Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 21 

- GRBs as probes
from the progenitors environment to the high redshift Universe

Como, May 16-20, 2011
Editors: S. Campana, P. D'Avanzo, A. Melandri

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List of participants 
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Session I: Observational studies of GRB environments
P. M. Vreeswijk, C. Ledoux, A. De Cia, A. Smette
Probing the environment of GRBs with absorption-line spectroscopy 
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V. D'Elia, G. Stratta
Extremely dark GRBs: the case of GRB 100614A and GRB 100615A 
p. 22
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Session II: Theoretical studies of GRB environment
R. Hirschi, U. Frischknecht, F.-K. Thielemann
Chemical signature of GRB progenitors at low metallicities 
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C. Martayan, J. Zorec, D. Baade, Y. Frémat, S. Ekström, J. Fabregat
Massive Be and Oe stars at low metallicity and long Gamma Ray Bursts 
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A. J. van Marle, R. Keppens, S.-C. Yoon, N. Langer
On the circumstellar medium of massive stars and how it may appear in GRB observations 
p. 40
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Session III: Observations of GRBs at high redshift
N. R. Tanvir, A. J. Levan
Gamma Ray Bursts in the era of reionization 
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R. Salvaterra
High redshift GRBs and the epoch of reionization 
p. 54
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D. Burrows, D. Fox, D. Palmer, P. Romano, V. Mangano, V. La Parola, A. D. Falcone, P. W. A. Roming
Optimizing the search for high-z GRBs: the JANUS X-ray coded aperture telescope 
p. 59
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Session IV: A theoretical perspective on the high redshift Universe
B. Ciardi
GRBs as probes of the high-z universe 
p. 69
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K. Toma, T. Sakamoto, P. Mészáros
Population III Gamma-Ray Bursts 
p. 76
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L. Nava, G. Ghirlanda
Cosmology with Gamma-Ray Bursts 
p. 82
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Session V: Chemical evolution of the Universe
F. Matteucci, V. Grieco, L. Vincoletto
Chemical evolution of galaxies and GRB cosmic rate 
p. 86
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F. Mannucci
The metallicity properties of long-GRB hosts 
p. 92
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Session VI: GRB host galaxies
S. D. Vergani
GRB host galaxy studies with VLT/X-shooter 
p. 100
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R. P.Church, A. J. Levan, M. B. Davies, N. Tanvir
Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: evidence for an origin in globular clusters? 
p. 104
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Session VII: Dust properties as probed by GRBs
T. Zafar
Dust extinction and environmental properties of GRB afterglows 
p. 108
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P. Schady, T. Dwelly, M. J. Page, T. Krühler, J. Greiner, S. R. Oates, M. De Pasquale, M. Nardini, P. W. A. Roming, A. Rossi, M. Still
Dust extinction curves of GRB host galaxies 
p. 113
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J. Greiner, T. Krühler, P. M. J. Afonso, C. Clemens, J. Elliott, R. Filgas, D. Gruber, D. H. Hartmann, D. A. Kann, S. Klose, A. Küpcü Yoldas, S. McBreen, M. Nardini, A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, F. Olivares, D. Pierini, A. Rau, A. Rossi, S. Savaglio, P. Schady, V. Sudilovsky, A. C. Updike
GROND view of "dark bursts" and the related bias in host galaxy properties 
p. 121
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C. Guidorzi
Dust properties of the faint GRB 080603A 
p. 127
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H. Hirashita
Evolution of grain size distribution traced with Gamma Ray Burst host galaxies 
p. 131
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G. Stratta, S. Allerani, R. Maiolino
Is GRB 050904 at z=6.3 absorbed by dust? 
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Session VIII: GRBs as messengers
C. L. Bianco, L. Amati, M.G. Bernardini, L. Caito, G. De Barros, L. Izzo, B. Patricelli, R. Ruffini
The class of "disguised" short GRBs and its implications for the Amati relation 
p. 139
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V. Mangano, B. Sbarufatti, G. Stratta
