Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 82 n. 4, 2011

- Cosmic Rays and their InterStellar Medium environment: CRISM
Montpellier, June 26th-July 1st, 2011
Editors: A.Marcowith, A.Bykov, K.Ferrière, T.Montmerle

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List of Participants 
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Session 1: Multiwavelength observations of cosmic ray sources
G. Dubner
Radio observations of Supernova Remnants and the surrounding molecular gas 
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D. Frail
Supernova remnant shock - molecular cloud interactions 
p. 703
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M. Miceli
Overionization in X-ray spectra: a new paradigm for mixed-morphology SNRs 
p. 709
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Y. Gallant
(V)HE γ-ray emission from Supernova Remnants 
p. 714
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T. Montmerle
High-energy phenomena in massive star-forming regions and localized acceleration of cosmic rays 
p. 720
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M. Renaud for the CTA consortium
Supernova remnants and pulsar wind nebula in the Cherenkov Telescope Array era 
p. 726
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G. Morlino, D.Caprioli
Acceleration of cosmic rays in Tycho's SNR 
p. 731
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I. Reichardt, E. Carmona, J. Krause
Probing proton acceleration in W51C with Magic 
p. 735
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M. Lemoine-Goumard, E. Ferrara, M.H. Grondin, P. Martin, M. Renaud
Fermi-LAT detection of gamma-ray emission in the vicinity of th star forming regions W43 and Westerlund2 
p. 739
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F. Giordano for the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Young SNRs: a new family of High Energy γ-ray emitters 
p. 743
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F. Giuliani on behalf of the AGILE Team
AGILE observations of Middle-aged Supernova Remnants 
p. 747
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F. Acero, Y. Gallant, R. Terrier, M. Renaud, J. Ballet
A new nearby PWN overlapping the Vela Jr SNR 
p. 752
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J. Mehault
Interacting SNRs in gamma-ray astronomy 
p. 756
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S. Gabici
CR escape from SNRs 
p. 760
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S. Casanova
Interacting SNRs in gamma-ray astronomy 
p. 766
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Y. Fujita, F. Takahara, Y. Ohira, K. Iwasaki
Alfvén wave amplification and self-containment of cosmic-rays escaping from a supernova remnant 
p. 770
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Session 2: Cosmic ray sources and theory
J. Puls
Winds from massive stars 
p. 774
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V. Dwarkadas
Supernova propagation in circumstellar and interstellar medium 
p. 781
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S. Orlando, F. Bocchino, M. Miceli, O. Petruk, M.L. Pumo
Role of ejecta clumping and back-reaction of accelerated cosmic rays in the evolution of supernova remnants 
p. 787
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N. Prantzos
Composition and acceleration of Galactic Cosmic Rays 
p. 792
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C. Farnier, R.Walter
High Energy variability in ηCarinae 
p. 796
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A. Bykov, P.E. Gladilin, S.M. Osipov
Particle acceleration at supernova shocks in young stellar clusters  
p. 800
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E. Amato
The streaming instability: a review 
p. 806
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K. Schure, A.R.Bell
Confining the high-energy cosmic rays 
p. 812
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A. Beresnyak
Magnetic turbulence in the shock precursor and cosmic ray acceleration  
p. 816
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B. Arbutina, D. Urovšević, M. Andjelić, M. Pavlović
Equipartition calculation for supernova remnants  
p. 822
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Session 3: Interstellar medium properties and cosmic rays
K. Ferrière
Interstellar magnetic fields 
p. 824
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P. Hennebelle
Turbulence in the interstellar medium 
p. 830
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T. W. Hartquist, A.Y. Wagner, S.A.E.G. Falle, J.M. Pittard, S. Van Loo
Cosmic rays and radiative instabilities 
p. 836
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Session 4: Cosmic ray direct observations
L. Derome
Direct detection of cosmic rays 
p. 842
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R. Iuppa
Detection of anisotropies in the arrival directions of 600 GeV-10 TeV cosmic rays with ARGO-YBJ experiment 
p. 848
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Session 5: Cosmic ray transport and diffuse emission
H. Fichtner, F. Effenberger, K. Scherer, I. Büsching, R.D. Strauss, S.E.S. Ferreira, M.S. Potgieter, H.-J. Fahr, B. Heber
Cosmic ray transport in the heliosphere and its connection to the interstellar proton spectrum 
p. 852
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V. Ptuskin
Cosmic ray propagation in the interstellar medium 
p. 858
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A. Putze, B. Coste, L. Derome, F. Donato, D. Maurin
A Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique to sample transport and source parameters of Galactic Cosmic Rays 
p. 863
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F. Effenberger, H. Fichtner, I. Büsching, A. Kopp, K. Scherer
The long-term azimuthal atructure of the Galactic Cosmic Ray proton distribution due to anisotropic diffusion 
p. 867
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J. Pety, H.S. Liszt, R. Lucas
Bright ¹²CO emission traces 
p. 872
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P. Mertsch, S. Sarkar
Fermi γ-ray 'bubbles' from stochastic acceleration of electrons 
p. 876
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T. Delahaye, A. Fiasson, M. Pohl, P. Salati
Galactic gamma-ray diffuse emission 
p. 880
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J. Lavalle
Towards models of Galactic cosmic-ray e± 
p. 884
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P. Martin, K. Bechtol
Gamma-ray emission from cosmic rays and interstellar medium interactions in star-forming galaxies 
p. 888
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Session 6: Low energy cosmic ray effects
E. Bayet, T.W. Hartquist, D.A. Williams, S. Viti, T. Bell, P. Papadopoulos
How do cosmic rays influence the chemistry in star-forming regions 
p. 893
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E. Rollinde, E. Vangioni
Cosmological cosmic ray production of LiBeB and PopIII stars 
p. 897
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V. Tatischeff, J. Kiener
Nuclear interactions of low-energy cosmic rays with the interstellar medium 
p. 903
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J. David, A. Boudard, J. Cugnon, A. Kelić-Heil, S. Leray, D. Mancusi, M.V. Ricciardi
Spallation modeling what's new on nuclei production with INCL4.5-Abla07? 
p. 909
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E. Herbst
Cosmic-ray ionization and chemistry theory 
p. 913
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C. Cecarelli
Cosmic-Ray ionization and chemistry: observations 
p. 919
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F. Lepetit
The influence of cosmic rays in PDR models applied to diffuse clouds 
p. 925
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A. Faure
Electron fraction and excitation of interstellar HCO+ 
p. 929
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P. Rimmer, E. Herbst
Propagation of low-energy cosmic rays in molecular clouds:calculations in two dimensions 
p. 933
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I. Usoskin
Cosmic rays and climate forcing 
p. 937
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