Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 83 n. 2, 2012

- Workshop on the golden age of cataclysmic variables and related objects
Palermo, September 12-17, 2011
Editors: F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati

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List of participants 
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Session I: Opening remark
F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati
The golden age of cataclysmic variables and related objects: a review 
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A. King
Accretion disc theory since Shakura and Sunyaev 
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J.-P. Lasota
Disc outbursts in various types of binary systems 
p. 469
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I. Idan, N.J. Shaviv, and G. Shaviv
The fate of a WD accreting H-rich material at high rates 
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I. Hachisu
Supersoft x-ray phases of mass-accreting white dwarfs 
p. 482
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D.W. Hoard
Dust in white dwarfs and cataclysmic variables (an observational perspective) 
p. 490
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S. Dreizler, K. Beuermann, and F.V. Hesman
Evidence for planets in post-common envelope binaries 
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Session II: Cataclysmic variables
H. Ritter
Formation and evolution of cataclysmic variables 
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P. Szkody, A.S. Mukadam, B.T. Gansicke, E.M. Sion, D.M. Townsley, A. Henden, D.J. Sullivan, and P. Chote
The instability strip for accreting pulsating white dwarfs as a probe for accretion heating/cooling 
p. 513
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E. Pavlenko, V. Malanushenko, G. Tovmassian, S. Zharikov, T. Kato, N. Katysheva, M. Andreev, A. Baklanov, K. Antonyuk, N. Pit, A. Sosnovskij, and S. Shugarov
SDSS J080434.20+510349.2: cataclysmic variable witnessing the instability strip? 
p. 520
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R.E. Puebla, M.P. Diaz, and D.J. Hillier
A study of accretion disk wind emission 
p. 525
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R. Baptista
Accretion disk evolution in dwarf novae through outbursts: disk instability and mass-transfer instability cases 
p. 530
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M.M. Montgomery
Simulations of disk precession in CVs 
p. 535
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E.M. Sion, and P. Godon
White dwarfs in cataclysmic variable stars: accretion physics and evolution 
p. 539
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C. Knigge
Cataclysmic variables in globular clusters 
p. 549
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D.V. Bisikalo, and A.G. Zhilkin
Accretion processes in intermediate polars with asynchronous rotations of white dwarfs 
p. 562
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J. Echevarria
Doppler tomography in cataclysmic variables: an historical perspective 
p. 570
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M. Mouchet, J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, and D. de Martino
The X-ray emission of magnetic cataclysmic variables in the XMM-Newton era 
p. 578
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S. Balman
The X-ray properties of cataclysmic variables 
p. 585
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O. Regev, and O. Umurhan
Angular momentum transport in CV accretion disks 
p. 594
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P. Rodríguez-Gil, L. Schmidtobreick, K.S. Long, T. Shahbaz, B.T. Gänsicke, and M.A.P. Torres
The low states of CVs at the upper edge of the period gap 
p. 602
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L. Schmidtobreick, P. Rodríguez-Gil, and B. T. Gänsicke
The search for SW Sex type stars 
p. 610
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Z.-B. Dai, and S.-B. Qian
Orbital period analyses for the CVs inside the period gap 
p. 614
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M. Uemura, T. Kato, T. Ohshima, D. Nogami, and H. Maehara
Dwarf novae in the shortest orbital period regime 
p. 619
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D. Takei
The impact of Suzaku on the knowledge of cataclysmic variables 
p. 624
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T. Yuasa
White dwarf masses in intermediate polars observed by the SUZAKU Satellite 
p. 632
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A. Ramirez-Torres, J. Echevarria, and R. Michel
Radial velocity study of the intermediate polar EX Hydrae 
p. 637
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P.J. Meintjes, B. Oruru, and A. Odendaa
The multi-frequency properties of AE Aquarii and its evolution from a high mass transfer history 
p. 643
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C.W. Mauche, M. Abada-Simon, J.-F. Desmurs, M.J. Dulude, Z. Ioannou, J.D. Neill, A. Price, N. Sidro, W.F. Welsh, and members of the CBA and AAVSO
Multiwavelength campaign of observations of AE Aqr 
p. 651
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R. Hudec, and M. Blažek
Investigations of cataclysmic variables by ESA INTEGRAL 
p. 659
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C. Michaut, E. Falize, C. Busschaert, B. Loupias, A. Ravasio, A. Pelka, A. Dizière, R. Yurchak, M. Koenig, M. Mouchet, and J.-M. Bonnet-Bidaud
Accretion shock in polars: numerical and experimental simulations 
p. 665
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N. Katysheva, and S. Shugarov
The observations of deeply eclipsing polars FL Ceti and CSS 081231: 071126+440405 
p. 670
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V. Šimon
Observing cataclysmic variables and related objects with different techniques 
p. 675
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M. Ishida
Suzaku observations of the dwarf nova SS Cygni in quiescence and outburst 
p. 683
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D. Kononov, F. Giovannelli, I. Bruni, and D. Bisikalo
Doppler tomography of the pre-outburst disk in SS Cygni 
p. 688
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I. Voloshina
Photometric variability of classical dwarf nova SS Cyg during outbursts 
p. 693
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F. Giovannelli, and L. Sabau-Graziati
Strong circumstantial proofs about the intermediate polar nature of the cataclysmic variable SS Cygni 
p. 698
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R. Connon Smith, A. Dunford, and C.A. Watson
RU Peg and AE Aqr: two contrasting CVs with one thing in common 
p. 708
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G. Tovmassian, S. Zharikov, and V. Neustroev
Precession of white dwarfs in CVs 
p. 713
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I. Kotko
Outbursts of AM CVn stars 
p. 719
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V. Neustroev, G. Tovmassian, S. Zharikov, G. Sjoberg, T. Arranz Heras, P.B. Lake, D. Lane, G. Lubcke, and A.A. Henden
Optical and X-ray variability of the peculiar cataclysmic variable FS Aur with a magnetic and freely precessing white dwarf 
p. 724
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J.V. Hernández Santisteban
New spectroscopic and photometric observations of CV J0644+3344 
p. 729
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S. Gaudenzi, V.F. Braga, and S. De Bianchi
Multiperiodicities and magnetic field behaviour in cataclysmic variables: how can we enrich the scenario of theoretical models? 
