Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana

Supplementi - Vol. 13 

- Computational Astrophysics in Italy: results and perspectives
Rome, March 12, 2008
Editor: Ugo Becciani

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U. Becciani
p. 6
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List of participants 
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U. Becciani
The Cometa Consortium and the PI2S2 project 
p. 10
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G. Bodo
Report on the INAF-CINECA agreement 
p. 18
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S. Borgani
Tracing the formation of cosmic structures with hydrodynamical simulations 
p. 23
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M. Comparato, U. Becciani
VisIVO Data Exploration 
p. 29
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R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, P. Miocchi
Galactic nuclei formation via globular cluster merging 
p. 35
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S. Landi, M. Velli
Tearing and velocity shear driven instabilities in the heliospheric plasmas: three-dimensional simulations 
p. 39
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A.S. Bonomo, A.F. Lanza
Testing planetary transit detection methods with grid-based Monte-Carlo simulations 
p. 46
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G. Leto, P.A. Dybczyński, M. Jakubík, L. Neslušan, T. Paulech
Dynamical evolution of comets during the first Gyr of the Solar System life 
p. 52
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M. Brescia, S. Cavuoti, G. d'Angelo, R. D'Abrusco, C. Donalek, N. Deniskina, O. Laurino, G. Longo
Astrophysics in S.Co.P.E. 
p. 56
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P. Manzato, M. Molinaro, F. Gasparo, F. Pasian, A. Pietrinferni, S. Ameglio, G. Murante, S. Borgani, S. Cassisi
Data Archiving: experience in the Theoretical Virtual Observatory 
p. 62
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A. Mignone
The PLUTO code for astrophysical gasdynamics 
p. 67
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M. Molinaro, P. Manzato, F. Gasparo, F. Pasian, S. Ameglio, G. Murante, S. Borgani
Preview, explore and analyze numerical simulations inside the VO 
p. 73
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J.S. Morgan
Radio astronomy data reduction at the Institute of Radio Astronomy 
p. 79
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P. Natoli, M. Botti, G. de Gasperis, G. De Troia, F. Massaioli
The GLS approach to CMB map making 
p. 84
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P. Londrillo, C. Nipoti
N-MODY: a code for collisionless N-body simulations in modified Newtonian dynamics 
p. 89
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S. Orlando, F. Bocchino, M. Miceli, F. Reale, G. Peres
MHD modeling of supernova remnants expanding through inhomogeneous interstellar medium 
p. 97
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P. Pagano, J.C. Raymond, F. Reale
Modeling magnetohydrodynamics and non-equilibrium SoHO/UVCS line emission of CME shocks 
p. 104
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L. Paioro, B. Garilli, P. Grosbøl, D. Tody, C. Surace, T. Fenouillet, P. Franzetti, M. Fumana, M. Scodeggio
The Future Astronomical Software Environment progress 
p. 111
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F. Pasian
(Super)computing within integrated e-Infrastructures 
p. 117
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F. Pasian, G. Peres, G. Longo
Round-table discussion 
p. 125
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I. Porceddu, N. D'Amico
The Cybersar project. INAF activities 
p. 128
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P. Rossi, G. Bodo, A. Mignone, S. Massaglia, A. Ferrari
Numerical simulations of accretion disks and astrophysical jets 
p. 135
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R. Scaramella, S. Sabatini
Finding LSBs from pixels 
p. 142
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G. Taffoni, C. Vuerli, F. Pasian
Making the Grid and the Virtual Observatory Interoperable 
p. 147
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F.Vazza, G. Brunetti, C. Gheller
Cosmological shocks in Eulerian simulations: main properties and cosmic rays acceleration 
p. 151
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C. Vuerli, G. Taffoni, M. Sponza, F. Pasian
The Grid in INAF 
p. 158
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