Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 87 n. 2, 2016

Cover image vol. 87/2 AGB stars: a key ingredient in the understanding and interpretation of stellar populations
European Week of Astronomy and Space Science
La Laguna, Tenerife, June 22-26, 2015
Editors: P. Ventura, D.A. García-Hernández, M. Groenewegen, J. Th. van Loon


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A.I. Karakas
The role of asymptotic giant branch stars in galactic chemical evolution 
p. 229
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A. Yagüe, D.A. García-Hernández, P. Ventura, M. Lugaro
S-process nucleosynthesis in AGB models with the FST prescription for convection 
p. 237
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F. D'Antona and P. Ventura
Hot CNO and p-capture nucleosynthesis in intermediate mass AGB stars 
p. 243
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L. Mattsson
Winds of AGB stars: the two roles of atmospheric dust 
p. 249
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F. Dell'Agli, D.A. García-Hernández, P. Ventura, R. Schneider, M. Di Criscienzo, and C. Rossi
Dust from AGBs: understanding the Spitzer observations of evolved stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud 
p. 255
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G. Rau, C. Paladini, J. Hron, B. Aringer, M.A.T. Groenewegen, and W. Nowotny
Modelling a set of C-rich AGB stars: the cases of RU Vir and R Lep 
p. 260
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O. Zamora
Circumstellar effects on the chemical abundances in AGB stars 
p. 265
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M.L. Boyer
Recent observations of AGB stars in nearby galaxies and future perspectives 
p. 269
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A. Javadi, J. Th. van Loon, and H. Khosroshahi
The role of AGB stars feedback in sustaining galaxy evolution 
p. 278
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A. Mucciarelli
The chemical composition of AGB stars in globular clusters 
p. 284
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A.F. Marino
Chemical abundances of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters: the role of asymptotic giant branch stars 
p. 289
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J.J. Díaz-Luis, D.A. García-Hernández, N. Kameswara Rao, A. Manchado, and F. Cataldo
First evidence of the possible detection of diffuse circumstellar bands in AGB descendants 
p. 295
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S. Madonna, J. García-Rojas, V. Luridiana, N.C. Sterling, and C. Morisset
A window on the efficiency of the s-process in AGB stars: chemical abundances of n-capture elements in the planetary nebula NGC 3918 
p. 299
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A.P. Milone
Multiple populations in Globular Clusters from multi-wavelength HST photometry 
p. 303
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C. Rossi, V.F. Polcaro, O. Maryeva, R. Gualandi, R. Nesci, A. Chieffi, and R.F. Viotti
Past, present and future of the luminous variable Romano's Star in M33 
p. 307
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R. Smolec
Dynamical phenomena in the pulsation of type II Cepheids models 
p. 311
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G. Tautvaisiene, R. Smiljanic, V. Bagdonas, A. Drazdauskas, and Š. Mikolaitis
The role of asymptotic giant branch stars in the chemical evolution of the Galaxy 
p. 315
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