Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 84 n. 3, 2013

- X-ray astronomy: towards the next 50 years!
Milan, October 1-5, 2012
Editors: G. Trinchieri, R. Della Ceca, T. Maccacaro, L. Maraschi, G. Pareschi

p. 457
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Session I: History and legacy of X-ray astronomy
R. Giacconi
Considerations on X-ray astronomy 
p. 472
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Y. Tanaka
My early days in X-ray astronomy 
p. 485
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J. Trümper
The history of X-ray astronomy in Germany 
p. 493
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K. Pounds, M. Watson
UK contributions to the development of X-ray astronomy as a major international discipline 
p. 501
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J. Bleeker, F. Verbunt
From zone plate to microcalorimeter 
p. 512
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L. Piro
BeppoSAX: history and legacy 
p. 522
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Session II: Stars, neutron stars, pulsars and supernova remnants
J.H.M.M. Schmitt
50 (38) years of stellar X-ray astronomy 
p. 532
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P. Zhao, J.E. Grindley, J. Hong, M. Servillat, M. van den Berg
Cataclysmic variables discovered in the Chandra Multi-wavelength Plane Surveys 
p. 540
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S. Mereghetti, N. La Palombara, P. Esposito, A. Tiengo
A new class of X-ray sources: hot subdwarfs with compact companions 
p. 543
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A. Odendaal, P.J. Meintjes, P.A. Charles, A.F. Rajoelimanana
X-ray periodicity in the supersoft X-ray sources CAL 83 and SMC 13 
p. 545
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K. Makishima
From Sco X-1 to magnetars 
p. 547
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N. Rea
Neutron stars with huge magnetic storms 
p. 554
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Y.E. Nakagawa, K. Makishima, T. Enoto, T. Sakamoto, T. Mihara, M. Sugizaki, K. Yamaoka, K. Hurley, A. Yoshida, P. Gandhi, M. Tashiro, M. Morii
Wide-band spectra of magnetar burst and persistent emission 
p. 560
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G.L. Israel
Monitoring magnetar outbursts 
p. 564
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M. Marelli, A. De Luca, P. Caraveo
The X-ray properties of the Fermi/LAT pulsars 
p. 568
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D. Salvetti, A. De Luca, P. A. Caraveo, M. Marelli
Completing the census of Fermi pulsars with X-ray observations 
p. 572
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H. Yamaguchi
Spectroscopic studies of iron emissions from supernova remnants with Suzaku 
p. 574
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Y. Hanabata, M. Sawada, H. Katagiri, A. Bamba, Y. Fukazawa
Detailed X-ray study of the supernova remnant W51C with Suzaku 
p. 580
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M.C. Weisskopf
Monitoring the Crab Nebula with Chandra 
p. 582
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D. Dewey
SN 1987A at high resolution 
p. 586
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K.P. Levenfish, A. M. Bykov, M. Durant, O.Y. Kargaltsev, Y. A. Kropotina, G.G. Pavlov, A.M. Krassilchtchikov, Y.A. Uvarov
Finest persistent structures in the Vela PWN 
p. 588
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Y. Terada, A. Harayama, T. Hayashi, T. Dogtani, M. Ishida, A. Bamba, K. Makishima, K. Mukai, Y. Urata, A. Nitta, O. de Jager, P. Chadwick, S. Wagner, D. Buckley, M.S. Tashiro, T. Kouzu, S. Koyama, R. Yamazaki
X-ray searches for new galactic particle-acceleration sites with Suzaku 
p. 590
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E. Costantini, C.P. de Vries
Characterizing the chemistry of interstellar dust: the X-ray view 
p. 592
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A. Sartori, A. De Luca, D. Salvetti, P. Esposito, A. Tiengo, S. Zane, R. Turolla, F. Pizzolato, R.P. Mignani, P.A. Caraveo, S. Mereghetti, G.F. Bignami
A time-variable, phase-dependent emission line in the isolated neutron star RX J0822--4300 
p. 596
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A. Różańska, J. Kałużny, M. Różyczka, W. Krzemiński, I.B. Thompson
Second neutron star in globular cluster M4 
p. 598
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N. Sartore, S. Mereghetti, A. Tiengo, A. De Luca, R. Turolla, F. Haberl
