Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 25 

- The structure of galaxy disks shaped by secular evolution and environmental processes
Special session of EWASS 2012

Rome, July 2, 2012 Editors: P. Di Matteo, and C. J. Jog


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List of Participants 
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Session I: Radial and vertical structure of galaxy disks
M. Haywood
The structure and formation of the Milky Way disks 
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J. H. Knapen and S. Comerón
Thick disks and secular evolution in disk galaxies 
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J. Bakos and I. Trujillo
The outskirts of spiral galaxies: touching stellar halos at z ~ 0 and z ~1 
p. 21
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I. Martín-Navarro, I. Trujillo, J. Bakos and J. H. Knapen
Breaks and truncations: a unified picture for spiral galaxies. 
p. 25
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L. Morelli, E. M. Corsini, A. Pizzella, E. M. Dalla Bontà, L. Coccato, J. Méndez-Abreu and M. Cesetti
A Spectroscopic View of Stellar Populations in Bulges of Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 
p. 29
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S. dos Anjos and M. B. da Silva
Linking the Kinds of Bulges with Types of Arms Structures in Disks 
p. 33
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R. J. Diaz and H. Dottori
Kinematic decoupled cores: counter-rotation or just inner warp? 
p. 37
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M. Vika, S. Bamford, B. Häußler and A. Rojas
Multi-wavelength structural decomposition of nearby galaxies 
p. 41
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Session II: Dark halos and gas in galaxy disks: distribution and impact on the stellar structure
F. Combes
Dark matter distribution and its impact on the evolution of galaxy disks 
p. 45
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S. Khoperskov, A. Moiseev and A. Khoperskov
Polar rings dynamics in the triaxial dark matter halo 
p. 51
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E. Jũtte, J. van Eymeren, C.J. Jog, R.-J. Dettmar and Y. Stein
Lopsidedness in disc galaxies 
p. 55
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M. D. Lehnert
Distant Intense Starbursts: Evidence for Self-Regulated Star formation? 
p. 59
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Session III: Secular evolution and environmental processes in galaxy disks
R. Roškar
The Role of Radial Migration in Shaping the Stellar Populations of Spiral Galaxies 
p. 64
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A. Zasov, A. Saburova and I. Katkov
Is dynamic heating of stellar disk inevitable? 
p. 70
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E. M. Corsini, J. Méndez-Abreu, R. Sánchez-Janssen, J. A. L. Aguerri and S. Zarattini
The relation between bar formation, galaxy luminosity, and environment 
p. 74
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K. L. Masters and the Galaxy Zoo Team
Revealing Galactic Scale Bars with the help of Galaxy Zoo and ALFALFA 
p. 78
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T. Melvin, K. L. Masters and the Galaxy Zoo Team
Galaxy Zoo: Are we observing an epoch of bar formation in massive disk galaxies? 
p. 82
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M. C. Sánchez Gil, E. J. Alfaro and E. Pérez
Corrugated velocity patterns in the spiral galaxies: NGC 278, NGC 1058, NGC 2500 & UGC 3574 
p. 86
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O. Silchenko
Old stellar disks and the origin of S0 galaxies 
p. 93
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