Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 75 n. 4, 2004

- The 7th Torino Workshop on Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars
Cambridge, August 2-6, 2004
Editors: Richard J. Stancliffe, Maria A. Lugaro and Christopher A. Tout


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List of Participants 
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E. C. Wylie, P. L. Cottrell, K. M. Taute
Heavy element abundances in AGB stars. I. The hyades giant 
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M. Reyniers, P. Deroo, H. Van Winckel, S. Goriely, L. Siess
s-process nucleosynthesis in very metal-deficient post-AGB stars 
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S. Uttenthaler, B. Aringer, S. Höfner, J. Hron, H. U. Käufl, T. Lebzelter, W. Nowotny
Technetium in AGB stars: spectral synthesis and observations  
p. 590
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O. Zamora, C. Abia, P. de Laverny, I. Domínguez
An attempt to derive Mg isotopic ratios in carbon stars 
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I. Domínguez, C. Abia, O. Straniero, S. Cristallo, Ya.V. Pavlenko
Draco 461, an intrinsic carbon star in a metal poor stellar population: 3rd dredge up and mixing  
p. 601
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C. Abia, P. de Laverny, I. Domínguez, O. Straniero, S. Cristallo, B. Plez
First chemical analysis of extragalactic carbon stars 
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L. Sabin
The study of the carbon star IRC+10216 
p. 612
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R. Guandalini, S. Ciprini, M. Busso, G. Silvestro, P. Persi
Mass-losing AGB stars: infrared observations and evolutionary implications  
p. 617
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A. B. Verchovsky, I. P. Wright
Physical parameters of AGB winds derived from the implanted species in meteoritic SiC grains 
p. 623
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P. L. Cottrell, S. I. Barnes, M. D. Albrow, G. M. Kershaw
Status of SALT or What use is a large telescope for AGB science anyway?  
p. 627
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C. J. Ödman, R. G. Izzard
Stellardb: A Stellar Abundances Database 
p. 631
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C. A. Tout
Current mysteries of AGB stars 
p. 637
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J.C. Lattanzio
Trouble and Desire on the AGB 
p. 643
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M. Busso, M. C. Nucci, A. Chieffi, O. Straniero
Can extended mixing in red giants be attributed to magnetic mechanisms?  
p. 648
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P. Ventura
The role of convection in AGB modeling  
p. 654
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P. Lesaffre, C. A. Tout, R. J. Stancliffe, Ph. Podsiadlowski
A convective model consistent with chemistry 
p. 660
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O. Straniero, S. Cristallo, R. Gallino, I. Domínguez
Nucleosynthesis in very metal poor AGB stars 
p. 665
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R. J. Stancliffe, R. G. Izzard, C. A. Tout, O. R. Pols
Fully simultaneous calculations of AGB evolution 
p. 670
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S. Cristallo, O. Straniero, R. Gallino
A full network coupled to the evolutionary code: detailed s-process nucleosynthesis in low mass AGB Stars 
p. 676
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T. Decressin, C. Charbonnel, L. Siess, A. Palacios
Rotating models of low metallicity AGB stars with STAREVOL  
p. 682
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R. P. Church, C. A. Tout
Accelerating stellar evolution 
p. 688
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J. J. Eldridge, C. A. Tout
Exploring the Divisions and Overlap between AGB and Super-AGB Stars and Supernovae  
p. 694
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R. Gallino, E. Arnone, M. Pignatari, O.Straniero
Post-AGB s-processed stars versus metallicity and their theoretical interpretation  
p. 700
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D. Delaude, R. Gallino, S. Cristallo, O. Straniero, L. Husti, S. Ryan
Lead and s-process elements in stars of various metallicities: AGB predictions and observations 
p. 706
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C. Ugalde, J. Görres, M. Lugaro, M. Wiescher
Rates for reactions relevant to fluorine nucleosynthesis 
p. 712
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A. I. Karakas, M. Lugaro, C. Ugalde, M. Wiescher
The uncertainties in the ²²Ne + α -capture reactions and magnesium production in intermediate-mass AGB stars 
p. 717
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M. Lugaro, A. M. Davis, R. Gallino, M. R. Savina, M. J. Pellin
Constraints on AGB models from the heavy-element composition of presolar SiC grains 
p. 723
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M. Pignatari, R. Gallino, O. Straniero, A. Davis
The origin of the xenon trapped in presolar mainstream SiC grains  
p. 729
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S.W. Campbell, Y. Fenner, A.I. Karakas, J.C. Lattanzio, B.K. Gibson
Abundance anomalies in NGC 6752 - are AGB stars the culprits? 
p. 735
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S. Bisterzo, R. Gallino, M. Pignatari, L. Pompeia, K. Cunha, V. Smith
Cu and Zn in different stellar populations: inferring their origin  
p. 741
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AGB stars in binary systems
O. Pols
Effects of binarity on asymptotic giant branch evolution 
p. 749
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R. G. Izzard
Duplicitous nucleosynthesis 
p. 754
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A.A. Bonacic; Marinovic, O.R. Pols
Barium star population synthesis with an improved TP-AGB model 
p. 760
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H. Van Winckel
Binary post-AGB stars 
p. 766
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S. Tsangarides, S. G. Ryan, T. C. Beers
On the binarity of carbon-enhanced, metal-poor stars 
p. 772
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