Ten years of XMM-Newton observations of RX J1856.5-3754 
p. 600
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P. Romano, V. Mangano, L. Ducci, P. Esposito, S. Vercellone, D.N. Burrows, J.A. Kennea, H.A. Krimm, N. Gehrels
From hours to years: Swift's revolutionary view of SFXTs 
p. 602
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V. Mangano, P. Romano, C. Ceccobello, R. Farinelli
IGR J08408-4503 in outburst observed by Swift 
p. 604
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V. Mangano, P. Esposito, P. Romano, L. Ducci, S. Vercellone
Swift monitoring of IGR J16418-4532 
p. 606
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H. Inoue
Precessions of accretion disks in close binaries 
p. 608
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A. Nebot Gómez-Morán, C. Motch
An XMM-Newton view of the Milky Way 
p. 610
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Session III: Galactic black holes and ultraluminous X-ray sources
R. Fender
Galactic black holes 
p. 612
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A. Eckart, K. Mužić, S. Yazici, N. Sabha, B. Shahzamanian, G. Witzel, L. Moser, M. Garcia-Marin, M. Valencia-S., B. Jalali, M. Bremer, C. Straubmeier, C. Rauch, R. Buchholz, D. Kunneriath, J. Moultaka
The broad band spectral properties of SgrA* 
p. 618
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T. Enoto and Suzaku Magnetar Team
Broadband Suzaku observations of magnetars 
p. 622
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D. Radhika, A. Nandi, S. Seetha
Disk-Jet connection in outbursting Black Hole sources 
p. 624
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N. La Palombara, S. Mereghetti, L. Sidoli, A. Tiengo, P. Esposito
Blackbody excess in persistent Be pulsars 
p. 626
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J.C. Gladstone
The sub-classes of ultraluminous X-ray sources 
p. 629
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M. Mapelli
X-ray binaries powered by massive stellar black holes 
p. 635
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A.D. Sutton, T.P. Roberts, M.J. Middleton
Energy dependent variability as a diagnostic of the ultraluminous state: key results 
p. 639
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F. Pintore, P. Esposito, S. Motta, L. Zampieri
A stellar-mass BH in a transient, low luminosity ULX in M31? 
p. 641
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A.A. Nucita, F. De Paolis, R. Saxton, A.M. Read, G. Ingrosso, L. Manni
The high energy view of NGC 6388: hints for an IMBH? 
p. 643
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A.A. Nucita, L. Manni, F. De Paolis, G. Ingrosso, D. Vetrugno
The high energy search for IMBHs in close dSph Milky Way satellites 
p. 645
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Session IV: X-ray background and active galactic nuclei
R. Gilli
The cosmic X-ray background: abundance and evolution of hidden black holes 
p. 647
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A. Moretti, S. Vattakunnel, P. Tozzi, R. Salvaterra, P. Severgnini, D. Fugazza, F. Haardt, R. Gilli
Spectrum of the unresolved cosmic X ray background 
p. 653
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E. Treister, C.M. Urry, K. Schawinski
The cosmic history of black hole growth 
p. 655
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A. Comastri and the XMM-CDFS Team
The ultra-deep XMM survey in the CDFS: X-ray spectroscopy of heavily obscured AGN 
p. 661
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A. Del Moro, D.M. Alexander, J.R. Mullaney, E. Daddi, F.E. Bauer, A. Pope
New insights on the distant AGN population 
p. 665
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L.W. Brenneman on behalf of the NuSTAR AGN Physics Team
NuSTAR's View of AGN 
p. 669
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A. Merloni, A. Bongiorno
Accreting SMBH in the COSMOS field: the connection to their host galaxies 
p. 675
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A. Akylas, I. Georgantopoulos, A. Georgakakis, M. Brightman, K. Nandra
An online tool for fitting the X-ray background and estimating the contribution of Compton-thick AGN 
p. 679
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P. Severgnini, A. Caccianiga, R. Della Ceca
The density of local Compton-thick AGN 
p. 683
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F. Vito, C. Vignali, R. Gilli, A. Comastri, K. Iwasawa, W.N. Brandt, D.M. Alexander, M. Brusa, B. Lehmer, F.E. Bauer, D.P. Schneider, Y.Q. Xue, B. Luo
