Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 83 n. 1, 2012

- Workshop on multifrequency behaviour of high energy cosmic sources
Vulcano, May 23-28, 2011
Editors: F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati


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List of participants 
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Session I: Opening remark
Franco Giovannelli, Lola Sabau-Graziati
Multifrequency behaviour of high energy cosmic sources 
p. 17
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Wolfgang Kundt
ISM, cosmic rays, and the shape of the heliosphere 
p. 38
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S. Iglesias-Groth
Fullerenes and PAHs in space 
p. 45
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Session II: Cosmology
G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, O.Yu. Tsupko
Gravitational lens 
p. 54
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Marco Regis
The cosmic microwave background in an inhomogeneous universe 
p. 67
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J.A. Tauber, on behalf of the Planck Collaboration
The Planck mission 
p. 72
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T. Nozawa, T. Kozasa, H. Umeda, K. Maeda, K. Nomoto, N. Tominaga, D. Yamasawa, A. Habe, H. Hirashita
Supernovae as sources of dust in the early universe 
p. 77
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Keiichi Maeda
Type Ia supernova explosion mechanism and implications for cosmology 
p. 82
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P. Bordas
Large-scale emission from Fanaro-Riley galaxies 
p. 87
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Session III: Astrophysics of high energy cosmic sources
Paolo Persi
The Crab Nebula in the infrared: a review 
p. 92
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N. Schartel
XMM-Newton highlights 
p. 97
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G. Di Sciascio on behalf of the ARGO-YBJ Collaboration
Gamma-ray astronomy with ARGO-YBJ 
p. 105
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Todor Stanev
Explosions of massive stars with magnetic winds: (cosmic ray acceleration) 
p. 110
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Roland Crocker
Fermi bubbles: Galactic centre star formation writ large 
p. 117
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I. Donnarumma on behalf of the AGILE Team
The blazar Mrk 421: a short multifrequency review 
p. 122
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Frank M. Rieger
Cen A as γ- and UHE cosmic-ray source 
p. 127
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Th. Boller
Inner disc reflection and AGN accretion states. AGN review 
p. 132
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L. Costamante
AGNs in the VHE gamma-ray era: a review 
p. 138
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K. Hryniewicz, B. Czerny
The origin of the broad line region in active galactic nuclei 
p. 146
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J.K. Becker, F. Schuppan, S. Schöneberg
A multifrequency view of starburst galaxies 
p. 154
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M. Tluczykont for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration
Multi-wavelength observations of H.E.S.S. AGN 
p. 162
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M.J. Church, M. Bałucińska-Church
A review of the Z-track sources 
p. 170
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M. Bałucińska-Church, M.J. Church
Dipping - versus flaring in Z-track sources: resolving the controversy 
p. 178
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C. Pittori on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration
AGILE highlights 
p. 186
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V. Bosch-Ramon
Multifrequency behavior of microquasars in the GeV-TeV era: a review 
p. 194
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M.A. Nowak, J. Wilms, M. Hanke, K. Pottschmidt, S. Markoff
The microquasar Cyg X-1: a short review 
p. 202
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S. Sabatini on behalf of the AGILE team
Gamma-ray monitoring of Cygnus X-1 with the AGILE satellite 
p. 207
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J. Ziółkowski
Black holes in dormant X-ray transients 
p. 213
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M. Valtonen, S. Ciprini
OJ287 binary black hole system 
p. 219
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M. De Laurentis, S. Capozziello, Ivan De Martino, Michelangelo Formisano
Cosmological distance indicators by coalescing binaries 
p. 225
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I. Caballero, J. Wilms
X-ray pulsars: a review 
p. 230
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V. Šimon
Optical monitoring of binary X-ray sources 
p. 238
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P.J. Meintjes, B. van Soelen
Modeling the IC gamma-ray emission in the Be-pulsar binary PSR B1259-63 
p. 246
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P. Blay, I. Negueruela, V. Reglero
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: an INTEGRAL view 
p. 251
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N. Lewandowska, C. Wendel, V. Kondratiev, D. Elsaesser, K. Mannheim
Giant radio pulses of the Crab Pulsar. A multifrequency study 
p. 259
