Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 82 n. 3, 2011

- Non-thermal phenomena in colliding galaxy clusters
Nice, November 15-18, 2010
Editors: C. Ferrari, M. Brüggen, G. Brunetti and T. Venturi

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List of participants 
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I. Zhuravleva
Gas turbulent motions in galaxy clusters 
p. 481
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T. Mroczkowski, M.J. Devlin, S.R. Dicker, P.M. Korngut, B.S. Mason, E.D. Reese, C. Sarazin, J. Sievers, M. Sun and A. Young
New high-resolution Sunyaev-Zel'dovich observations with GBT+MUSTANG 
p. 485
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J.S. Sanders
Measuring turbulence in clusters with XMM-Newton RGS 
p. 489
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P. Mazzotta, H. Bourdin, S. Giacintucci, M. Markevitch and T. Venturi
Study of the M shock wave propagation in RXJ1314.4--2515 
p. 495
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T. Venturi
Observational properties of diffuse radio sources in galaxy clusters. Current knowledge and open questions 
p. 499
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M. Murgia
The magnetic field power spectrum in galaxy clusters from observations of polarized radio sources 
p. 507
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G. Brunetti
Cosmic rays and diffuse non-thermal emission in galaxy clusters: an introduction 
p. 515
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D. Wik
BAT search for non-thermal emission in HIFLUGCS clusters 
p. 523
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D. Eckert
Hard X-ray emission from galaxy clusters observed with INTEGRAL 
p. 527
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R. Cassano
Radio halos, cluster mergers and the role of future LOFAR observations 
p. 531
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M. Rossetti, B.M. Cavalleri, S. Molendi, F. Gastaldello, S. Ghizzardi and D. Eckert
A radio approach to the cool core - non cool core dichotomy 
p. 537
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S. Giacintucci
Diffuse radio sources in colliding galaxy clusters. Low frequency follow up of the GMRT Radio Halo Survey 
p. 541
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T.E. Clarke, T. Enßlin, A. Finoguenov, H. Intema, C. Pfrommer, R. van Weeren, H. Röttgering and R. Oonk
The curious case of Abell 2256 
p. 547
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L. Rudnick, S. Brown and D. Farnsworth
Shocking news outside of cluster cores 
p. 551
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G. Macario, T. Venturi, D. Dallacasa, S. Giacintucci, G. Brunetti, R. Cassano, C.H. Ishwara-Chandra and R. Athreya
GMRT 150 MHz follow up of diffuse steep spectrum radio emission in galaxy clusters 
p. 557
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J. Bagchi, R.J. van Weeren, S. Raychaudhury, H.J.A.Röttgering, H.T. Intema, F. Miniati, T.A. Enßlin, M. Markevitch and T. Erben
A deep radio and X-ray view of cluster formation at the crossroads of filaments 
p. 561
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R.F. Pizzo, A.G. de Bruyn, G. Bernardi and M.A. Brentjens
The galaxy cluster Abell 2255 and the origin of its radio halo 
p. 565
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R.J. van Weeren, H.T. Intema, H.J.A.Röttgering, M. Brüggen and M. Hoeft
Low-frequency radio observations of the galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 
p. 569
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L. Bîrzan, D.A. Rafferty, B.R. McNamara, P.E.J. Nulsen and M.W. Wise
AGN heating in complete samples of galaxy clusters 
p. 573
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D.A. Rafferty, L.Bîrzan, B.R. McNamara, M W. Wise and P.E.J. Nulsen
The AGN outburst and merger in HCG 62 
p. 577
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D. Ryu and H. Kang
Simulation of the large scale structure of the Universe: shock waves and nonthermal effects 
p. 581
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T.W. Jones, D.H. Porter, D. Ryu and J. Cho
Cluster turbulence: simulation insights 
p. 588
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D. Nagai
Modeling the outskirts of galaxy clusters with cosmological simulations 
p. 594
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C. Pfrommer, T. Enßlin, F. Miniati and K. Subramanian
Cosmic ray transport in galaxy clusters: implications for radio halos and gamma-rays 
p. 598
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L. Iapichino
Turbulent flow and stirring mechanisms in the cosmological large-scale structure 
p. 605
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F. Vazza
Merger and non-merger galaxy clusters in cosmological AMR simulations 
p. 609
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J.O. Burns and S.W. Skillman
Cosmological numerical simulations of radio relics in galaxy clusters: iclarkensights for future observations 
p. 615
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S. Paul, L. Iapichino, F. Miniati, J. Bagchi and K. Mannheim
Evolution of shocks and turbulence in the formation of galaxy clusters embedded in Megaparsec-scale filaments 
p. 619
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J. Donnert, K. Dolag, R. Cassano and G. Brunetti
Simulating cosmic rays in turbulent galaxy clusters 
p. 623
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M. Brüggen, R.J. van Weeren and H.J.A. Röttgering
Magnetic fields and shock waves in cluster outskirts 
p. 627
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J. ZuHone, M. Markevitch and G. Brunetti
Testing the connection between radio mini-halos and core gas sloshing with MHD simulations 
p. 632
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A. Lazarian and G. Brunetti
Turbulence, reconnection and cosmic rays in galaxy clusters 
p. 636
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H. Kang and D. Ryu
Cosmic ray acceleration at weak cosmological shocks in test-particle regime 
p. 648
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A. Bonafede, F. Govoni, L. Feretti, M. Murgia, G. Giovannini and M. Brüggen
Magnetic field in galaxy clusters from depolarization of radio sources 
p. 654
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V. Vacca, M. Murgia, F. Govoni, L. Feretti, G. Giovannini, R.A. Perley and G.B. Taylor
The intra-cluster magnetic field power spectrum in Abell 2199 
p. 658
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R.E.A. Canning, H.R. Russell, A.C. Fabian, C.S. Crawford and N.A. Hatch
Abell 2146: riding the wake of a merging galaxy cluster 
p. 662
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T.E. Clarke, N.E. Kassim, B.C. Hicks, F.N. Owen, S. Durand, C. Kutz, M. Pospieszalski, R.A. Perley, K.W. Weiler, T.L. Wilson, and the LWA consortium
Low frequency astronomy in New Mexico: the LWA station one and the EVLA low band upgrade 
p. 664
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R. Fusco-Femiano, M. Orlandini, M. Bonamente and A. Lapi
Supermodel analysis of the hard X-ray excess in the Coma cluster 
p. 666
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C. Horellou, D. Johansson, A. Koloczek, R. Singh and the APEX-SZ collaboration
APEX Sunyaev-Zeldovich observations of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 2744 
p. 668
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J. Lanoux, E. Pointecouteau and M. Giard
A statistical investigation of the radio emission of clusters: role of AGNs 
p. 670
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J.C. Mauduit, A. Rettura, G. Wilson & the SpARCS collaboration, M. Lacy and J. Surace & the SERVS collaboration
Active galaxies in high-z IR detected clusters 
p. 672
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S.E. Nuza, M. Hoeft, S. Göttloeber, R. van Weeren and G. Yepes
Radio relics in the MareNostrum Universe 
p. 674
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S.W. Randall, W.R. Forman, S. Giacintucci, P. Nulsen, M. Sun, C. Jones, E. Churazov, L. David, R. Kraft, M. Donahue, E. Blanton, A. Simionescu, and N. Werner
Shocks and cavities from multiple outbursts in the galaxy group NGC 5813: a window to AGN feedback 
p. 676
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