Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 23 

- Ruggiero Boscovich: astronomer, man of science and letters, 300 years after his birth
Milan, May 18, 2011
Editors: A. Manara, G. Pareschi, G. Trinchieri


p. 3
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F. Buzzi
Debates and diatribes in Milanese religious orders at the time of Boscovich 
p. 6
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E. Antonello
Boscovich and the Brera Observatory 
p. 16
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L. Guzzardi
Boscovich, the discovery of Uranus and his inclination to theoretical astronomy 
p. 26
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E. Proverbio
Boscovich: scientist and man of letters 
p. 34
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A. Giorgilli
Roger Joseph Boscovich between geometry and astronomy 
p. 55
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P. Gori
Boscovich's philosophical meditations in the history of contemporary thought 
p. 64
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B. Crippa, V. Forcella, L. Mussio
Boscovich: his geodetic and cartographic studies 
p. 75
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L. Corradi Dell'Acqua
Boscovich as an engineer: the statics of masonry domes 
p. 83
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P. Tucci
Concluding remarks. Faraday on Boscovich 
p. 93
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