Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Vol. 75 n. 2, 2004

- Astrophysical impact of abundances in Globular Cluster stars
Joint Discussion 04 at the XXIII IAU General Assembly

Sydney, 16-17 July 2003
Editors:Francesca D'Antona and Gary Da Costa


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Observed Abundances
C. Sneden
Abundances in Globular Clusters:successes and questions 
p. 267
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R. Gratton
Abundances in scarcely evolved stars in Globular Clusters 
p. 274
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P. Bonifacio
Lithium abundances in Globular Clusters 
p. 282
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I.I. Ivans, C. Sneden, G. Wallerstein, R. P. Kraft, J. E. Norris, J. P. Fulbright,, G. Gonzalez
On the question of a Metallicity Spread in Globular Cluster M22 
p. 286
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L. Stanford, G.S. Da Costa, J. E. Norris, R. D. Cannon
The metallicity and Age Ranges in Omega Centauri 
p. 290
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R. Kraft
A comparison of Globular Cluster and halo field stars 
p. 295
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General Discussion I
B. Barbuy
Open session: at what stage is the abundance determination problem?  
p. 298
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M. Asplund
Globular Cluster abundances in the light of 3D hydrodynamical model atmospheres  
p. 300
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M. S. Bessell
The Temperature Scale of Globular Cluster Stars 
p. 306
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C. Van't Veer, R. Cayrel
Oxygen abundance and convection 
p. 310
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Sites for Production
K. Nomoto, . Maeda, H. Umeda, N. Tominaga, T. Ohkubo, J. Deng, P.A. Mazzali
Population III Supernovae and their Nucleosynthesis 
p. 312
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J. Lattanzio, A. Karakas, S. Campbell, L. Elliott, A. Chieffi
The role of AGB stars 
p. 322
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P. Denissenkov
Today's AGB stars and the role of binaries 
p. 328
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P. Ventura F. D'Antona, I. Mazzitelli
New AGB models to explore the spread of abundances in Globular Clusters  
p. 335
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Today's stellar evolution
G. Michaud, O. Richard,, J. Richer
Processes at the turnoff 
p. 339
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A. Weiss, C. Charbonnel
Mixing along the Red Giant Branch 
p. 347
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General Discussion II
D.A. Vandenberg F. D'Antona, P. Denissenkov, J. Lattanzio, G. Michaud, S. Vauclair, A. Weiss
General Discussion II: On current stellar models 
p. 356
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Formation and early evolution of Globular Clusters
B. Elmegreen
Formation of stars in clusters 
p. 362
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T. Shigeyama, T. Tsujimoto
Globular Cluster formationfrom cloud--cloud collisions 
p. 366
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G. Da Costa, R. Cannon, B. Croke, J.E. Norris
Globular Cluster Abundance Anomalies: clues from the Main Sequence  
p. 370
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F. D'Antona
The Horizontal Branch Morphology in Globular Clusters: consequences for the selfpollution model 
p. 377
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General Discussion III
R. Cayrel
General Discussion III: Chemistry and Self--pollution mechanisms 
p. 385
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P. Bonifacio
Abundance anomalies and lithium in Globular Clusters 
p. 386
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F. D'Antona
Can we build up second generation stars in GCs directly from the ejecta of AGBs? 
p. 388
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P.A. Denissenkov
A discussion of self--pollution mechanisms 
p. 390
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A. Weiss
The AGB contamination scenario 
p. 391
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G.S. Da Costa
Contribution to JD4 General Discussion III 
p. 392
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U. Fritze - v. Alvensleben
Stellar Abundances in Young and Intermediate Age GCs 
p. 394
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L. Sbordone, P. Bonifacio, G. Marconi, R. Buonanno
Chemical Abundances in Terzan 7 
p. 396
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B. Barbuy, J. Meléndez, S. Ortolani, M. Zoccali, E. Bica, A. Renzini, V. Hill, Y. Momany, D. Minniti, M. Rich
Abundance analysis of the bulge globular clusters NGC 6553 and NGC 6528  
p. 398
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J. A. Johnson
A survey for CH stars in Globular Clusters 
p. 400
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T. Tusujimoto, T. Shigeyama
Star Formation History in Omega Centauri 
p. 402
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