Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 81 n. 4, 2010

- The 10th Torino Workshop on AGB star nucleosynthesis:
from Rutherford to Beatrice Tinsley and beyond

Christchurch, New Zealand, January 25--29, 2010
Editors: C. C. Worley, C. A. Tout and R. J. Stancliffe


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List of Participants 
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P. L. Cottrell
Rutherford and Tinsley: the beginning and middle of nucleosynthesis at the University of Canterbury 
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Session I: Chemical composition on the AGB
G. Wallerstein and W. Huang
The composition of RR Lyrae stars: start--line for the AGB 
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J. Buntain, M. Lugaro, R. J. Stancliffe, A. Karakas, L. Nittler, and P. Hope
Wind composition beyond the tip of the AGB and its relevance to stardust grains  
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Session II: Chemical evolution from the AGB
C. Kobayashi
Chemo-dynamical simulations of galaxies 
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A. Chieffi and M. Limongi
On the nature of the thermal pulses on the Asymptotic Giant Branch 
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Session III: Super--Asymptotic Giant Branch stars (SAGB)
P. Gil-Pons and C. L. Doherty
The upper mass limit for the formation of TP-SAGB stars and the dredge--out phenomenon 
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L. Siess
Super-AGB yields 
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Session IV: Nucleosynthesis in stellar interiors
C. Abia, K. Cunha, S. Cristallo, P. de Laverny, I. Domínguez, K. Eriksson, L. Gialanella, K. Hinkle, G. Imbriani, A. Recio--Blanco, V. V. Smith, O. Straniero, and R. Wahlin
Is the fluorine abundance problem in AGB stars solved? 
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M. Mollá and M. Gavilán
Some caveats on the evolution of the N/O abundance and the star formation history 
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R. Gallino, S. Bisterzo, S. Cristallo, and O. Straniero
The role of primary 16O as a neutron poison in AGB stars and fluorine primary production at halo metallicities 
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Session V: Chemical evolution in Globular Clusters
S. W. Campbell, D. Yong, E. C. Wylie de Boer, R. J. Stancliffe, J. C. Lattanzio, G. C. Angelou, F. Grundahl, and C. Sneden
The case of the disappearing CN-strong AGB stars in galactic Globular Clusters - preliminary results 
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A. I. Karakas, S. W. Campbell, M. Lugaro, D. Yong, and A. Chieffi
The origin of the heavy elements in stars in the Globular Clusters M4 and M5 
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C. C. Worley and P. L. Cottrell
Neutron-capture element abundances of luminous giant stars in the Globular Clusters 47 Tuc, NGC 6388 and NGC 362 
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Session VI: Binary star interactions
H. Van Winckel, A. Jorissen, N. Gorlova, T. Dermine, K. Exter, T. Masseron, R. Østensen, S. Van Eck, and G. Van de Steene
Post-AGB binaries in an evolutionary perspective: a HERMES monitoring programme 
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E. van Aarle, P. Wood, T. Lloyd Evans, H. Van Winckel and T. Ueta
Optically bright Post-AGB stars in the LMC: an extensive sample study 
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R. G. Izzard, R. P. Church and T. Dermine
White dwarf kicks and implications for barium~stars 
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I. Domínguez, L Piersanti, R. Cabezón, O. Zamora, D. García-Senz, C. Abia and O. Straniero
The elusive nature of the R stars 
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H. B. Lau, O. de Marco, and X. W. Liu
Abell 58 - a Planetary Nebula with an ONe-rich knot: a signature of binary interaction? 
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C. A. Tout, D. T. Wickransinghe, J. Liebert, L. Ferrario, J. E. Pringle and A. T. Potter
The origin of high magnetic fields in white dwarfs 
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Session VII: Mixing processes in stellar interiors
G. C. Angelou, J. C. attanzio, R. P. Church, and R. J. Stancliffe
Observational constraints for δμ  mixing 
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R. J. Stancliffe
Mixing processes in carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars 
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M. Busso, S. Palmerini and E. Maiorca
Deep mixing at variable speed in stars: is thermohaline diffusion sufficient? 
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Session VIII: Stellar atmospheres
D. Kamath, P. R. Wood, I. Soszyński, and T. Lebzelter
Pulsation of AGB stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud cluster NGC 419 
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E. Lagadec
The effect of metallicity on the mass-loss from AGB stars: an observer's point of view 
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Session IX: Poster contributions
L. Stanford, G. S. Da Costa, and J. E. Norris
Abundances of the Star ROA 276 in ω Cen 
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S. Bisterzo and S. Cristallo
Low--metallicity AGB models: the H profile in the 13C-pocket and the effect on the s-process 
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