Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana 

Supplementi - Vol. 1 

- Computational Astrophysics in Italy: Methods and Tools
Prima Riunione Nazionale

Bologna, 4-5 luglio 2002
Editor: Roberto Capuzzo Dolcetta

  Foreword p. 10
  People invited to the round table on the state of computational astrophysics in Italy  p. 11
List of participants
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R. Capuzzo Dolcetta  
Few comments about computational astrophysics in Italy 
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Algorithms and numerical techniques
P. Londrillo, C. Nipoti and L. Ciotti
A Parallel Implementation of a New Fast Algorithm for N-body Simulations
p. 18
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F. Reale
High Performance Computing at INAF/OAP 12
p. 27
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D. Molteni and C. Bilello
Riemann Solver in SPH 
p. 36
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S. Orlando, G. Peres, F. Reale, R. Rosner, T. Plewa and A. Siegel
Development and Application of Numerical Modules for FLASH in Palermo: Two Astrophysical Examples 
p. 45
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P.F. Spinnato, S.F. Portegies Zwart, M. Fellhauer, G.D. van Albada, and P.M.A. Sloot
Tools and Techniques for N-body Simulations
p. 54
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R. Valdarnini
Performance Characteristics of a Parallel Tree-code
p. 66
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L. Tornatore and S. Borgani
Few Ideas About the Energetics of ICM 61
p. 76
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Visualization and computing tools
U. Becciani, C. Gheller, V. Antonuccio, D. Ferro and M. Melotti
AstroMD, a tool for Stereographic Visualization and data analysis for astrophysical data
p. 80
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A. Costa, U. Becciani, V. Antonuccio, R. Capuzzo Dolcetta, P. Miocchi, P. Di Matteo, V. Rosato
Astrocomp: web technologies for high performance computing on a grid of supercomputers
p. 89
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P. Miocchi, V. Antonuccio, U. Becciani, R. Capuzzo Dolcetta, A. Costa, P. Di Matteo, V. Rosato
AstroComp: using the portal to perform astrophysical $N$ -body simulations 
p. 96
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A. Cacciani, P. Rapex, B. Subrizi, V. Di Martino
Data reduction and analysis of Solar Dopplergram
p. 103
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V. Antonuccio-Delogu, U. Becciani, D. Ferro and A. Romeo
A software interface between Parallel Tree- and AMR Hydrocodes 
p. 109
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V. Rosato
Dedicated Hardware Devices for scientific applications
p. 116
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Astrophysical and cosmological supercomputing applications
M. Bottaccio, M. Montuori, L. Pietronero, P. Miocchi, and R. Capuzzo Dolcetta
N-body simulations for structure formation from random initial conditions 
p. 120
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G. Carraro, C. Dalla Vecchia, and B. Jungwiert
Toward self-consistent models of Galaxy Evolution  
p. 130
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A. Diaferio
N-body simulations, the halo model, and the distribution of galaxy clusters in Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect surveys
p. 140
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B. Lanzoni, A. Cappi and L. Ciotti
High-resolution re-simulations of massive DM halos and the Fundamental Plane of galaxy clusters
p. 145
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C. Zanni, S. Massaglia, G. Bodo, P. Rossi, A. Capetti, and A. Ferrari
Propagation of extragalactic jets in stratified media
p. 155
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L. Del Zanna, N. Bucciantini, P. Londrillo
A third order shock-capturing code for relativistic 3-D MHD
p. 165
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E. Rasia, G. Tormen and L. Moscardini
High-Resolution Simulations: Modeling Intracluster Medium and Dark Matter in Galaxy Cluster
p. 176
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V. Muccione and L. Ciotti
Elliptical galaxies interacting with the cluster tidal field: origin of the intracluster stellar population
p. 186
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O. Zanotti and L. Rezzolla
Dynamics of Oscillating Relativistic Tori
p. 192
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G. Murante, S. Bonometto, A. Curir, A.V. Maccio' and P. Mazzei
Dynamics of collisionless self-gravitating structures
p. 199
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G. Tormen, L.Moscardini and E.Rasia
Dynamics of the ICM in Galaxy Clusters 
p. 209
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L. Baiotti, I.J.Hawke, P.J.Montero and L.Rezzolla
A new three-dimensional general relativistic hydrodynamics code 
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Two selected topics of the round table on computational astrophysics in Italy: state and perspectives
R. Rosner
Issues in Advanced Computing: A US Perspective
p. 220
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F. Pasian
A task of advanced computing: how to process large quantities of data?
p. 221
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G. Peres
Final remarks 
p. 223
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