The z>3 AGN population in the 4 Ms CDFS 
p. 685
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M.J. Page, F.J. Carrera, J.A. Stevens, M. Symeonidis, J.D. Vieira and HerMES
X-ray and submillimetre observations of star-forming QSOs in the epoch of galaxy formation 
p. 687
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M. Cappi, F. Tombesi, M. Giustini
Ultra-fast outflows (aka UFOs) from AGNs and QSOs 
p. 691
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W. Ishibashi, T.J.-L. Courvoisier
The physical origin of the X-ray variability scaling in accreting black holes 
p. 695
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A.M. Lohfink, C.S. Reynolds, R.F. Mushotzky, M.A. Nowak
Tackling the soft X-ray excess in AGN with variability studies 
p. 699
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B. De Marco
Soft X-ray lags and the correlation with black hole mass in radio quiet AGN 
p. 703
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H. Noda, K. Makishima, K. Nakazawa, S. Yamada
Model-independent decomposition of broad-band Suzaku spectra of AGNs into primary continua and secondary components 
p. 707
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A. Zoghbi
Fe Kα X-ray light echoes in AGN 
p. 711
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B. Balmaverde, A. Capetti, P. Grandi, E. Torresi, M. Chiaberge, J. Rodriguez Zaurin, G.R. Tremblay, D.J. Axon, S.A. Baum, G. Giovannini, P. Kharb, F.D. Macchetto, C.P. O'Dea, W. Sparks
Extended soft X-ray emission in 3CR radio galaxies at z<0.3: high excitation and broad line galaxies 
p. 715
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R. Fanali, A. Caccianiga, P. Severgnini, R. Della Ceca, M. Dotti, E. Marchese
The relationship between X-ray emission and accretion in X-ray selected AGNs 
p. 717
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Session V: Relativistic jets and gamma-ray bursts
G. Ghisellini
High redshift blazars 
p. 719
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M. Huarte-Espinosa, E.G. Blackman, A. Hubbard, A. Frank
Mass loading and knot formation in AGN jets by stellar winds 
p. 725
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A. Janiuk, S. Charzyński, P. Mioduszewski
Accretion and outflow in the gamma ray bursts from black hole binary systems 
p. 727
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S. Vercellone and The AGILE Team
The SWIFT knife: the unique SWIFT long-term monitoring program on 3C 454.3 
p. 729
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L. Foschini, E. Angelakis, G. Bonnoli, V. Braito, A. Caccianiga, L. Fuhrmann, L. Gallo, G. Ghirlanda, G. Ghisellini, D. Grupe, T. Hamilton, S. Kaufmann, S. Komossa, Y.Y. Kovalev, A. Lahteenmaki, M.L. Lister, K. Mannheim, L. Maraschi, S. Mathur, B.M. Peterson, P. Romano, P. Severgnini, G. Tagliaferri, J. Tammi, F. Tavecchio, O. Tibolla, M. Tornikoski, S. Vercellone
Basic properties of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies with relativistic jets 
p. 731
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B. Kapanadze, S. Kapanadze
Swift/XRT observations of high-energy selected BL Lacertae source PKS 2155-304 
p. 733
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M. Ohno, Y. Hanabata, T. Kawano, K. Takaki, R. Nakamura, Y. Tanaka, Y. Fukazawa, H. Ueno, M. Tashiro, Y. Terada, W. Iwakiri, T. Yasuda, M. Asahina, S. Kobayashi, A. Sakamoto, Y. Ishida, S. Sugimoto, M. Akiyama, N. Ohmori, M. Yamauchi, Y.E. Nakagawa, S. Sugita, K. Yamaoka, M. Kokubun, T. Takahashi, Y. Urata, P. Tssai, K. Nakazawa, K. Makishima and the Suzaku-WAM team
All-sky observations by Suzaku wide-band all-sky monitor 
p. 735
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Session VI: Galaxies and clusters of galaxies
E. Pointecouteau
The Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect 
p. 737
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F. Gastaldello, L. Di Gesu, S. Ghizzardi, S. Giacintucci, M. Girardi, E. Roediger, M. Rossetti
Sloshing cold fronts in the IC1860 group 
p. 743
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P. Tozzi
A scientific case for future X-ray astronomy: galaxy clusters at high redshifts 
p. 747
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Y. Wang
Central gas entropy excess in galaxy groups and galaxy clusters 
p. 752
