Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 81 n. 2, 2010

- Chromospheric structure and dynamics
From old wisdom to new insights

Sacramento Peak Observatory, Sunspot, NM, USA, August 31st September 4th, 2009
Editors:A. Tritschler, K. Reardon and H. Uitenbroek


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List of Participants 
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P. G. Judge
The chromosphere: gateway to the corona?...Or the purgatory of solar physics? 
p. 543
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T. Ayres
A Stellar Perspective on Chromospheres 
p. 553
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R. J. Rutten
The quiet chromosphere: Old wisdom, new insights, future needs 
p. 565
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J. Leenaarts
Numerical simulations of the quiet chromosphere 
p. 576
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M. Carlsson, V. H. Hansteen and B. V. Gudiksen
Chromospheric heating and structure as determined from high resolution 3D simulations 
p. 582
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A. De Wijn, S. W. McIntosh and B. De Pontieu
On the propagation of p-modes into the solar chromosphere 
p. 588
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M. Loukitcheva, S. K. Solanki and S. M. White
Observations of the solar chromosphere at millimeter wavelengths 
p. 592
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F. ,Wöger, S. Wedemeyer-Böhm, H. Uitenbroek and T. Rimmele
Recovering the line-of-sight magnetic field in the chromosphere from Ca II IR spectra 
p. 598
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F. Kneer
Chromosphere of active regions on the Sun 
p. 604
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L. Fletcher
The chromosphere during solar flares 
p. 616
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A. Asensio Ramos and J. Trujillo Bueno
On the 3D structure of the magnetic field in regions of emerging flux 
p. 625
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M. L. Goodman and F. Kazeminezhad
Anisotropic transport processes in the chromosphere and overlying atmosphere 
p. 631
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H. Hudson, L. Fletcher and S. Krucker
The white-light continuum in the impulsive phase of a solar flare 
p. 637
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B. Livingston, O. R. White, L. Wallace and J. Harvey
Sun-as-a-Star, Chromospheric Lines, 1974-2009 
p. 643
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A. Berlicki, P. Heinzel and E. H. Avrett
Photometric analysis of Ellerman bombs 
p. 646
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G. Haerendel
Chromospheric evaporation via Alfvèn wava 
p. 653
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P. Heinzel, U. Anzer and S. Gun´r
Solar quiescent prominences: Filamentary structure and energetics 
p. 654
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S. F. Martin and O. Panasenco
On dynamical properties of filament channels 
p. 662
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C. Kuckein, R. Centeno and V. Martínez Pillet
Spectropolarimetric inversions of the He I 10830 Å multiplet in an active region filament 
p. 668
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O. Panasenco
Spicules and prominences: their life togethe 
p. 673
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J. Trujillo Bueno
Spectropolarimetric investigations of the magnetization of the quiet-Sun chromosphere 
p. 681
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S. Wedemeyer-Böhm
Small-scale structure and dynamics of the chromospheric magnetic field 
p. 693
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H. Uitenbroek
Detection of chromospheric magnetic fields: a forward modeling approach 
p. 701
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L. Belluzzi and E. Landi Degl'Innocenti
Magnetic field diagnostics through the second solar spectrum: a spectroscopic analysis of the most polarizing atomic lines 
p. 710
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J. de la Cruz Rodríguez, H. Socas-Navarro, M. van Noort and L. Rouppe van der Voort
Observation and analysis of chromospheric magnetic fields 
p. 716
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W. Abbett and G. H. Fishe
Improving large-scale convection-zone-to-corona model 
p. 721
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V. G. Hansteen, H. Hara, B. de Pontieu and M. Carlsson
On red-shifts in the transition region and corona 
p. 729
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E. Scullion, J. G. Doyle and R. Erdélyi
A spectroscopic analysis of macrospicules 
p. 737
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C. Nutto, O. Steiner and M. Roth
Numerical simulations of wave propagation in the solar chromosphere 
p. 744
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T. Straus, B. Fleck, S. M. Jefferies, M. Carlsson and T. D. Tarbell
On the detection of fast moving upflows in the quiet solar photosphere 
p. 751
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N. Bello González, M. Flores Soriano, F. Kneer and O. Okunev
On the energy flux in acoustic waves in the solar atmosphere 
p. 757
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S. Jaeggli, H. Lin, D. L. Mickey, J. R. Kuhn, S. L. Hegwer, T. R. Rimmele and M. J. Penn
FIRS: A new instrument for photospheric and chromospheric studies at the DST 
p. 763
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F. Bostancı and N. Al Erdoǧan
Cloud modeling of a quiet solar region in Hα
p. 769
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S. Criscuoli, I. Ermolli, J. Fontenla, F. Giorgi, M. Rast, S. K. Solanki, H. Uitenbroek
Radiative emission of solar features in Ca II K 
p. 773
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B. Fleck, Th. Straus, M. Carlsson, S. M. Jefferies, G. Severino and T. D. Tarbell
High frequency waves in the solar atmosphere? 
p. 777
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M. Haberreiter, W. Finsterle, S. McIntosh, S. Wedemeyer-Böhm
Toward the analysis of waves in the solar atmosphere based on NLTE spectral synthesis from 3D MHD simulations 
p. 782
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R. Kariyappa and L. Damé
Long-period intensity oscillations of the quiet solar atmosphere from TRACE 1600 Å continuum observations 
p. 786
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M. Kubo, B. C. Low and B. W. Lites
Granular scale magnetic flux cancellations 
p. 790
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B. W. Lites
Emerging flux as the source of downflows in the chromosphere 
p. 792
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R. Liu, Y. Xu and H. Wang
Evolution of filament barbs 
p. 796
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E. Malanushenko, H. Jones, M. Turmon and J. Pap
Analysis of  Ca II 8542 Å scanning spectroscopy for statistical feature recognition 
p. 801
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M. Stangalini, F. Berrilli, D. Del Moro, A. Egidi, S. Giordano, P. F. Moretti and B. Viticchié
Coupling photosphere and chromosphere through plasma waves 
p. 806
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J. Štěpán and J. Trujillo Bueno
On the sensitivity of the Hα scattering polarization to chromospheric magnetism 
p. 810
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A. G. Tlatov and A. A. Pevtsov
The latitude of ephemeral regions as an indicator for solar-cycle strength 
p. 814
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