Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 82 n. 1, 2011

- Steady jets and transient jets.
Characteristics and relationship.

Bonn, 7-8 April 2010
Editors: M. Massi and A. Lobanov


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List of participants 
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Session I: Jet observations
F. Mirabel
p. 14
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M. Massi
Steady jets and transient jets: observational characteristics and models 
p. 24
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A. Lobanov
Quasi-stationary and transient patterns in jets 
p. 33
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R. Spencer and A. Rushton
Radio and X-rays from GRS1915+105 - close correlations of the third kind 
p. 41
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Z. Meliani
Decelerating relativistic two-component jets and the fanaroff-riley dichotomy 
p. 46
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M. Orienti and D. Dallacasa
Proper motion and apparent contraction in the CSO J0650+6001 
p. 51
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M. Orienti
Radio properties of steep-spectrum and flat-spectrum Seyfert nuclei 
p. 56
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C. Villforth, K. Nilsson, J. Heidt and T. Pursimo
Variability and stability in optical blazar Jets 
p. 60
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C. M. Fromm, E. Ros, T. Savolainen, M. Perucho, A. P. Lobanov and J.A. Zensus
The 2006 radio flare in the jet of CTA102 
p. 65
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E. Liuzzo, G. Giovannini, M. Giroletti and G. B. Taylor
Parsec scale jets in brightest cluster galaxies 
p. 69
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A. Chuprikov and I.Guirin
V4641 Sgr and KV UMa. Two black hole candidates 
p. 73
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M. Massi
The two peak model of LS I +61303: radio spectral index analysis 
p. 77
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L. Zimmermann and M. Massi
The puzzling varying radio structure of LS I +61303 
p. 82
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Z. B. Zhang
On the prompt γ-ray emission radii of LGRBs 
p. 87
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D. Kunneriath, A. Eckart, M. Zamaninasab, G. Witzel, M. Valencia-S, N. Sabha and M. Garcia-Marin
Flare emission from Sagittarius~A* 
p. 91
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S. Komissarov
Magnetic acceleration of relativistic jets 
p. 95
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M. Turler
Shock-in-jet model for quasars and microquasars 
p. 104
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C. Fendt
Formation of MHD jets: flares as trigger of internal shocks 
p. 112
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E. Striani
New evidence for extreme particle acceleration in microquasars 
p. 120
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O Porth
Simulations and synchrotron radiation from the relativistic jet base 
p. 125
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J. Tammi
Flare-like outbursts from loading of the jets? 
p. 129
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B. Reville and J.G.Kirk
Radiative signatures of Fermi acceleration at relativistic shocks 
p. 133
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A. Vlasis, H.J. van Eerten, Z. Meliani, R. Keppens
Two shell collisions in the GRB afterglow phase 
p. 137
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C. S. Chang, E. Ros, Y. Y. Kovalev and M. L. Lister
A multi-band flare in the M87 jet 80 pc away from the central engine 
p. 141
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M. Massi and G. Poletto
Astrophysical jets: what can we learn from solar ejections? 
p. 145
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F. Zuccarello, S.L. Guglielmino and P. Romano
Magnetic reconnection signatures in the solar atmosphere: results from multi-wavelength observations 
p. 149
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W. Vlemming and G. Surcis
Magnetic fields along massive protostellar jets. The case of W75N and Cepheus A 
p. 154
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K. Qiu and S. Leurini
Molecular outflows from young stellar objects 
p. 158
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A. Oklopcic, V. Smolcic, S. Giodini, G. Zamorani, L. Birzan, E. Schinnerer, C. L. Carilli, A. Finoguenov, S. Lilly, A. Koekemoer and N. Z. Scoville
A wide-angle tail galaxy at z = 0.53 in the COSMOS field 
p. 161
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A. Volvach and M.G. Larionov
Interpretation of the development of flare phenomena 2004-2007 in the blazar 3C 454.3 
p. 165
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K. Katarzynski
Correlation between X-ray and γ-ray emission in TeV blazars 
p. 168
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J. M. Paredes
Radio jets and high energy emission in microquasars 
p. 174
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V. Bosch-Ramon
Spectral energy distribution of γ-ray binaries 
p. 182
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A. Pushkarev, Y.Y. Kovalev, M.L. Lister and T. Savolainen
Opening angles of parsec-scale AGN jets 
p. 190
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M. Georganopoulos, E. T. Meyer, G. Fossati and M. L. Lister
Are relativistic jets monoparametric engines? 
p. 192
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