Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 89 n. 2, 2018

Cover image vol. 89/2 Theseus
Workshop 2017
Naples, October 05-06, 2017
Editors: L. Amati, E. Bozzo, M. Della Valle, D. Gotz and P. O'Brien


p. 113
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p. 115
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L. Amati et al.
The THESEUS Workshop 2017 
p. 118
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P. O'Brien et al.
The Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) on-board the THESEUS mission 
p. 130
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R. Campana et al.
The X-Gamma Imaging Spectrometer (XGIS) onboard THESEUS 
p. 137
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D. Götz et al.
The Infra-Red Telescope on board the THESEUS mission 
p. 148
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F. Frontera et al.
Observing strategy of the THESEUS mission 
p. 157
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N. Tanvir
THESEUS and the high redshift universe 
p. 163
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A. Ferrara
First Stars, Reionization and Gamma-Ray Bursts 
p. 168
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S. Vergani
Gamma-ray bursts as tracers of star-formation rate and metallicity evolution with THESEUS  
p. 175
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S. Colafrancesco
Synergies with the SKA: a brief report 
p. 179
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E. Maiorano et al.
Synergy between THESEUS and E-ELT 
p. 181
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L. Izzo et al.
GRB Cosmography with THESEUS 
p. 192
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M. Demianski et al.
High redshift constraints on dark energy models from the $E_{\rm p,i}$ -- $E_{\rm iso}$ correlation in GRBs 
p. 197
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G. Stratta et al.
THESEUS in the era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy 
p. 205
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P. D'Avanzo
The link between short Gamma--ray bursts and Gravitational Waves: perspectives for the THESEUS mission 
p. 213
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S. Piranomonte
Infrared emission from gravitational wave sources with THESEUS/IRT 
p. 218
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A. Grado et al.
Gravitational Waves optical follow-up at VST 
p. 223
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S. Mereghetti et al.
INTEGRAL results on the electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves 
p. 230
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A. Drago et al.
A multi-messenger analysis of neutron star mergers 
p. 236
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L. Nava et al.
THESEUS and Gamma-Ray Bursts a valuable contribution to the understanding of prompt emission 
p. 245
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A. Rossi et al.
GRB follow-up and science with THESEUS/IRT 
p. 254
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M. G. Bernardini
Synergies between the Cherenkov Telescope Array and THESEUS 
p. 261
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B. Cordier et al.
The SVOM mission, a pathfinder for THESEUS 
p. 266
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M. van Putten
GPU-accelerated broadband analysis of multi-messenger light curves of GRBs 
p. 274
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R. Basak
Role of THESEUS in Understanding the Radiation Mechanism of GRB Prompt Emission 
p. 282
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S. Boci et al.
On the PDS of GRB light curves 
p. 288
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Y. Wang et al.
Revisiting the Statistics of X-ray Flares in Gamma-ray Bursts 
p. 292
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