Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 17 

- The Wide Field X-ray Telescope
Bologna, November 25-26, 2009
Editors: P. Rosati, S. Borgani, R. Gilli, M. Paolillo and P. Tozzi


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P. Rosati, S. Borgani, R. Gilli, M. Paolillo, P. Tozzi, S. Murray, R. Giacconi, A. Ptak, M. Weisskopf, W. Forman, C. Jones and the WFXT Team
Wide Field X-ray Telescope: Mission Overview 
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G. Pareschi and S. Campana
Wide Field X-ray Telescope: a technology overview 
p. 16
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P. Tozzi, J. Santos, H. Yu, A. Bignamini, P. Rosati, S. Borgani, S. Campana, P. Conconi, R. Gilli, M. Paolillo, A. Ptak and the WFXT Team
Simulating the WFXT sky 
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S. Borgani, P. Rosati, B. Sartoris, P. Tozzi, R. Giacconi and the WFXT Team
Astrophysics and cosmology with galaxy clusters: the WFXT perspective 
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S. Ettori and S. Molendi
X-ray observations of cluster outskirts: current status and future prospects 
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S. De Grandi, S. Molendi and F. Gastaldello
Metal content in Galaxy Clusters cool-cores: an XMM-Newton study and future prospects 
p. 60
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J.S. Santos, P. Tozzi and P. Rosati
Are there cool-core clusters at high-redshift? Chandra results and prospects with WFXT 
p. 66
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A. Cavaliere, R. Fusco-Femiano and A. Lapi
Probing the Development of Galaxy Clusters in X rays 
p. 73
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C. Ferrari
Non-thermal emission from galaxy clusters 
p. 79
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R. Gilli, P. Tozzi, P. Rosati, M. Paolillo, S. Borgani, M. Brusa, A. Comastri, E. Lusso, F. Marulli, C. Vignali and the WFXT team
Demography of obscured and unobscured AGN: prospects for a Wide Field X-ray Telescope 
p. 85
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M. Paolillo, C. Pinto, V. Allevato, D. de Martino, M. della Valle, I. Papadakis, R. Gilli, P.Tozzi and the WFXT collaboration
X-ray variability with WFXT: AGNs, transients and more 
p. 97
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M. Brusa, R. Gilli, F. Civano, A. Comastri, R. Fiore, C. Vignali
Identification of (high-redshift) AGN with WFXT: lessons from COSMOS and CDFS 
p. 106
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G. Matt and S. Bianchi
X-ray spectroscopy of bright AGN 
p. 112
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G. Risaliti
X-ray absorption variability in AGN 
p. 118
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P. Ranalli
The evolution of star forming galaxies with the Wide Field X-ray Telescope 
p. 122
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S. Pellegrini
X-ray emission from early type galaxies 
p. 128
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G. Trinchieri and A. Wolter
Galaxies and the Local Universe with WFXT 
p. 134
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S. Sciortino
WFXT studies of the stellar populations in the Galaxy 
p. 140
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S. Campana
Neutron Star Observations with WFXT 
p. 148
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P. Padovani
WFXT synergies with next-generation radio surveys 
p. 153
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N. Cappelluti, P. Predehl, H. Böhringer, H. Brunner, M. Brusa, V. Burwitz, E. Churazov, K. Dennerl, A. Finoguenov, M. Freyberg, P. Friedrich, G. Hasinger, E. Kenziorra, I. Kreykenbohm, G. Lamer, N. Meidinger, M. Mühlegger, M. Pavlinsky, J. Robrade, A. Santangelo, J. Schmitt, A. Schwope, M. Steinmitz, L. Strüder, R. Sunyaev, C. Tenzer
eROSITA on SRG: a X-ray all-sky survey mission 
p. 159
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A. Comastri, P. Ranalli, R. Gilli, C. Vignali, M. Brusa, F. Civano
The high-redshift Universe with the International X-ray Observatory 
p. 165
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