Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 86 n. 1, 2015

Cover image vol. 86/1 High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa 2014: A multi-frequency perspective of new frontiers in High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa
Boyden Observatory, April 24-25, 2014
Editors: B. van Soelen and P.J. Meintjes
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List of participants 
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Session I: Extra-galactic: review
C. D. Dermer
The blazar paradigm and its discontents 
p. 13
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Session II: Extra-galactic
R. J. Britto, S. Razzaque and B. Lott on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Spectral studies of FSRQs: constraining absorption models in the BLR at GeV energies 
p. 23
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L. Klindt, B. van Soelen, P.J. Meintjes
Unidentified Active Galactic Nuclei in the Fermi 2LAC catalogue: identification of candidate sources 
p. 30
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P. V. van Zyl and M. J. Gaylard
Examining the radio to gamma-ray correlation of the blazar PKS 1424-418 during its flaring state 
p. 36
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N. Oozeer, T. Mauch and R. Booth
Blazar monitoring with KAT-7: PKS1510-089 a test case 
p. 42
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Session III: Transients and surveys
M. J. Gaylard
Opportunities for radio observations of southern sources 
p. 48
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D. A. H. Buckley and Kulinder Pal Singh
Multi-wavelength studies of accretion phenomena with SALT and ASTROSAT 
p. 54
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Session IV: Galactic
C. Venter
The expected very-high-energy flux from a population of globular clusters 
p. 70
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B. van Soelen, R.P. Armstrong, P. Väisänen, I. Sushch, A. Odendaal and P.J. Meintjes
Multi-wavelength observations of PSR B1259-63 during the 2014 periastron passage 
p. 78
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J. M. Maritz, P. J. Meintjes and S.J. Buchner
Multi-wavelength analysis of young pulsars: an overview 
p. 83
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P. J. Meintjes and E. Breedt
Magnetic viscosity: outbursts and outflows in accretion driven systems 
p. 89
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Session V: Galactic/LMC/SMC
R. N. C. Eze
Suzaku observations of Fe Kα line in some hard X-ray emitting symbiotic stars and magnetic cataclysmic variables 
p. 96
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A. Odendaal and P. J. Meintjes
Multiwavelength variability in CAL 83 
p. 102
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Session VI: Galactic/LMC/SMC
B. Warner and P. A. Woudt
V842 Cen: high energy modulations hidden by a false negative 
p. 108
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H. J. van Heerden and P. J. Meintjes
Fermi-LAT analysis and upper-limit calculations for AE Aquarii 
p. 111
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A. F. Rajoelimanana and P. A. Charles
Multi-wavelength study of X-ray binaries in the Magellanic clouds 
p. 117
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B. van Soelen and P. J. Meintjes
The GeV flare in PSR B1259-63 during the 2010/2011 periastron passage 
p. 123
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B. Warner
Aspects of observations and evolution of AM CVn stars 
p. 129
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