New Atlases for Solar Flux, Irradiance, Central Intensity, and Limb Intensity
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  The Kitt Peak absolute irradiance spectrum smoothed using a 0.5 nm triangular bandpass that approximates the resolution of Thuillier et al. and then compares the two spectra. Note the probable overestimation of the ozone below 320 nm and around 600 nm in the Kitt Peak atlas. (Remember that ozone has been divided out.) I will probably have to re-reduce those scans. Note the flux discrepency in the G band. It appears that model ASUN does not produce enough flux, perhaps becase of insufficient opacity below 300 nm that results in too low a temperature gradient. I am adding more line opacity. I will try to produce a better model. Of course, there may also be errors in Thuillier et al. as well.  
R.L. Kurucz