Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 88 n. 1, 2017

Cover image vol. 88/1 The third CO5BOLD workshop
Napoli, April 11-13, 2016
Editors: T. Straus, M. Marconi and J.M. Alcalà


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List of Participants 
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Session 1: Development of the CO5BOLD code
Bernd Freytag
Boundary conditions in CO5BOLD 
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Matthias Steffen
Radiation transport in CO5BOLD 
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Oskar Steiner et al.
CO5BOLD for MHD: progresses and deficiencies 
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Session 2: Solar physics with CO5BOLD
Elisabetta Caffau et al.
Investigation of the solar centre-to-limb variation of oxygen and lithium spectral features 
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Gangadharan Vigeesh et al.
On the effect of vorticity on the propagation of internal gravity waves 
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Session 3: Stellar physics with CO5BOLD
Gohar Harutyunyan et al.
3D non-LTE corrections for the 6Li/7Li isotopic ratio in solar-type stars 
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Alessandro Mott et al.
Lithium in the active sub-giant HD123351:  
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Dainius Prakapavičius et al.
The influence of convection on OH UV line formation in the atmosphere of the metal-poor red giant HD 122563 
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Andy J. Gallagher et al.
Enhanced methods for computing spectra from CO5BOLD models using LINFOR3D 
p. 82
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Piercarlo Bonifacio et al.
Using CO5BOLD models to predict the effects of granulation on colours 
p. 90
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Jonas Klevas et al.
3D hydrodynamical CO5BOLD simulations of a chromosphere of a red giant 
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Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay et al.
Convective overshoot and metal accretion onto white dwarfs 
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Mia Sloth Lundkvist
Asteroseismology and CO5BOLD 
p. 112
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