Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 88 n. 2, 2017

Cover image vol. 88/2 Workshop on FPGA applications in astrophysics
Pino Torinese, May 18-20, 2016
Editors: M. Belluso, D. Gardiol and R. Smareglia


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List of Participants 
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M. Alderighi et al.
R & D experiences on FPGAs and astronomical applications at IASF Milano 
p. 131
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C. Belli et al.
SysML of a large FPGA project: SKA TPM 
p. 141
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R. Campana et al.
A FPGA-based digital readout system for a multi-channel X and gamma-ray spectrometer 
p. 149
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G. Comoretto et al.
Radioastronomic signal processing cores for the SKA radio telescope 
p. 154
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A.M. Di Giorgio
FPGA based control systems for space instrumentation: examples from the IAPS experience 
p. 164
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M. Bartolini et al.
FPGA applications for single dish activity at Medicina radio telescopes 
p. 172
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C. Felini et al.
Possible application of FPGA to the MAORY Real Time Computer 
p. 179
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R. Travaglini et al.
Design and implementation of projects with Xilinx Zynq FPGA: a practical case 
p. 186
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A. Melis et al.
FPGA-based digital back-ends for the Sardinia Radio Telescope 
p. 195
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G. Naldi et al.
Developments of FPGA-based digital back-ends for low frequency antenna arrays at Medicina radio telescopes 
p. 206
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