Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 19 

- 54th Meeting of the Italian Astronomical Society
Italian astronomy: perspectives for the next decade

Napoli, May 04-07, 2010
Editors: M. Marconi, V. Andretta, E. Mazzotta Epifani, E. Cascone, E. Iodice

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List of participants 
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Session I:Relativistic and particle astrophysics
P. Caraveo
The Fermi gamma-ray sky 
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A. Pastorello
Supernova Taxonomy - new types 
p. 24
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R. Salvaterra
GRB 090423 and the high-z GRBs as a new tool to study the reionization epoch 
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L. Izzo, O. Luongo, S. Capozziello
Cosmographic applications of Gamma Ray Bursts 
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D. de Martino
X-ray emission from accreting white dwarfs: recent results and future perspectives 
p. 43
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The KASCADE-Grande Collaboration
Studies of the cosmic ray energy spectrum and chemical composition at 1016 - 1018 eV with the KASCADE-Grande experiment 
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R. Bonino for the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Search for large scale anisotropies with the Pierre Auger Observatory 
p. 55
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W. Fulgione, A. Molinario, C. Vigorito
Neutrino bursts from gravitational stellar collapses with LVD 
p. 59
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A. Stabile, S. Capozziello
Weak Field Approach in f(R)-Gravity 
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Session II: The Sun, the solar and the extrasolar systems
F. Zuccarello, the EST team
The European Solar Telescope: project status 
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J. I. Lunine
The hydrologic cycle on Saturn's moon, Titan 
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C. Sasso, R. Susino, V. Andretta, D. Spadaro
Physical structure of solar cool loops 
p. 81
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M. Accolla, E. Congiu, F. Dulieu, V. Pirronello, J. L. Lemaire
Changes in the morphology of interstellar ice analogues after hydrogen atom exposure 
p. 85
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A. Cora, S. Mancuso, S. Giordano
Validation of the PFSS coronal magnetic field model through UVCS/SOHO synoptic observations 
p. 89
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S. Criscuoli, D. Del Moro, F. Giorgi, P. Romano, F. Berrilli, I. Ermolli, B. Viticchiè, F. Zuccarello
Properties of G-band Bright Points derived from IBIS observations 
p. 93
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F. Giannattasio, D. Del Moro, B. Viticchiè, M.Stangalini, F. Berrilli
Spectropolarimetric analysis of the solar Active Region NOAA11005 by inversion techniques: preliminary results 
p. 97
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M. Munari, S. Scuderi, M. Cecconi, F. Zuccarello
A Broad Band Imager for the European Solar Telescope 
p. 101
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V. Nascimbeni, G. Piotto, L. R. Bedin, M. Damasso
TASTE: The Asiago Search for Transit timing variations of Exoplanets 
p. 105
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R. Piazzesi, F. Berrilli, D. Del Moro, A. Egidi
Algorithm for real time flare detection 
p. 109
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F. Rubio da Costa, F. Zuccarello, P. Romano, L.Fletcher, N. Labrosse
Relationship between an M6.6 solar flare and subsequent filament activations 
p. 113
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F. Rubio da Costa, F. Zuccarello, L. Fletcher, N. Labrosse, T. Prosecký, J. Kašparová
Solar flares in Halpha and Ly-alpha: observations vs simulations 
p. 117
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M. Stangalini, P. F. Moretti
High frequency signals in the solar atmosphere as a result of the interference between acoustic sources 
p. 121
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L. Volpes, F. Berrilli, D. Del Moro, B. Viticchiè
A model for magnetic flux transport 
p. 125
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Session III: Stars, Stellar populations and interstellar medium
F. R. Ferraro, B. Lanzoni
Terzan 5: the relic of a primordial fragment of the Galactic Bulge 
p. 129
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M. Marconi
RR Lyrae pulsating stars as stellar population tracers and distance indicators 
p. 138
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I. Musella, M. Marconi, G. Fiorentino, G. Clementini, A. Aloisi, F. Annibali, R. Contreras, A. Saha, M. Tosi, R. P. van der Marel
The Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxy IZw18 
p. 146
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V. Ripepi, D. Mancini, F. Cortecchia, F.Cusano, M. Dall'Ora, S. Leccia, R. Molinaro, N. Penninpede, G. Clementini, C. M. Raiteri, R. Silvotti
Scientific results after the first year of operationof the Toppo di Castelgrande telescope (TT1) 
p. 152
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M.T. Botticella, S.J. Smartt, R.C. Kennicutt Jr., E. Cappellaro, M. Sereno, J.C. Lee
A comparison between SFR diagnostics and CC SN rate within 11 Mpc 
p. 158
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S. Valenti, S. Smartt of the PS1 Science Consortium
The Pan-Starrs-1 and the recent SN Science 
p. 166
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A. P. Milone, G. Piotto, L. R. Bedin, A. F. Marino, Y. Momany, S. Villanova
Multiple stellar populations in the Globular Clusters NGC1851 and NGC6656 (M22) 
p. 173
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A. Mucciarelli
Chemical anomalies in LMC globular clusters 
p. 179
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M. Cantiello, J. P. Blakeslee
On the bimodal color distribution of Globular Cluster systems 
p. 184
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G. Coppola, M. Dall'Ora, M. Marconi, I. Musella, V. Ripepi, G. Bono, F.Caputo, C. E. Corsi, A. M. Piersimoni, J. Storm
New Accurate Near Infrared Photometry of the Galactic Globular Cluster M5 
p. 190
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F. Cusano, V. Ripepi, M. Marconi, D. Gandolfi
TT1 time-series observations of the star forming region Sh 2-284 
p. 193
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M. L. Pumo, G. Contino, A. Bonanno, R.A. Zappalà
Uncertaities due to convection and production of s-nuclei in massive stars 
p. 197
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M. L. Pumo, L. Zampieri
Evolution of the main observables in core-collapse supernova events: a radiation-hydrodynamical modelling 
p. 201
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R. Molinaro, V. Ripepi, M. Marconi, G. Bono, J. Lub, S. Pedicelli, J.W. Pel
A new determination of the Period-Radius relation for Classical Galactic Cepheids 
p. 205
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L. Terranegra, M. Oliviero, V. Andretta
Preliminar determination of the basal chromospheric emission for late-type stars 
p. 209
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Session IV: Galaxies and Cosmology
F. Mannucci, G. Cresci
Galaxy metallicity near and far 
p. 214
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N. R. Napolitano
Dark Matter in elliptical galaxies 
p. 222
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E. M. Corsini, A. Beifiori, S. Courteau, Y. Zhu
On the correlations between bulge/galaxy properties and supermassive black hole mass 
p. 229
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A. Mercurio, P. Merluzzi, C. P. Haines, R. J. Smith, G. Busarello, J. R. Lucey
NIR luminosity functions and stellar mass functions of galaxies in the Shapley supercluster environment 
p. 237
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M. Spavone
Chemical abundances in the polar disk of NGC4650A: implications for cold accretion scenario 
p. 243
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N. Mandolesi, C. Burigana, A. Gruppuso, P. Procopio, S. Ricciardi, on behalf of Planck Collaboration
The Planck mission 
p. 249
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A. Monna, G. Covone
Searching primeval galaxies through gravitational telescopes 
p. 258
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M. Paolillo, C. Pinto, V. Allevato, D. de Martino, M. della Valle, I. Papadakis, the WFXT collaboration"
Monitoring AGNs and transient sources with the Wide Field X-ray Telescope 
p. 264
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S. Andreon, M. Huertas-Company
Galaxies spatially coincident with the JKCS 041 X-ray emission display a red sequence at z ~ 2.2 
p. 271
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A. Romano, R. Mainini, R. Maoli, R. Scaramella
Weak lensing halo detection by Euclid 
p. 277
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M. Cavadini, F. Haardt
A new model for the cosmic evolution of the IR-to-UV Background 
p. 281
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A. Grazian, L. Pentericci, M. Castellano, A. Fontana
The UV Luminosity Function of z ~ 7 galaxies from wide and deep HST and ESO/VLT surveys 
p. 284
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R. A. Marino, A. Gil de Paz, S.F. Sánchez, A. Castillo-Morales, the CALIFA team