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K. Maeda, T. Moriya, K. Kawabata, M. Tanaka, N. Tominaga, K. Nomoto
Core-collapse supernova diversities. From the weakest to most powerful explosions 
p. 264
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R. Napiwotzki, M.D.V. Silva
Runaway and hypervelocity stars. The supernova connection 
p. 272
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Satoru Katsuda, Hiroshi Tsunemi
Violent evolution of supernova remnants as revealed by Chandra and XMM-Newton 
p. 277
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Session IV: Jet sources and gamma-ray bursts
J.H. Beall
The interaction of astrophysical jets with the ambient medium: a review 
p. 283
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J.H. Beall, J. Guillory, D.V. Rose
Large scale modeling of astrophysical jets 
p. 291
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M. Perucho
Jets in high-mass microquasars 
p. 297
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E. Del Monte, G. Barbiellini, F. Fuschino, A. Giuliani, F. Longo, M. Marisaldi, M. Trifoglio, A. Argan, A. Bulgarelli, P. Caraveo, P.W. Cattaneo, A. Chen, E. Costa, G. DiCocco, I. Donnarumma, Y. Evangelista, M. Galli, F. Gianotti, C. Labanti, I. Lapshov, F. Lazzarotto, P. Lipari, S. Mereghetti, A. Morselli, L. Pacciani, A. Pellizzoni, F. Perotti, P. Picozza, M. Pilia, M. Prest, G. Pucella, M. Rapisarda, A. Rappoldi, P. Soffitta, M. Tavani, A. Trois, S. Vercellone, V. Vittorini, C. Pittori
The observation of Gamma Ray Bursts with AGILE 
p. 302
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L. Milano, E. Calloni, R. De Rosa, M. De Laurentis, L. Di Fiore, L. Forte , F. Garufi, S. Mosca, M. Parisi
Upper limits of gravitational-wave bursts associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts 
p. 307
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D. Fargion
GRBs by thin persistent precessing lepton Jets: the long life GRB110328 and the Neutrino signal 
p. 312
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R. Salvaterra
The farthest GRBs similar to the closest 
p. 319
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S. Capozziello, V.F. Cardone, M.G. Dainotti, M. De Laurentis, L. Izzo M. Perillo
The Gamma Ray Bursts Hubble diagram 
p. 324
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Session V: Ongoing experiments
J. Clavel
Cosmic Vision 2015-2025: ESA's long term programme in space sciences 
p. 329
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M.D. Rodríguez Frías for the JEM-EUSO Consortium
The JEM-EUSO Space Mission @ forefront of the highest energies never observed from Space 
p. 337
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R. Hudec, V. Simon, L. Hudec, V. Hudcova
ESA Gaia & the multifrequency behavior of high-energy sources with ultra-low dispersion spectroscopy 
p. 342
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Manuel Reina, Lola Sabau-Graziati, Juana Maria Rodrigo, Victor Reglero
Modular X and gamma rays sensor, a space-based instrument for transient lighting events in high atmosphere 
p. 347
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E. Del Monte, I. Donnarumma on behalf of the LOFT consortium
Strong gravity studies with the Large Observatory For X-ray Timing (LOFT) 
p. 352
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G. Tagliaferri, on behalf of the NHXM consortium
NHXM: a New soft and Hard X-ray imaging and polarimetric Mission 
p. 360
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R. Hudec, V. Simon, V. Tichy
Lobster-eye X-ray monitors: astrophysical aspects 
p. 365
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J.M. Rodrigo, J.M. Macian, J.T. Biosca, M. Reina, L. Sabau-Graziati, V.Reglero
UFFO Burst Alert & Trigger Telescope (UBAT): a new instrument for GRBs detection 
p. 370
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B.L. Martino, M. Federici
An high availability data storage subsystem for the INTEGRAL data analysis 
p. 377
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M. Garattini, C. Lops, S. Dell'Agnello, A. Boni, S. Berardi, C. Cantone, G.O. Delle Monache, N. Intaglietta, M. Maiello, M. Martini, G. Patrizi, L. Porcelli, M. Tibuzzi, D.G. Currie, R. Vittori, G. Bianco, T. Murphy, A. Coradini, C. Dionisio, R. March, G. Bellettini, R. Tauraso
Probing gravity with the proposed MAGIA and ILN lunar missions 
p. 382
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M. Hamuy, G. Pignata. J. Maza, A. Clocchiatti, J. Anderson, M. Bersten, G. Folatelli, F. Forster, C. Gutiérrez, J. Quinn, M. Stritzinger, P. Zelaya
The CHilean Automatic Supernova sEarch 
p. 388
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Special night session
N. Panagia
The Hubble Space Telescope: 21 years and counting 
p. 393
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Concluding remarks
G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Concluding remarks 
p. 401
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J. Ziółkowski
Concluding remarks 
p. 403
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Concluding address
Franco Giovannelli
Concluding address 
p. 407
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R. C. Henry
Progress in understanding the diffuse UV cosmic background 
p. 409
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C. Motch and M. Pakull
Multi-frequency studies of Galactic X-ray sources populations 
p. 415
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