Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana 

Supplementi - Vol. 4 

- Workshop on Adaptive Techniques in Computational Astrophysics and Biology Catania, November 12-14,2003
Editors: U. Becciani and V. Antonuccio


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List of participants 
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G. Bodo, C. Zanni, S. Massaglia and A. Ferrari and P. Rossi
Adaptive Mesh Refinment simulations of jet formation 
p. 9
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A. Bonanno
An accurate numerical approach for the kinematic dynamo problem 
p. 17
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G. Colombo
Folding and mis--folding of peptides and proteins: insights from molecular simulations 
p. 24
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L. Del Zanna
Relativistic MHD with central-type schemes 
p. 36
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G. Gerardi, D. Molteni
Parallelization of a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic Code for Simulation of Shocks in Accretion Disks 
p. 46
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C. Gheller, F. Sartoretto, M. Guidolin
GAMMS: an AMR multigrid gravity solver code 
p. 55
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R. Keppens, J. Bergmans and H. Baty
Grid-adaptive computations for magnetized astrophysical plasmas 
p. 61
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P. Londrillo
Adaptive grid-based gas-dynamics and Poisson solvers for gravitating systems 
p. 69
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S. Melchionna
Molecular Dynamics simulation of biosystems: Perspectives and open problems 
p. 75
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S. Orlando, G. Peres, F. Reale, T. Plewa, R. Rosner and A. Siegel
Using AMR to Simulate the 3-D Hydrodynamic Interaction of Supernova Shocks with Interstellar Gas Clouds 
p. 82
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F. Pasian
Virtual Observatory and Grid-related projects: national and international status 
p. 86
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D.J. Price, J.J. Monaghan
Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics 
p. 93
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