Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 90 n. 4, 2019

Cover image vol. 90/4 New quests in stellar astrophysics IV astrochemistry, astrobiology and the origin of life
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 31st - April 5th, 2019
Editors: M. Chávez Dagostino, E. Bertone, O. Vega and R. M. Chávez Dagostino

p. 435
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N. Balucani
Gas-phase chemistry and molecular complexity in space: how far do they go? 
p. 448
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S. Kwok
Abiotic synthesis of complex organics in the Universe 
p. 458
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F. Vazart, N. Balucani, D. Skouteris, C. Ceccarelli, I. Shalayel and Y. Vallée
The origin of organic chemistry on Earth: endogenous synthesis or exogenous delivery? 
p. 467
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E. Janot-Pacheco, Ph. Bendjoya, C. A. Rosa, A. Domiciano, P. Cassam-Chenai, M. Adrian-Scotto, M. Rachid and C. Lage
Unveiling the whole from its parts or to see the forest for the trees 
p. 475
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V. Allen, A. López-Sepulcre, Á. Sánchez-Monge, V. M. Rivilla and R. Cesaroni
Empirical study of formamide formation around young O-type stars 
p. 479
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V. M. Rivilla, J. Martín-Pintado, I. Jiménez-Serra, S. Zeng, S. Martín, J. Armijos-Abendaño, M. A. Requena-Torres, R. Aladro and D. Riquelme
Paving the way to the synthesis of adenine in the ISM: Abundant Z-cyanomethanimine 
p. 485
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A. Giannetti,S. Bovino, P. Caselli, S. Leurini, D. R. G. Schleicher, B. Körtgen, K. M. Menten, T. Pillai, F. Wyrowski and G. Sabatini
A timeline for massive star-forming regions via deuterium chemistry 
p. 491
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G. Sabatini, A. Giannetti, S. Bovino, J. Brand, S. Leurini, E. Schisano, T. Pillai and K. M. Menten
Mapping the large scale CO-depletion in the IRDC G351.77-0.51 
p. 497
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R. Galván-Madrid and A. F. Izquierdo
ALMA observations and radiative transfer modelling of low- and high-mass star-forming systems 
p. 503
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M. Sewilo, R. Indebetouw, S. B. Charnley, S. Zahorecz, J. M. Oliveira, J. Th. van Loon, J. L. Ward, C.-H. R. Chen, J. Wiseman, Y. Fukui, A. Kawamura, M. Meixner, T. Onishi and P. Schilke
Detection of complex organic molecules in the low-metallicity Large Magellanic Cloud 
p. 509
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M. T. Orozco-Aguilera, L. A. Zapata and M. Chávez
Molecular study of two cores of intermediate/low mass in OMC1S 
p. 511
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L. Uscanga, A. I. Gómez-Ruiz, J. R. Rizzo, G. Ramos-Larios and M. A. Trinidad
Pilot program with the LMT to look for molecules in Planetary Nebulae 
p. 514
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A. I. Gómez-Ruiz, C. B. Rodríguez-Garza and M. Quiros
Spectral line surveys of evolved stars and protostars with the LMT 
p. 516
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V. Guzmán, K. I. Öberg, J. Huang, R. Loomis, J. Carpenter, C. Qi, R. Le Gal and J. Pegues
Astrochemistry of protoplanetary disks: HCN and H2CO 
p. 519
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C. Favre
Organic molecules in protoplanetary disks 
p. 527
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A. E. Higuchi
[C I] observations toward 49 Ceti with ASTE and ALMA 
p. 535
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J. P. Marshall, N. Pawellek, G. M. Kennedy, P. Scicluna and A. V. Krivov
Inferring the size scales of planetary systems using resolved debris discs 
p. 543
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A. Niedzielski
Planets of other suns 
p. 549
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A. Quirrenbach, P. J. Amado, I. Ribas, A. Reiners, J. A. Caballero, W. Seifert, J. Aceituno, V. J. S. Béjar, A. P. Hatzes, T. Henning, M. Kürster, D. Montes, J. H. M. M. Schmitt and the CARMENES Consortium
The CARMENES survey for M dwarf planets 
p. 554
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G. Anglada-Escudé
Red dwarfs and the nearest terrestrial planets. Detection and prospects for characterization of nearby potentially habitable planets 
p. 560
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M. Chávez-Dagostino, E. Bertone, O. Vega, J. Marshall and the TUPURI Team
TUPURI: a legacy survey of debris disks with the Large Millimeter Telescope 
p. 572
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A. Lazcano
Is the Universe teeming with life? 
