Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 77 n. 2, 2006

- AGN and galaxy evolution
Castel Gandolfo, October 3-6, 2005
Editors: Fabrizio Fiore, Alessandro Omizzolo, Stefano Cristiani, Andrea Grazian and George Coyne


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List of Participants 
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Session I: Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei
M. Elvis
Quasar Structure 
p. 573
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B.M. Peterson
Black Hole Masses Based on Reverberation Mapping of the Broad-Line Region 
p. 581
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N. Arav
Chemical abundances in AGN: X-ray/UV campaign on Mrk 279 
p. 589
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A. Königl
AGN winds and jets: a theoretical perspective 
p. 598
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G. Matt
The X-ray view of the AGN inner regions 
p. 606
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E. Quataert
Nuclear starbursts and AGN fueling 
p. 614
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Session II: Active Galactic Nuclei and supermassive black holes in the Early Universe
P. Madau
Massive black holes during the gray ages
p. 621
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The formation of the first black holes and their contribution to the reionization of the intergalactic medium 
p. 629
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X. Fan
Evolution of high-redshift quasars 
p. 635
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R. Maiolino
Metals and dust in high redshift AGNs 
p. 643
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F. Haardt
Hardening in a time--evolving stellar background: hyper-velocity stars, orbital decay and prediction for LISA 
p. 653
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Session III: The joint evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei and Galaxies
G. De Zotti
A physical model for co-evolution of QSOs and of their spheroidal hosts 
p. 661
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N. Menci
Cosmological evolution of galaxies and interaction-driven fueling of AGNs 
p. 670
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P. Monaco
A close look to quasar-triggered galaxy winds 
p. 678
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P. Tozzi
AGN and galaxy evolution from deep X-ray surveys 
p. 686
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F. Fiore
Unveiling obscured accretion 
p. 694
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A. Cimatti
Distant early-type galaxies: tracers of the galaxy mass assembly evolution 
p. 703
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A. Franceschini
Evolutionary paths for galaxies and AGNs: new Insights by the Spitzer space telescope 
p. 711
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A. Grazian
Future prospects for AGN and galaxy surveys with the LBT Large Binocular Camera 
p. 720
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Session IV: Local Active Galactic Nuclei
G. Fabbiano
Exploring the range of black hole masses with Chandra 
p. 728
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S. Komossa
Observational evidence for binary black holes and active double nuclei 
p. 733
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A. Marconi
Local supermassive black holes and relics of Active Galactic Nuclei 
p. 742
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D. Merritt
Black holes and nuclear dynamics 
p. 750
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