Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 16 

- IX National Conference on Planetary Science
Amalfi, Italia, September 28th - October 2nd, 2009
Editors: F. Esposito, L. Colangeli, V. Mennella


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List of Participants 
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Session I: Space Missions for Solar System Exploration: present and future programs
V. Della Corte, P. Palumbo, S. De Angelis, A. Ciucci, R. Brunetto, A. Rotundi, F.J.M Rietmeijer, E. Zona, E. Bussoletti, L. Colangeli, F. Esposito, E. Mazzotta Epifani, V. Mennella, S. Peterzen, S. Masi, R. Ibba
DUSTER:a balloon-borne dust particle collector 
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V. Iafolla, E. Fiorenza, C. Lefevre, S. Nozzoli, R. Peron, A. Reale and F. Santoli
The ISA accelerometer for BepiColombo mission 
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M.R. Santovito, H. Hussman, J. Oberst, and K. Lingenauber
Europa Jupiter System Mission and Marco Polo Mission: Italian partecipation in studies of Laser Altimeters for Jovian moons and asteroids exploration 
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G. Colombatti, A. Aboudan, N. La Gloria, S. Debei and E. Flamini
Lighter-than-air UAV with SLAM capabilities for mapping applications and atmospheric analysis 
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V. Iafolla, E. Fiorenza, C. Lefevre, S. Nozzoli, R. Peron, A. Reale and F. Santoli
Contributions of Italian Spring Accelerometer to lunar exploration: gravimetry and seismology 
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G. Pupillo, E. Salerno, S. Pluchino, M. Bartolini, S. Montebugnoli, M. Di Martino, S. Righini, F. Schillirò, F. Berizzi, E. Dalle Mese, F. Laghezza, A.A. Konovalenko and A. Nabatov
A potential Italian radar network for NEO and space debris observations 
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Session II: Ground and space observations
A. Longobardo, E. Palomba, A. Zinzi, G. Piccioni, P. Drossart and the VIRTIS-VeX Team
A new approach for limb darkening correction on Venus nightside infrared images 
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E. D'Aversa, G. Bellucci, F. Altieri, F.G. Carrozzo, G. Filacchione, F. Tosi, P.D. Nicholson, M.M. Hedman, R.H. Brown and M.R. Showalter
Spectral characteristics of a spoke on the Saturn Rings 
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F.G. Carrozzo, G. Bellucci, F. Altieri and E. D'Aversa
Mars mineralogy with VIS/OMEGA 
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F. Borsa and E. Poretti
REM photometry of the exoplanetary system CoRoT-2b 
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Session III: Modelling
C. Comito, P. Tanga, P. Paolicchi, D. Hestroffer, A. Cellino, D. Richardson and A. Dell'Oro
Asteroids: equilibrium shapes of rotating gravitational aggregates 
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Session IV: Laboratory experiments
N. Balucani, F. Leonori, R. Petrucci, P. Casavecchia, D. Skouteris and M. Rosi
Experimental and theoretical studies on possible formation routes of organosulfur compounds in extraterrestrial environments 
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A. Blanco, M. D'Elia, D. Licchelli, V. Orofino, S. Fonti and G.A. Marzo
Preservation of biosignatures in clay-rich systems: implications for Martian exobiology 
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N. Stivaletta
Life in extreme arid environments and implications for astrobiology 
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V. Orofino, A. Blanco, M. D'Elia, S. Fonti and M. Giuri
Spectroscopic analysis of particulate samples of altered olivine for planetological studies 
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Poster Session
A. Ciucci, P. Palumbo, R. Brunetto, V. Della Corte, S. De Angelis, A. Rotundi, F.J.M. Rietmeijer, E. Zona, L. Colangeli, F. Esposito, E. Mazzotta Epifani, V. Mennella, S. Inarta, S. Peterzen, S. Masi and R. Ibba
DUSTER(Dust in the Upper Stratosphere Tracking Experiment and Retrieval 
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F Esposito, V. Della Corte, L. Colangeli, C. Molfese, P. Palumbo, G. Dolnikov and A. Zakharov
DIAMOND: an impact sensor for the characterization of Martian dust tori 
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Z. Kanuchova, G.A. Baratta, M. Garozzo and G. Strazzulla
Space weathering of asteroidal surfaces 
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O. Lanciano, G. Piccioni, R. Hueso, A. Sánchez-Lavega and J. Peralta
Dynamics of the Venus atmosphere from a Fourier-transform analysis 
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A. Longobardo, E. Palomba, M. Girasole, G. Longo, G. Pompeo, P. Gori and A. Cricenti
Study of iron nanophases in Ordinary Chondrites by means of Near Field Microscopy 
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S. Pirrotta and E. Flamini
SoRa first flight 
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S. Pluchino, F. Schillirò, E. Salerno and G. Pupillo
Radio occultation experiments with INAF-IRA radiotelescopes 
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