Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 22 

- Lithium in the cosmos
Paris, February 27-29, 2012
Editors: F. Iocco, P. Bonifacio, E. Vangioni


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List of participants 
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Observations: lithium in stars
M. Spite, F. Spite, P. Bonifacio
The cosmic lithium problem: an observer's perspective 
p. 9
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F. Iocco
The lithium problem, a phenomenologist's perspective 
p. 19
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L. Sbordone, P. Bonifacio, E. Caffau
Lithium abundances in extremely metal-poor turn-off stars 
p. 29
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W. Aoki
Li abundances in very metal-poor, main-sequence turn-off stars 
p. 35
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P. E. Nissen, W. J. Schuster
Lithium abundances in high- and low-alpha halo stars 
p. 41
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M. Adamów, A. Niedzielski, A. Wolszczan
Lithium abundances for 1000 PTPS stars 
p. 48
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S. Uttenthaler, T. Lebzelter, M. Busso, S.  Palmerini, B.  Aringer, M. Schultheis
Lithium destruction and production observed in red giant stars 
p. 56
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A.J. Korn
Shedding light on lithium evolution: the globular cluster perspective 
p. 64
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L. Monaco
The lithium content of the globular clusters ωCentauri and M4 
p. 72
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A. Koch, K. Lind, I.B. Thompson, R.M. Rich
A super-Li rich turnoff star in NGC 6397 - the puzzle persists 
p. 79
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A. Mucciarelli, M. Salaris, P. Bonifacio
The primordial Li abundance derived from giant stars 
p. 86
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X. Fu, E . Kirby, L. Deng, P.  Guhathakurta
The discovery of 14 lithium-rich red giants in Milky Way dwarf satellite galaxies 
p. 92
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G. Pace, M. Castro, J. Meléndez, S. Théado
Lithium in M67. From the Main Sequence to the Red Giant Branch 
p. 97
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W. J. Maciel, R. D. D. Costa
Lithium abundances and metallicities: trends from metal-poor and AGB/RGB stars 
p. 103
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T. Nordlander, A. J. Korn, O. Richard, K. Lind
Lithium in Globular Clusters: Significant Systematics. Atomic diffusion, the temperature scale, pollution in NGC 6397 
p. 110
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T. Masseron, J. Johnson, S. Lucatello, A. Karakas, B. Plez
Li in carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars 
p. 117
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T. V. Mishenina, C. Soubiran, V. V. Kovtyukh, M. M. Katsova, M. A. Livshits
Li abundance in the stars with  solar-type activity 
p. 121
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N. Polosukhina, A. Shavrina, N.A. Drake
Lithium in roAp stars with strong magnetic fields 
p. 129
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Observations: lithium isotopes
A. M. Ritchey, C. J. Taylor, S. R. Federman, D. L. Lambert
Lithium isotope ratios near the supernova remnant IC 443 
p. 137
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K. Lind, M. Asplund, R. Collet, J. Meléndez
Evidence for a vanishing 6Li/7Li isotopic signature in the metal-poor halo star HD  84937 
p. 142
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M. Steffen, R. Cayrel, E. Caffau, P. Bonifacio, H.-G. Ludwig, M. Spite
6Li detection in metal-poor stars: can 3D model atmospheres solve the second lithium problem? 
p. 152
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Observations: helium
E. Skillman, E. Aver, K. Olive
The primordial helium abundance: no problem 
p. 164
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Lithium: nuclear reactions
A. Coc
Nuclear aspects of Primordial Nucleosynthesis related to Lithium production 
p. 172
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M. Anders, D. Bemmerer, C. Gustavino, for the LUNA collaboration
Study of the 2H(α,γ)6Li nuclear reaction producing 6Li in standard Big Bang nucleosynthesis 
p. 181
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C. Broggini, L. Canton, G. Fiorentini, F. L. Villante
Reducing the space for a nuclear physics solution of the cosmic 7Li problem 
p. 189
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Theory: lithium formation and destruction
A. Olive
How to best reconcile Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Li abundance determinations?: Exotic BBN 
p. 197
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T. Prodanović, T. Bogdanović, D. Urošević
Lithium production in galactic flybys 
p. 207
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O. Richard
Atomic diffusion and lithium processing in old metal poor stars 
p. 211
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S. Théado, S. Vauclair
Metal-rich accretion, thermohaline instabilities, extra lithium depletion in stars 
p. 221
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E. Tognelli, S. Degl'Innocenti, P. G. Prada Moroni
7Li abundance in pre-main sequence stars. Testing theory against clusters and binary systems 
p. 225
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P. Molaro, A.  Bressan, M.  Barbieri, P. Marigo, S.  Zaggia
Pre-MS depletion, accretion and primordial 7Li 
p. 233
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M. Pospelov
Lithium diffusion after recombination 
p. 240
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H. H.B. Lau, C.L. Doherty, P. Gil-Pons, J. C. Lattanzio
Lithium production in SAGB stars 
p. 247
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