Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 80 n. 3, 2009

- 3D views on cool stellar atmospheres: theory meets observation
Joint Discussion 10, IAU General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, August 10-11, 2009
Editors: K. N. Nagendra, P. Bonifacio and H.-G. Ludwig

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The hydrodynamical approach to stellar atmospheres
M. Carlsson
Hydrodynamics and radiative transfer of 3D model atmospheres 
p. 606
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D. Dravins
Highest-resolution spectroscopy at the largest telescopes? 
p. 614
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I. Ramírez, C. Allende Prieto, D. L. Lambert, L. Koesterke and M. Asplund
Granulation across the HR diagram 
p. 618
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C. Allende Prieto, L. Koesterke, I. Ramírez, H.-G. Ludwig and M. Asplund
Accounting for convective blue-shifts in the determination of absolute stellar radial velocities 
p. 622
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A.M. Seelmann and P.H. Hausschildt
3D radiative transfer with continuum and line scattering in low arbitrary velocity fields 
p. 627
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L. S. Anusha and K. N. Nagendra
Projection methods for line radiative transfer in spherical media 
p. 631
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3D views of the Sun
S. Wedemeyer-Böhm and L. Rouppe van der Voort
The solar continuum intensity distribution 
p. 635
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V. M. J. Henriques and D. Kiselman
Temperature stratification in the Sun's photosphere in high horizontal resolution using Ca II H filtergrams 
p. 639
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E. Caffau, H.-G. Ludwig and M. Steffen
Solar abundances and granulation effects 
p. 643
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T. S. N. Pinto and J. E. R. Costa
Computation and analysis of gyrosyncrothron emission in solar flares 
p. 647
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T. M. D. Pereira, M. Asplund and D. Kiselman
Testing 3D solar models against observations 
p. 650
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P. Zacharias, S. Bingert, H. Peter
Doppler shifts in the transition region and corona 
p. 654
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3D views of atmospheres of planets and sub-stellar objects
A.J. Burgasser
Cloud formation and dynamics in cool dwarf and hot exoplanetary atmospheres 
p. 658
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M. Wagner and P. H. Hauschildt
Reflectance spectra of earth-like exoplanets 
p. 667
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B. Freytag, F. Allard, H.-G. Ludwig, D. Homeier, and M. Steffen
Simulations of dust clouds in the atmospheres of substellar objects 
p. 670
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R. L. Smart
Brown dwarf parallax programs 
p. 674
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K. N. Nagendra, L. S. Anusha and M. Sampoorna
Polarization: proving ground for methods in radiative transfer 
p. 678
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J. O. Stenflo
Magnetic structuring at spatially unresolved scales 
p. 690
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M. Sampoorna
Modeling the second solar spectrum 
p. 696
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Applications of 3D models to stellar astrophysics
F. Kupka
3D stellar atmospheres for stellar structure models and asteroseismology 
p. 701
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H.-G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, M. Steffen, B. Freytag, P. Bonifacio and A. Kučinskas
The CIFIST 3D model atmosphere grid 
p. 711
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K. Ohnaka
Spatially resolving the inhomogeneous structure of the dynamical atmosphere of Betelgeuse with VLTI/AMBER 
p. 715
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R. Collet, Å. Nordlund, M. Asplund, W. Hayek and R. Trampedach
Abundance analysis of the halo giant HD~122563 with three-dimensional model stellar atmospheres 
p. 719
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A. Kučinskas, H.-G. Ludwig, E. Caffau and M. Steffen
3D hydrodynamical simulations of stellar photospheres with the CO5BOLD code 
p. 723
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L. Casagrande
The effective temperature scale: resolving different versions 
p. 727
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M. Steffen, H.-G. Ludwig and E. Caffau
Micro- and macroturbulence derived from 3D~hydrodynamical stellar atmospheres 
p. 731
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N.T. Behara, H.-G.Ludwig, P. Bonifacio, L. Sbordone, J.I. González Hernández and E. Caffau
3D molecular line formation in dwarf carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars 
p. 735
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P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau and H.-G. Ludwig
Effects of granulation on neutral copper resonance lines in metal-poor stars 
p. 739
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M. Weber, T. Carroll, T. Granzer, M. Steffen and K. G. Strassmeier
Monitoring mass motions of Betelgeuse's photosphere using robotic telescopes 
p. 743
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