Studying nearby disk galaxies with the CALIFA survey 
p. 290
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M. Sereno, M. Lubini, Ph. Jetzer
Multi-wavelength strong lensing analyses of baryons and dark matter in galaxy clusters 
p. 294
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C. Tortora, N.R. Napolitano, V.F. Cardone, M. Capaccioli, P. Jetzer, R. Molinaro
Colour and stellar population gradients in galaxies 
p. 298
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C. Tortora, N.R. Napolitano, A.J. Romanowsky, Ph. Jetzer
Central dark matter trends in early-type galaxies 
p. 302
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Session V: Astronomy in the XXI century
P. Romano
Swift: the science across the rainbow 
p. 306
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A. Cimatti, R. Scaramella
Euclid: a space survey mission for dark energy and high precision cosmology 
p. 314
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M. Brescia, G. Longo, M. Castellani, S. Cavuoti, R. D'Abrusco, O. Laurino
DAME: A Distributed Web Based Framework for Knowledge Discovery in Databases 
p. 324
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V. Casasola, J. Brand
The exciting future of (sub-)millimeter interferometry: ALMA 
p. 330
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B. Sacco, S. Vercellone
Present and future of the TeV astronomy with Cherenkov telescopes 
p. 338
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E. Schisano, L. Calzoletti, F. Faustini
The Herschel Space Observatory: early results from the first year of activity 
p. 346
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E. Pancino
Gaia: unravelling the chemical and dynamical history of our Galaxy 
p. 354
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A. Grado, M. Capaccioli, L. Limatola, F. Getman
VST processing facility: first astronomical applications 
p. 362
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P. Calcidese, A. Bernagozzi, E. Bertolini, A. Carbognani, M. Damasso, P. Pellissier, P. Recaldini, M. Soldi, G. Toso
The Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley 
p. 368
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V. De Caprio, D. Maccagni, L. Chiappetti, E. Sant'Ambrogio, S. Incorvaia, B. Garilli, L. Hill, M. Jaquet, D. Le Mignant, O. Le F\'evre
E-ELT Instrument concept study for first light. OPTIMOS-DIORAMAS: Slit Mask Manufacturing and Exchange Units design overview 
p. 372
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V. De Caprio, E. Giro, R.U. Claudi, U. Anselmi, P. Bruno,C. Cascone, S. Desidera, R. Gratton, L. Lessio, J.L. Lizon, D. Mesa, S. Scuderi, E. Stadler, M. Turatto, J.L. Beuzit
SPHERE-IFS: The spectro differential imager of the VLT for exoplanet search 
p. 376
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I. Ermolli, F. Bettonvil, G. Cauzzi, L. Cavaller, M. Collados, P. Di Marcantonio, C. Grivel, F. Paletou, P. Romano, J.Aboudarham, R. Cirami, R. Cosentino, F. Giorgi, M. Lafon, D. Laforgue, K. Leardon, G. Sliepen
Data handling and control of the European Solar Telescope 
p. 380
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M. Federici, B.L. Martino, L. Natalucci, P. Ubertini
AVES: A Computer Cluster System approach for INTEGRAL Scientific Analysis 
p. 384
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F. Perrotta, P. Schipani, F. Martelli, G. Parodi, M. Ottolini
Prevention of seismic damages in telescope design 
p. 389
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P. Schipani, F. Faustini, S. Molinari, A.M. DiGiorgio
VST: the telescope progress toward stars 
p. 393
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L. Calzoletti
The Herschel support center at the ASDC 
p. 397
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C. Taricco, N. Bhandari, P. Colombetti, A. Romero, G. Vivaldo, N. Sinha, P. Jenniskens, M. H. Shaddad
Almahata Sitta meteorite: gamma-activity measurements at Monte dei Cappuccini Laboratory in Torino 
p. 402
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Session VI: Public outreach activities
F. D'Alessio, M. Faccini, R. Leoni, G. Giobbi
The Solar Tower at Monte Mario: a new didactic laboratory for astronomy 
p. 406
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M. T. Fulco, E. Olostro Cirella
Azeglio Bemporad and the astronomical popularization between Naples and Catania during the first forty years of the XX century 
p. 410
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M. Gargano, A. Gasperini, A. Mandrino
Polvere di Stelle (Stardust): the national historical archives for astronomy on the web 
p. 414
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