Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 78 n. 2, 2007

- Coronae of stars and accretion disks
Bonn, 12-13 December 2006
editors: M. Massi and T. Preibisch

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List of Participants 
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Opening Talk
E. Rieger
Discovering a solar periodicity by chance 
p. 227
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Session I: Magnetic reconnection in the Sun and Stars
C. E. Parnell
3D Magnetic reconnection, flares and coronal heating 
p. 229
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L. Harra
Solar flares: the observations 
p. 236
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S. V. Berdyugina
Preferred longitudes in solar and stellar activity 
p. 242
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M. Massi
Stellar flaring periodicities 
p. 247
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P. Browning and S. Dalla
Particle acceleration at 3D magnetic reconnection sites 
p. 255
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C. Liefke, A. Reiners, and J. H. M. M. Schmitt
Magnetic field variations and a giant flare 
p. 258
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L. Contarino, P. Romano, and F. Zuccarello
Application of the Kopp and Pneuman model to an M2.5 flare 
p. 261
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B. P. Dabrowski and A. J. Kus
Millisecond solar radio spikes observed at 1420 Mhz 
p. 264
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D. Dobrzycka
Solar coronal jets 
p. 268
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Session II: Solar and stellar coronae
V. Holzwarth
Magnetic flux emergence in fast rotating stars 
p. 271
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K. G. Strassmeier, T. Carroll, J. B. Rice, and I. S. Savanov
Resolving stellar surface spots 
p. 278
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M. Güdel
X-Ray and radio emission from stellar coronae 
p. 285
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B. V. Gudiksen
Heating the Solar Corona 
p. 293
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E. Ros and M. Massi
The flaring corona of UX Arietis 
p. 298
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J. Forbrich, Th. Preibisch, and K. M. Menten
Coronae in the Coronet: simultaneous X-ray to radio monitoring of a young stellar cluster 
p. 301
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G. Hallinan, C. Lane, S. Bourke, A. Antonova, R. T. Zavala, W. F. Brisken, R. P. Boyle, F. J. Vrba, and A. Golden
Pulsating coherent radio emission from ultracool dwarfs 
p. 304
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S.C. Marsden, M. Jardine, J.-F. Donati, P. Petit, M. Semel, and B.D. Carter
The photospheric magnetic field and coronal structure of HD 171488 
p. 307
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J. Robrade, J.H.M.M. Schmitt, and A. Hempelmann
X-ray activity cycles in stellar coronae 
p. 311
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M. Krause
Large scale magnetic fields in spiral galaxies 
p. 314
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D. Uzdensky
Self-regulation of solar coronal heating via the collisionless reconnection condition 
p. 317
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Session III: Young stellar objects
T. Montmerle
What can X-rays tell us about accretion, mass loss, and magnetic fields in young stars? 
p. 320
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Th. Preibisch
The origin of X-ray emission from T Tauri stars 
p. 332
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M. Jardine
The spatial structure of the coronae of T Tauri stars 
p. 340
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J. Ferreira and C. Zanni
On some MHD aspects of star-disc-jets systems 
p. 348
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S.G. Gregory, M. Jardine, A. Collier Cameron, and J.-F. Donati
Rotational modulation of X-ray emission from T Tauri stars 
p. 356
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H. M. Günther and J. H. M. M. Schmitt
Modelling the X-rays of classical T Tauri stars 
p. 359
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M. G. Petr-Gotzens and M. Massi
The enigmatic radio emission from 1 Orionis A 
p. 362
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J. Forbrich, M. Massi, E. Ros, A. Brunthaler, and K. M. Menten
VLBI observations of protostellar coronal radio emission towards YLW 15 
p. 365
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N. Grosso, et al.
X-ray emission from the young brown dwarfs of the Taurus Molecular Cloud 
p. 368
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M. Küker and G. Rüdiger
Funnel flows from protoplanetary disks 
p. 371
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Session Iv: Accretion disks
A. Brandenburg and B. von Rekowski
Dynamos in accretion discs 
p. 374
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J. Malzac
Accretion disc coronae in black hole binaries 
p. 382
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A. Ròzanska, M. Sobolewska, and B. Czerny
Accretion disk with magnetic corona in AGN 
p. 390
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M. Kaufman Bernado and M. Massi
A basic condition for jet formation in accreting X-ray binaries 
p. 393
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A. Laor and E. Behar
On the origin of radio emission in radio quiet quasars 
p. 397
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L. Hric and R. Gális
Is there an accretion disc, envelope, or torus in the YY Her binary? 
p. 400
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D. Uzdensky and J. Goodman
Towards a statistical theory of a magnetized accretion disk corona 
p. 403
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N. K. Jackson, M. J. Church, M. Balucinska-Church, and G. S. Halai
Neutron star radiation pressure leading to jet formation in the brightest LMXB 
p. 407
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M. Mayer and J. E. Pringle
Time-dependent two-phase models of black hole accretion discs 
p. 410
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A. Sadovski
The revised GRV model of accretion disc coronae 
p. 413
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L. C. Gallo
Evidence of coronal flaring in narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies 
p. 416
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L.I. Matveyenko, D.A. Graham, and V.A. Demichev
Accretion disc and bipolar outflow in orion KL 
p. 419
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Closing remarks
M. Güdel
Magnetic coronae in an astrophysical context 
p. 422
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