Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 83 n. 3, 2012

- QSO astrophysics, fundamental physics, and astrometric cosmology in the Gaia era
Porto-Portugal, June 6-9, 2011
Editors: S. Anton, M. Crosta, M.G. Lattanzi and A. Andrei

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List of participants 
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Session: QSO astrometry in the context of observational astrophysics
N. Bartel
Probing astrophysics, celestial reference frames, and general relativity 
p. 911
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F. Mignard
QSO observations with Gaia: principles and applications 
p. 918
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I. Browne
AGN astrophysics from comparing radio and Gaia optical astrometry 
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A.H. Andrei, S. Anton, C. Barache, S. Bouquillon, G. Bourda, J.-F. Le Campion, P. Charlot, S. Lambert, J.J. Pereira Osório, J. Souchay, F. Taris, M. Assafin, J.I.B. Camargo, D.N. da Silva Neto, and R. Vieira Martins
Gaia initial QSO catalogue: the variability and compactness indexes 
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S. Antón, A.H. Andrei, and F. Taris
Photocenter variability and AGN components 
p. 934
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J. Roland and S. Britzen
Binary black holes in nuclei of extragalactic radio sources 
p. 940
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F. Finet, A. Elyiv, and J. Surdej
Detection of bright multiply imaged quasars with Gaia 
p. 944
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B. Rocca-Volmerange
Radio galaxies with Gaia: the starburst-AGN duality 
p. 948
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Session: QSO and the reference frame
V. Makarov, C. Berghea, D. Boboltz, C. Dieck, B. Dorland, R. Dudik, A. Fey, R. Gaume, X. Lei, H. Schmitt, and N. Zacharias
Quasometry, its use and purpose 
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P. Charlot and G. Bourda
The ICRF now and in the future 
p. 959
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G. Bourda, A. Collioud, P. Charlot, R. Porcas, and S. Garrington
Towards an accurate alignment of the VLBI frame and the future Gaia optical frame - VLBI observations of weak extragalactic radio sources: status and future plans 
p. 966
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R. Porcas
Effect of core-shifts on VLBI group-delays 
p. 970
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I. Sotuela, J.E. Clark, C. Garcia-Miro, S. Horiuchi, C.S. Jacobs, and O.J. Sovers
The contribution of X/Ka-band VLBI to multi-wavelength celestial frame studies 
p. 974
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T. Jung, B.W. Sohn, D.-Y. Byun, and KVN group
Recent VLBI activities at the Korean VLBI network 
p. 978
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J. Souchay, A.H. Andrei, C. Barache, S. Bouquillon, and F. Taris
The Large Quasar Astrometric Catalog (LQAC): principle and construction 
p. 980
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F. Taris, A. Andrei, J. Souchay, A. Klotz, F.Vachier, S. Bouquillon, S. Anton, R. Côte, and D. Suchet
Optical observations of QSOs for the link of reference systems 
p. 986
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S. Frey and G. Orosz
Radio-optical outlier quasars - a case study with ICRF2 and SDSS 
p. 990
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Session: Reference Frame and the fabric of Space-Time
S. Klioner
Astronomical relativistic reference systems and their application for astrometry  
p. 994
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S. Kopeikin
Astrometric reference frames in the solar system and beyond  
p. 1001
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D. Bini and A. Geralico
Special frames in general relativity: applications to the 1PN approximation  
p. 1008
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F. de Felice
Physical measurements in general relativity: a new effect  
p. 1014
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M. Ruggiero
Using ring laser systems to measure gravitomagnetic effects on Earth  
p. 1017
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S. Bertone and C. Le Poncin-Lafitte
Light deflection for relativistic space astrometry in closed form  
p. 1020
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P. Teyssandier and B. Linet
Time transfer function in static, spherically symmetric space-times  
p. 1024
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M. Crosta
Physics and coordinates in competition in highly accurate measurements  
p. 1028
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Session: Astrometric cosmology
M. Lattanzi
Astrometric cosmology  
p. 1033
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U. Abbas
From LSS to the Milky Way Halo  
p. 1048
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S. Capozziello
Dark energy and dark matter as curvature effects  
p. 1054
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J. Paramos
Testing a non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature  
p. 1062
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A. Vecchiato
Putting Einstein to test. Astrometric experiments in fundamental physics  
p. 1073
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M. Gai, A.Vecchiato, S. Ligori, and A. Riva
Gravitation Astrometric Measurement Experiment 
p. 1077
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Epistemology implications of current theories of the Universe
O. Bertolami
What if ... general relativity is not the theory?  
p. 1081
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