. Popovic, D.Shulyak, S.Khan
On the influence of Stark broadening of Cr I lines in the Cr-rich Ap star CrB atmosphere 
p. 126
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N. Gavrilovic, S. Jankov, P. Mathias, P. De Cat
Investigation of rotational velocity of -Persei 
p. 128
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D. Korcakova, J. Kubat
Emergent Line Profiles From Rapidly Rotating Stars 
p. 130
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N. Milovanovic
The Stark Broadening Effect in Hot Star Atmospheres: Tl II 
p. 132
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M. Zboril
Search for vertical helium abundance in He-rich star 
p. 136
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P. Hauschildt, E. Baron
Cool Stellar Atmospheres with PHOENIX 
p. 140
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G. Peach, D. F. T. Mullamphy, V. Venturi, I. B. Whittingham
Line shapes for the spectra of Brown Dwarfs 
p. 147
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A. A. Mihajlov, Lj. M. Ignjatovic, M. S. Dimitrijevic
Processes of Atom - Atom (n - n')-mixing Influence onHydrogen Atom Rydberg States Populations in Stellar Atmospheres 
p. 151
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D. Homeier
Molecular Line Widths for Stellar Atmospheres 
p. 158
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O. Atanackovic-Vukmanovic
Solution of the NLTE line transfer problem by use of forth-and-back implicit -iteration 
p. 162
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N. Vitas
Heights of formation of Mn I spectral lines broadened by hyperfine structure  
p. 164
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G. Djurasevic, D. Dimitrov, B. Arbutina, B. Albayrak, S. O. Selam
A study of close binary system EE Cet 
p. 168
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A. Lalovic, I. Vince
The reduction of eclipsing binary stars spectra observed at Rozhen Observatory  
p. 170
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Spectral lines in laboratory plasma
Z. Petrovic, V. Stojanovic
Anomalous Doppler broadening of Hydrogen lines due to excitation by fast neutrals in low pressure Townsend discharges 
p. 172
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A. R. Ellingboe
Whistler Wave-Particle Interaction in a Temperate Ionosphere-like Plasma  
p. 182
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V. Milosavljevic"
Measured Stark shifts of Kr\,I line profiles in the 5s--5p and 5s--5p' transitions 
p. 192
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M. D. Calzada
Spectroscopy of the discharges created and maintained by a surface-wave  
p. 198
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N. Ben Nesib
Interaction potentials for spectral line shapes in plasma 
p. 209
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H. Elabidi, N. Ben Nesib, M. S. Dimitrijevic
Electron impact broadening of multicharged neon spectral lines  
p. 213
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W. F. Mahmoudi, N. Ben Nessib, M.S. Dimitrijevic, S. Sahal-Brechot
Contribution to the Semi-Classical and Modified Semi-Empirical Impact Stark Broadening Calculations of Singly Ionized Carbon and Oxygen Spectral Lines 
p. 217
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N.M. Sakan, V.A. Sreckovic, A. A. Mihajlov
The application of the cut-off Coulomb potential for the calculation of a continuous spectra of dense hydrogen plasma 
p. 221
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M. Christova, V. Gagov, I. Koleva
Calculations of the collisional widths of several Ar I spectral lines  
p. 225
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R. Hamdi, N. Ben Nesib
Electric dipole transition probabilities in Al IV and Al V ions  
p. 228
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I. Santiago, M. Pineda, M.D. Calzada, M. Garcia
Voigt a-damping parameter of the spectral lines emitted by a plasma flame and a plasma column generated by a microwave at atmospheric pressure  
p. 230
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A. Sainz, M. D. Calzada, M. C. Garcia
Gas temperature from line broadening in a neon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure 
p. 232
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A. Sainz, M. D. Calzada, M. C. Garcia
Self-absorption effects in the equivalent width of the spectral lines in a neon microwave plasma at atmospheric pressure 
p. 234
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Z. Simic, L. C. Popovic, M. S. Dimitrijevic, M. D. Dacic
Stark broadening parameters for Cu III and Zn III spectral lines  
p. 236
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M. Christova, M.S. Dimitrijevic, S. Sahal-Brechot
Stark broadening of Ar I spectral lines emitted in surface wave sustained discharges 
p. 238
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B. Zmerli, N. Ben Nesib, M. S. Dimitrijevic
Temperature dependance of non hydrogenic atom-lines Stark widths  
p. 242
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