p. 575
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B. Y. Welsh
Exocomets and their link to astrobiology 
p. 581
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A. Mampaso, E. Villaver and R. L. M. Corradi
The path to life: complexity in Planetary Nebulae 
p. 586
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R. V. L. Zappala, P. G. Pascutti, M. Leal da Silva and C. A. S. Lage
The "Black Box" Genome of the extremophilic bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans turning grayish 
p. 590
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S. I. Ramírez Jiménez, C. Cardona, R. Izquierdo, E. C. Rodríguez and P. A. Figueroa
Halophilic bacteria strategies help to understand habitability aspects of the Solar System 
p. 597
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P. G. Núñez, M. E. Peña-Salinas and R. Vázquez
How can tardigrades survive in other moons like Enceladus? 
p. 606
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A. López-Islas, C. Fuentes-Carreón, J. Cruz-Castañeda, A. Heredia, S. Ramos-Bernal and A. Negrón-Mendoza
The behavior of aldehydes of astrobiological importance under irradiation 
p. 608
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Ph. Bendjoya, C. Lage, E. Janot-Pacheco and L. Bernardes
Is there life on Earth? 
p. 611
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M. E. Peña-Salinas, P. G. Núñez, R. M. Spelz-Madero and R. Vázquez
Could life emerge on the icy moons of the Solar System? 
p. 614
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J. U. López-Pérez, C. A. Fuentes-Carreón, S. Ramos-Bernal, A. Negrón-Mendoza and A. Heredia
Computer simulation of a primitive peptide in a mineral environment analogous to the Naica system 
p. 616
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A. Paredes-Arriaga, A. Meléndez-López, J. Cruz-Castañeda, S. Ramos-Bernal, A. Heredia and A. Negrón-Mendoza
Irradiation of cytosine adsorbed in a clay mineral 
p. 619
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F. P. Schloerb
Observations of comets with the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano 
p. 621
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M. Sachkov
Prospects of WSO-UV mission for studies of exoplanetary atmospheres 
p. 629
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A. Montaña, M. Chávez-Dagostino, I. Aretxaga, G. Novak, A. Pope and G. Wilson (on behalf of the TolTEC team)
TolTEC: unveiling the hidden universe 
p. 632
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E. Bertone, O. Vega, M. Chávez Dagostino, D. Olmedo, M. Olmedo, E. Castillo Domínguez, D. Hughes, W. Irvine, A. I. Gómez Ruiz, G. Narayanan, F. P. Schloerb, S. I. Ramírez Jiménez, J. Cernicharo, E. Drabek-Maunder, J. Greaves, I. Jiménez Serra, J. Lunine and G. Vladilo
Exploring the Enceladus molecular environment with the LMT 
p. 636
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L. Neves-Amaral, P. Kajdič, B. Sánchez-Cano, C. G. Bernal and D. Rojas-Castillo
Comparative analysis of response of the near Mars plasma environment to ICMEs during a solar minimum and maximum 
p. 639
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R. Barnes, R. Luger, H. Smotherman, R. Deitrick and D. P. Fleming
After the Habitable Zone 
p. 641
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G. Vladilo
Exploring the habitability of exoplanets with climate models 
p. 648
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D. Maizel, L. E. Alché and P. J. D. Mauas
Poly-extremophiles: exploring the limits of habitability 
p. 658
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S. Arceo Díaz, E. E. Bricio Barrios, K. Zuber, J. M. González Perez and J. A. Verduzco Ramirez
Implications of non-standard physics on the future evolution of exoplanets orbiting red giant stars 
p. 663
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J. A. Fernández and M. Helal
Impact rate and water delivery to the terrestrial planets from a dwindling asteroid belt 
p. 669
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R. F. Maldonado, E. Villaver, M. Chávez, A. Mustill and E. Bertone
Dynamical evolution of two planet systems into the white dwarf phase 
p. 675
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C. Montez-Zavala, E. Bertone and M. Chávez
Activity-rotation calibrations in the space UV for FGK stars 
p. 678
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M. Olmedo, D. Olmedo, M. Chávez, E. Bertone, E. E. Mamajek and J. Lloyd
Stellar ultraviolet excesses in the Kepler field 
p. 680
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S. J. Dick
Societal aspects of Astrobiology and the impact of discovering life beyond Earth 
p. 682
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R. Vázquez, P. G. Núñez and M. E. Peña-Salinas
Experiences on teaching Astrobiology in Baja California: from classical lectures to MOOCs 
p. 693
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S. I. Ramírez-Jiménez
Astrobiology as a didactic strategy to develop academic competences and skills 
p. 695
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