p. 734
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J.M. Bonnet-Bidaud, D. de Martino, M. Mouchet, M. Falanga, T. Belloni, N. Masetti, K. Mukai, and G. Matt
The peculiar source XSS J12270-4859: a LMXB detected by FERMI ? 
p. 742
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Session III: Classical novae, recurrent novae and nova-like stars
E. Mason
Unconventional observations of classical and recurrent novae 
p. 747
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R. Poggiani
Spectroscopic follow-up of novae 
p. 753
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M. Diaz, R. Williams, G. Luna, M. Moraes, and L. Takeda
The spectral evolution of recurrent nova U Sco in the 2010 outburst 
p. 758
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V.A.R.M. Ribeiro
The multifrequency behaviour of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi 
p. 762
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D. Chochol, S. Shugarov, T. Pribulla, and I. Volkov
Post-outburst photometry of the classical nova V2468 Cygn 
p. 767
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M. Della Valle
Novae in the Local Group of galaxies 
p. 772
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M. Kato
Theoretical understanding of nova light curves: physics and application 
p. 779
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M. Hernanz
X-ray observations of classical novae: theoretical implications 
p. 787
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N.J. Shaviv, and C. Dotan
Classical novae as super-Eddington steady states 
p. 792
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M. Henze, W. Pietsch, F. Haberl, M. Hernanz, G. Sala, D. Hatzidimitriou, M. Della Valle, A. Rau, D.H. Hartmann, V. Burwitz, and J. Greiner
X-ray monitoring of Classical Novae in the central region of M 31 
p. 798
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R. González-Riestra, A. Cassatella, and P. Selvelli
Shocked gas in RR Telescopii 
p. 806
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R.L.M. Corradi
Close binary central stars of planetary nebulae and V458 Vul 
p. 811
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K.L. Page
Multi-frequency evolution of V2491 Cyg (nova Cyg 2008 number 2) 
p. 815
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K. Imamura, and K. Tanabe
High galactic latitude classical nova KT Eridani: spectroscopic and photometric observational report 
p. 820
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M. Moraes, and M. Diaz
HR Del remnant anatomy using 2D spectral data and 3D photoionization shell models 
p. 825
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L. Izzo, A. Ederoclite, M. Della Valle, E. Mason, R.E. Williams, T. Altamore, A. Cassatella, R. Gilmozzi, F. Patat, L. Schmidtobreick, P. Selvelli, C. Tappert, S. Thater, G. Covone, M. Dall'Ora, M. Paolillo
Optical and near infrared multi-site follow up of the recurrent nova T Pyx 
p. 830
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T. Iijima
Spectroscopic observations of the symbiotic recurrent nova V407 Cygni 
p. 835
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K. Tanabe, and Y. Motizuki
Symbiotic nova eruption of R Aquarii: a geological remnant? 
p. 840
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Session IV: Ongoing experiments
A. Schwope
CV surveys with eROSITA 
p. 844
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R. Hudec, V. Šimon, L. Hudec, and V. Hudcová
Astrophysics of cataclysmic variables by ESA Gaia and low dispersion spectroscopy 
p. 849
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D.A.H. Buckley
Observing cataclysmic variables with the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT): new capabilities and new insights 
p. 854
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Special night session
G. Shaviv
The nuclear shell model, the cosmic abundances and why we do not know how the heavy elements were synthesized 
p. 859
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R. Antonini
The nuclear weapons free world: we already live in 
p. 874
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Concluding remarks
E.M. Sion
The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables - 50 Years of CV Research - A Workshop Summary 
p. 876
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J.-P. Lasota
Concluding remarks 
p. 879
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R. Hudec
Golden Era of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects: concluding remarks 
p. 883
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Concluding address
F. Giovannelli
Concluding address 
p. 891
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