Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana 

Supplementi - Vol. 6 

- Planetary Sciences
Sixth Italian Meeting

Aosta, January 24-28, 2005
Editors: A. Dell'Oro and G. De Sanctis


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A. Dell'Oro, and G. De Sanctis
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List of participants 
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History and Education
A. Manara
Mars in the Schiaparelli-Lowell's correspondence 
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D. Licchelli
The transit of Venus and the Black Drop Effect 
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Space Missions
A. Dell'Oro, and A. Cellino
Asteroid physical studies with GAIA 
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C. Barbieri, S. Fornasier, I. Bertini, F. Angrilli, G.A. Bianchini, S. Debei, M. De Cecco, G. Parzianello, M. Zaccariotto, V. Da Deppo, and G. Naletto
First Results from the Wide Angle Camera of the ROSETTA Mission 
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A. Ferri
Alenia Spazio: Space Programs for Solar System Exploration 
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A. Migliorini, J. Carvano, M.A. Barucci, C. Barbieri, and J.R. Brucato
Databases of Mid and Far IR Spectra for the analyses of the Cassini mission data 
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Laboratory Experiments
R. Brunetto, V. Orofino, and G. Strazzulla
Space weathering on minor bodies induced by ion irradiation: some experimental results 
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G. Strazzulla, G. Leto, L. LaDelfa, F. Spinella, and O. Gomis
Oxidants produced after ion bombardment of water/carbon dioxide icy mixtures  
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G. Leto, O. Gomis, and G. Strazzulla
The reflectance spectrum of water ice: Is the 1.65 \mcsp peak a good temperature probe? 
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Planets and Satellites
G. Cremonese, M. Bruno, and S. Marchi
Neutral sodium atoms release from the surfaces of the Moon and Mercury induced by meteoroid impacts 
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F. Tosi, A. Coradini, A.I. Gavrishin, and R.H. Brown
Automatic classification of Phoebe's surface with the G-mode method  
p. 67
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A. Blanco, M. D'Elia, D. Licchelli, V. Orofino, and S. Fonti
The infrared spectroscopy of biotic and abiotic minerals: its relevance to Mars studies 
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V. Orofino, A. Blanco, M. D'Elia, F. De Carlo, S. Fonti, A.C. Marra, G. Marzo, R. Politi, and C. Verrienti
Spectroscopic studies of materials relevant for the hydrological evolution of Mars 
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E. Palomba, F. Esposito, A. Zinzi, and L. Colangeli
Clues on the composition of bright regions of Mars from TIR spectroscopy  
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Asteroids, Comets and Meteors
S. Marchi, M. Lazzarin, and S. Magrin
Peculiar Near-Earth Objects 
p. 86
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M. Lazzarin, S. Magrin, and S. Marchi
SINEO: Spectroscopic Investigation of Near Earth Objects 
p. 92
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M.T. Capria, G. Cremonese, M.C. De Sanctis
Forbidden oxygen lines in the spectrum of 153P/2002 C1 (Ikeya-Zhang)  
p. 98
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L. Saba, M. Di Martino, M. Delbò, A. Cellino, V. Zappalà, S. Montebugnoli, S. Righini, L. Zoni, R. Orosei, F. Tosi, G. Valsecchi, A. Gardini, D. Grassi, A. Rossi, A. Milani, and M. Lazzarin
The Sardinian Radio Telescope as Radar for the study of near-Earth Objects and Space Debris 
p. 104
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P. Paolicchi
Rotational properties of asteroids: a tool to understand their evolution?  
p. 110
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L. Folco, T.H. Burbine, and M. D'Orazio
Surface mineralogy changes induced by impact melting on ordinary chondritic parent asteroids: clues from the DaG 896 meteorite 
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D. Licchelli
Rotation period and lightcurve analysis of Main Belt Objects: a challenge for small telescopes 
p. 122
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V. Mangano, A. Mura, A. Milillo, S. Orsini, S. Marchi, H. Lammer, and P. Wurz
Modeling the impulsive Meteoritic Impact Vaporization in the Hermean Exosphere 
p. 128
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M. Delbò, M. Gai, M.G. Lattanzi, D. Loreggia, L. Saba, and A. Cellino
Observing Asteroids with the VLTI 
p. 133
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L. Saba, M.T. Capria, and G. Cremonese
High-Resolution Observation of 2/P Encke comet: preliminary results  
p. 137
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G. Pupillo, S. Ferretti, G. Cevolani, and G. Grassi
Radiant mapping with bistatic radars: a new method 
p. 142
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G. Pupillo, G. Cevolani, G. Bortolotti, G. Franceschi, G. Grassi, A. Hajduk, V. Porubcan, and G. Trivellone
The Leonid storms: an astrobiology target 
p. 146
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D. Gandolfi, C. Blanco, and M. Cigna
Asteroid photometric observations at Catania and Padova Observatories  
p. 151
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G.B. Tozzi, and M. Delbò
Organic Solids in Comets: the examples of C/2000 WM1 (LINEAR) and C/2001 Q4  (NEAT) 
p. 157
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S. Aiello, C. Cecchi-Pestellini, G. Cevolani, M. Mazzoni, E. Pace, A. Passaro, G. Pupillo, P. Scarsi, S.N. Shore, and G.P. Tozzi
Micrometeorites and the Origin of Life: A Broad Program to Study their Survival and Modification by Passage through the Earth's Atmosphere 
p. 163
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Extrasolar Planets
M. Barbieri, and R.U. Claudi
Extrasolar Planets 
p. 167
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D. Turrini, M. Barbieri, F. Marzari, P. Thebault, and P. Tricarico
Planetary Formation and Orbital Stability in Binary Star Systems  
p. 172
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