Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 80 n. 4, 2009

- Are the fundamental constants varying in space-time?
Joint Discussion 9, IAU General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, August 10-11, 2009
Editors: P. Molaro and E. Vangioni


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Theoretical aspects
K.A. Olive
Variable constants - A theoretical overview 
p. 754
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J.P. Uzan
Fundamental constants, general relativity and cosmology 
p. 762
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L. Kraiselburd, M.M. Mileer Bertolami, P. Sisterna and H. Vucetich
Energy conservation and constants variation 
p. 770
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J. Racker, P. Sisterna and H. Vucetich
Thermodynamics in variable speed of light theories 
p. 774
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Y. Fujii
Accelerating universe and the time-dependent fine-structure constant 
p. 780
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N.J. Nunes, T. Dent, C.J.A.P. Martins and G. Robbers
Reconstructing the evolution of dark energy with variations of fundamental parameters 
p. 785
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D.J. Shaw and J.D. Barrow
Varying constants: constraints from seasonal variations 
p. 791
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J.C. Berengut, V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Flambaun, J.A. King, M.G. Kozlov, M.T. Murphy and J.K. Webb
Searching for space-time variation of the fine structure constant using QSO spectra: overview and future prospects 
p. 795
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Astronomical bounds
K.A. Olive
The effects of coupling variations on BBN 
p. 802
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A. Coc, S. Ekström, P. Descouvemont, G. Meynet, K. A. Olive, J.Ph. Uzan and E. Vangioni
Constraints on the variations of fundamental couplings by stellar models 
p. 809
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C.G. Scoccola, S.J. Landau and H. Vucetich
WMAP 5-year constraints on time variation of α and  me
p. 814
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J. Isern, E. Garcia Berro and P. Loren Aguilar
SNIa, white dwarfs and the variation of the gravitational constant 
p. 820
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R. Khatri and B.D. Wandelt
21 cm radiation: a new probe of fundamental physics 
p. 824
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A. Reisenegger, P. Jofré and R. Fernandez
Constraining a possible time-variation of the gravitational constant through ``gravitochemical heating'' of neutron stars 
p. 829
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QSO's observations
M.T. Murphy, J.K. Webb and V. Flambaum
Keck constraints on a varying fine-structure constant: wavelength calibration errors 
p. 833
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R Srianand, P.Petitjean, H.Chand, P.Noterdaeme and N.Gupta
Probing the variation of fundamental constants using QSO absorption lines 
p. 842
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S.A. Levshakov, I.I. Agafonova, P. Molaro and D. Reimers
Spatial and temporal variations of fundamental constants 
p. 850
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P. Petitjean, P. Noterdaeme, R. Srianand, C. Ledoux, A. Ivanchik and N. Gupta
Searching for places where to test the variations of fundamental constants 
p. 859
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J.A. King, D.J. Mortlock, J.K. Webb and M.T. Murphy
Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods applied to measuring the fine structure constant from quasar spectroscopy 
p. 864
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R. Thompson
Observational determinations of the proton to electron mass ratio in the early Universe 
p. 870
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M. Wendt, D. Reimers and P. Molaro
Cosmological observations to shed light on possible variations 
p. 876
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A.L. Malec, R. Buning, M.T. Murphy, N. Milutinovic, S.L. Ellison, J.X. Prochaska, L. Kaper, J. Tumlinson, R.F. Carswell and W. Ubachs
New limit on a varying proton-to-electron mass ratio from high-resolution optical quasar spectra 
p. 882
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F. Combes
Radio measurements of constant variation, and perspectives with ALMA 
p. 888
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N. Kanekar
Probing fundamental constant evolution with radio spectroscopy 
p. 895
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M.G. Kozlov, A.V. Lapinov and S.A. Levshakov
Sensitivity of microwave and FIR spectra to variation of fundamental constants 
p. 901
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A. Vecchiato, M. Gai, P. Donati, R. Morbidelli, M. Crosta and G. Lattanzi
p. 905
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P. Molaro
New spectrographs for the VLT and E-ELT suited for the measurement of fundamental constants 
p. 912
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L. Kraiselburd and H. Vucetich
The breaking of the equivalence principle in theories with varying α 
p. 918
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R.S. Goncalves, J.S. Alcaniz, A. Dev and D. Jain
Constraining dark matter-dark energy interaction with gas mass fraction in galaxy clusters 
p. 921
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I. Olivares-Salaverri and M.B. Ribeiro
Cosmological models and the brightness profile of distant galaxies 
p. 925
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M. Centurion, P. Molaro and S.A. Levshakov
Calibration issues in δα/α 
p. 929
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J.S. Alcaniz*
Transient cosmic acceleration 
p. 933
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*Due to technical problems this paper is reproduced here instead at the end of theoretical section

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