Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 24 

- CO5BOLD workshop 2012
Heidelberg, October 1-3 2012
Editors: E. Caffau and L. Sbordone


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B. Freytag
Advances in the hydrodynamics solver of CO5BOLD 
p. 26
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M. Steffen, E. Caffau, and H.-G. Ludwig
Micro- and macroturbulence predictions from CO5BOLD 3D stellar atmospheres 
p. 37
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H.-G. Ludwig and M. Steffen
Opacities in CO5BOLD 
p. 53
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P.-E. Tremblay, H.-G. Ludwig, B. Freytag, and M. Steffen
Granulation in DA white dwarfs from CO5BOLD 3D~model atmospheres 
p. 61
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A. Kučinskas, H.-G. Ludwig, M. Steffen, V. Dobrovolskas, J. Klevas, D. Prakapavičius, E. Caffau, and P. Bonifacio
The influence of convection on the atmospheric structures and observable properties of red giant stars 
p. 68
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J. Klevas, A. Kučinskas, H.-G Ludwig, P. Bonifacio, M. Steffen, D. Prakapavičius
Spectral line asymmetries in the metal-poor red giant HD~122563: CO5BOLD predictions versus observations 
p. 78
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T.R. Ayres, J.R. Lyons, H.-G. Ludwig, E. Caffau, and S. Wedemeyer-Böhm
Solar carbon monoxide: poster child for 3D effects 
p. 85
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S. Wedemeyer
The CO5BOLD analysis tool 
p. 96
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O. Steiner, S.P. Rajaguru, G. Vigeesh, M. Steffen, W. Schaffenberger, and B. Freytag
First steps with CO5BOLD using HLLMHD and PP reconstruction 
p. 100
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B. Plez and A. Chiavassa
Red supergiant star studies with CO5BOLD and Optim3D 
p. 105
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D. Prakapavičius, M. Steffen, A. Kučinskas, H.-G. Ludwig, B. ,Freytag, E. Caffau, R. Cayrel
Oxygen spectral line synthesis: 3D non-LTE with CO5BOLD hydrodynamical model atmospheres 
p. 111
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L. Mashonkina, H.-G. Ludwig, A. Korn, T. Sitnova, and E. Caffau
Signs of atmospheric inhomogeneities in cool stars from 1D-NLTE analysis of iron lines 
p. 120
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F. Allard, D. Homeier, B. Freytag, W. Schaffenberger, and A. S. Rajpurohit
Progress in modeling very low mass stars, brown dwarfs, and planetary mass objects 
p. 128
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P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau, H.-G. Ludwig, M. Spite, B. Plez, M. Steffen, and F. Spite
Molecular bands in EMP stars. Granulation Effects 
p. 138
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