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Y. Shimoda, M. Kawaharada, K. Sato, T. Ohashi, Y. Ishisaki, I. Mitsuishi, H. Akamatsu, M.S. Tashiro
Metal abundances in the ICM associated with a medium-redshift cluster of galaxies MS 1512.4+3647 observed with Suzaku 
p. 756
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I. Mitsuishi, N.Y. Yamasaki, Y. Takei
X-ray properties of the starburst-driven outflow in NGC 253 
p. 758
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A. Negri, S. Pellegrini, L. Ciotti
Disk dynamics and the X-ray emission of S0 and flat early-type galaxies 
p. 762
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S. Pellegrini, J. Wang, G. Fabbiano, D-W. Kim, N.J. Brassington, J.S. Gallagher, G. Trinchieri, A. Zezas
AGN activity and the extended hot ISM in the compact radio elliptical NGC 4278 
p. 764
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S. Posacki, S. Pellegrini, L. Ciotti
The effects of flattening and rotation on the temperature of the X-ray halos of elliptical galaxies 
p. 766
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P. Tzanavaris, T. Fragos, M. Tremmel, L. Jenkins, A. Zezas, B.D. Lehmer, A. Hornschemeier, V. Kalogera, A. Ptak, A.R. Basu-Zych
XSINGS: probing X-ray binaries in galaxies 
p. 768
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Session VII: Future missions and technological concepts
P. Predehl on behalf of the eROSITA Team
p. 770
  PDF file PS file          
T. Takahashi
The ASTRO-H Mission 
p. 776
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L. Stella (on behalf of the LOFT Team)
LOFT: the Large Observatory For x-ray Timing 
p. 782
  PDF file PS file          
P. Romano, P. Esposito, E. Bozzo, C. Ferrigno, V. Mangano
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients with LOFT 
p. 788
  PDF file PS file          
S.S. Murray, S. Borgani, S. Campana, O. Citterio, W. Forman, R. Giacconi, R. Gilli, M. Paolillo, G. Pareschi, A. Ptak, P. Rosati, P. Tozzi, M. Weisskopf and the WFXT Team
Wide Field X-ray Telescope (WFXT) 
p. 790
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R. Petre and the NASA X-ray Mission Concepts Study Team
AXSIO and the NASA X-ray Mission Concepts Study 
p. 798
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A. Vikhlinin
SMART-X, "Square Meter, Arcsecond Resolution Telescope for X-rays" 
p. 805
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P. Gorenstein
High angular resolution X-ray astronomy in the next 50 years 
p. 811
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M.M. Civitani, S. Campana, O. Citterio, P. Conconi, G. Pareschi, G. Tagliaferri, G. Parodi
High angular resolution optics for the next generation of wide field X-ray telescopes beyond e-Rosita 
p. 817
  PDF file PS file          
L. Proserpio, S. Basso, M. Civitani, O. Citterio, P. Conconi, M. Ghigo, G. Pareschi, B. Salmaso, D. Spiga, G. Tagliaferri
Segmented glass optics for next generation X-ray telescopes 
p. 819
  PDF file PS file          
M. Gubarev, B. Ramsey, S. O'Dell, R. Elsner, K. Kilaru, C. Atkins, D. Swartz, J. Gaskin and M. Weisskopf
Flight programs and X-ray optics development at MSFC 
p. 821
  PDF file PS file          
E. Virgilli, F. Frontera, V. Liccardo, V. Valsan on behalf of the LAUE collaboration
A lens for hard X-/soft γ-rays: the LAUE Project 
p. 823
  PDF file PS file          
D. Götz and J. Osborne on behalf of the MXT Instrument Science Team
MXT: a light X-ray telescope for X-Gamma-Ray Burst afterglow observations 
p. 825
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M. Jackson on behalf of the PoGOLite collaboration
Balloon-borne hard X-ray astronomy with PoGOLite: Opening a new window on the universe 
p. 827
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M. Barbera, A. Collura, F. Gastaldello, U. Lo Cicero, N. La Palombara, A. Tiengo, S. Varisco
Investigation on the status of the XMM-Newton EPIC T and M filters after more than 10 years of operation 
p. 829
  PDF file PS file          
A. Paizis, S. Mereghetti, D. Götz, M. Fiorini, M. Gaber, R. Regni Ponzeveroni, L. Sidoli, S. Vercellone
GOLIA: an INTEGRAL archive @INAF-IASF Milano 
p. 831
  PDF file PS file          
G. Branduardi-Raymont, S.F. Sembay, J.P. Eastwood, D.G. Sibeck, J.A. Carter, A.M. Read and the AXIOM Collaboration
X-ray imaging of the Earth's magnetosphere 
p. 833
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C.M. Urry
Planning for future X-ray astronomy missions 
p. 835
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