Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 85 n. 3, 2014

- Local Group, Local Cosmology
Symposium V of EWASS 2013

Turku, July 08-09, 2013
Editors: M. Monelli and S. Salvadori

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List of Participants 
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Session I: The Local Group
M. Monelli
Local Group 
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S. Salvadori
Local Cosmology 
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G. Battaglia
The internal kinematics and mass content of Local Group dwarfs from extensive spectroscopic surveys 
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D. Crnojević and the PAndAS collaboration
A PAndAS view of the resolved stellar populations in M31 dwarf elliptical satellites 
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Session II: SF through cosmic time
C. Gallart
Gas-rich vs. gas-poor: LCID insights on the origin of different dwarf galaxy types 
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M. Ricotti, O. Parry, E. Polisensky and M. Bovill
The living fossils of the first galaxies 
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T.M. Brown, J. Tumlinson, M. Geha, E. Kirby, D.A. VandenBerg, J.S. Kalirai, J.D. Simon, R.J. Avila, R.R. Munoz, P. Guhathakurta, A. Renzini, H.C. Ferguson, L.C. Vargas and M. Gennaro
The formation history of the Ultra-Faint Dwarf galaxies 
p. 493
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S. Cassisi
Stellar evolution models: current uncertainties and their impact on population synthesis tools 
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R. Leaman, K. Venn, A. Brooks, G. Battaglia, A. Cole, R. Ibata, M. Irwin, A. McConnachie, T. Mendel, E. Tolstoy and E. Starkenburg
Using radial metallicity gradients in dwarf galaxies to study environmental processing 
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E. Sobacchi and A. Mesinger
How does inhomogeneous reionization impact the gas content of galaxies? 
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E.R. Fernandez, S. Zaroubi, I.T. Iliev and B. Rabbit
Cumulative light from the Epoch of Reionization - the Near Infrared Background and the 21cm line 
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Session III: Chemical evolution
K.A. Venn
Chemical substructure and inhomogeneous mixing in Local Group dwarf galaxies 
p. 519
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T.C. Beers
Carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars: probes of nucleosynthesis from the first generation of stars in the Universe 
p. 525
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Y. Komiya, T. Suda and M. Fujimoto
Current signatures and search for Pop. III stars in the Local Universe 
p. 531
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B. Lanzoni and the Cosmic-Lab Team
TERZAN 5: the remnant of a pristine fragment of the Galactic Bulge? 
p. 536
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M. Pettini and R.J. Cooke
Metal-poor Damped Ly&alpha systems: high-redshift analogues of Local Group dwarf galaxies? 
p. 542
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J.H. Wise, M.J. Turk, M.L. Norman and T. Abel
Primordial enrichment of the first galaxies 
p. 548
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Session IV: The future
G. Bono, V.F. Braga, M. Fabrizio, R. Gilmozzi, R. Buonanno, I. Ferraro, G. Iannicola, M. Monelli, A. Milone, M. Nonino, L. Pulone, P.B. Stetson, F. Thevénin, A.R. Walker
Stellar populations in the ELT perspective 
p. 553
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A.C. Robin, C. Reylé and X. Luri
Gaia: a new vision of our Galaxy and our neighbours 
p. 560
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A.H. Pawlik, V. Bromm, and M. Milosavljević
Assembly of the first disk galaxies under radiative feedback from the first stars 
p. 565
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Session V: Posters
A. del Pino Molina, S.L. Hidalgo and A. Aparicio
Unravelling a complex system: The Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy. 
p. 570
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A. Di Cecco, G. Bono, P.G. Prada Moroni, E. Tognelli, M. Monelli, R. Buonanno, I. Ferraro, G. Iannicola, M. Nonino and P.B. Stetson
On the absolute age of the globular cluster M71 
p. 574
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M. Di Criscienzo, F. Dell'Agli, P. Ventura, R. Schneider, R. Valiante, F. La Franca, C. Rossi, S. Gallerani and R. Maiolino
Dust formation in the winds of low metallities AGBs and implications for cosmic dust enrichment 
p. 578
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M. Di Criscienzo, M. Marconi, I. Musella, M. Dall'Ora, M. Cignoni and STREGA collaborators
The stellar survey STREGA@VST 
p. 582
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P. Drazinos, E. Kontizas, M. Kontizas, A. Karampelas, A. Dapergolas, I. Bellas-Velidis and E. Livanou
Star forming regions in nearby galaxies: a potential application for Gaia's observations 
p. 585
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M. G. Lee, H.S. Park and H.S. Hwang
Formation of M31 revealed from globular clusters 
p. 589
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V. Golev and N. Kaltcheva
Star-formation in the Coalsack Loop 
p. 593
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T. Nykytyuk
A chemical evolution of Local dwarf galaxies: LeoI 
p. 597
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T. Suda, J. Hidaka, M. Ishigaki, Y. Katsuta, S. Yamada, Y. Komiya, M.Y. Fujimoto and W. Aoki
Stellar Abundances for Galactic Archaeology database for stars in dwarf galaxies 
p. 600
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P. Tenjes, T. Tuvikene, R. Kipper, A. Tamm and E. Tempel
Structure of spiral arms in M 31 
p. 604
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R. Ženovienė, E. Stonkutė, G. Tautvaišienė and B. Nordström
Abundances of heavy elements in the kinematic stellar substructures 
p. 608
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