Extending the plateau luminosity-duration anticorrelation 
p. 143
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Session IX: Instruments and missions for GRB studies
J. Grindlay
GRBs as probes: increasing both the high-z and short GRB sample 
p. 147
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P. W. A. Roming, S. G. Bilén, D. N. Burrows, A. D. Falcone, D. B. Fox, T. L. Herter, J. A. Kennea, M. L. McConnell, J. A. Nousek
Joint Astrophysics Nascent Universe Satellite: utilizing GRBs as high redshift Probes 
p. 155
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D. Götz
SVOM: a new mission for Gamma-Ray Bursts studies 
p. 162
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B. Grossan, K. Hurley, G. F. Smoot, I. Park, M. I. Panasyuk, N. Vedenkin, P. Connell, V. Reglero, B. Sutin
The new Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory-100: measuring GRB UV-IR emission starting 1 ms after trigger 
p. 168
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L. Natalucci, P. Ubertini, A. Bazzano, M. Federici, M. T. Fiocchi, S. Lotti, J. E. Grindlay, N. Gehrels, M. Uslenghi, M. Fiorini, F. Perotti, P. Bastia, P. Leutenegger, F. Monzani
GABI: a compact detector for GRB prompt emission spectroscopy 
p. 173
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Special Session: The Christmas burst GRB 101225A
C. Thöne, A. de Ugarte Postigo, C. Fryer, K. L. Page, J. Gorosabel, M. A. Aloy, D. A. Perley, C. Kouveliotou, H. T. Janka, P. Mimica, J. L. Racusin
GRB 101225A - an unusual stellar death on Christmas Day 
p. 177
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S. Campana
A Christmas comet falling onto a neutron star 
p. 181
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R. Hudec, V. Šimon
ESA Gaia, ultra-low dispersion spectroscopy and GRBs 
p. 186
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A. Vlasis, Z. Meliani, R. Keppens
Late activity in GRB afterglows. A multidimensional approach 
p. 190
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Z. P. Jin, D. Xu, S. Covino, P. D'Avanzo, L. A. Antonelli, D. M. Wei
Early afterglow emission as a probe of the density profile of the medium surrounding Gamma-Ray Bursts 
p. 194
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A. Mészárose, J. Řípa, F. Ryde
Apparently fainter Gamma-Ray Bursts at smaller redshifts: an absurdity or a reality? 
p. 198
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M. Hafizi, S. Boçi, R. Mochkovitch
A review of the redshift influence on GRBs observed properties 
p. 202
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V. D'Elia, S. Campana, S. Covino, P. D'Avanzo, S. Piranomonte, G. Tagliaferri
UVES and FORS2 spectroscopy of the GRB081008 afterglow 
p. 206
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P. Romano, V. Mangano, P. Esposito, J. A. Kennea, S. Vercellone, D. N. Burrows, G. Cusumano, H. A. Krimm, V. La Parola, C. Pagani, N. Gehrels
Recent results from the Swift Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients Project 
p. 210
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D. Szécsi, Zs. Bagoly, A. Mészáros, L. G. Balázs, P. Veres, I. Horváth
New background-filtering algorithm based on the motion of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope 
p. 214
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M. G. Dainotti, M. Ostrowski, R. Willingale
Correlations of Gamma-Ray Bursts between the plateau and the prompt emission luminosities 
p. 218
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J. Japelj, A. Gomboc, D. Kopać
Light extinction in GRB host galaxies 
p. 222
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M. G. Bernardini, R. Margutti, E. Zaninoni, G. Chincarini
X-ray emission of GRBs: what is the light curve morphology telling us? 
p. 226
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A. V. Penacchioni, R. Ruffini, L. Izzo, M. Muccino, C. L. Bianco, L. Caito, B. Patricelli
Evidences for a double component in the emission of GRB 101023 
p. 230
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D. Gruber, T. Krühler, S. Foley, M. Nardini, D. Burlon, A. Rau, E. Bissaldi, A. von Kienlin, S. McBreen, J. Greiner
Fermi/GBM observations of the ultra-long GRB 091024 
p. 235
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D. Kopać, A. Gomboc, J. Japelj
Environment properties of GRBs with early optical detection 
p. 239
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